How can advertising fund and create LBS?


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How can advertising fund and create LBS?

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How can advertising fund and create LBS?

  1. 1. MOBILE LOCATION BASED SERVICES How can Advertising fund - and Create - LBS? Martin Wilson, Managing Director
  2. 2. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 MOBILE is another channel but it has very different characteristics to fixed online
  3. 3. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 REALITY Reality of ‘mobile’ Consumers when ‘mobile’ • device is very personal • typically want something • communication medium • immediacy is often critical • lifestyle orientated • patience and tolerance is far less • user is paying (or perceives to be) • relevance is key • no-one ever reads a manual • pulling information is not an issue • device is generally difficult to use • actionable is a pre-requisite (relatively poor interface)
  4. 4. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 DIRECTORY PROVIDERS have significant opportunity and potential for a key role
  5. 5. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 DIRECTORY PROVIDERS Strengths: • They have the core content • They have the sales teams • They have existing customers Weaknesses: • Their brands lack modernity • Their service utility diminishes quickly • They are often far too slow to market
  6. 6. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 SERVICE UTILITY has to be a real priority to support sustainable usage
  7. 7. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 S E R V IC E E C O L O G Y
  8. 8. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 ADVERTISING adds value to a service if done well
  9. 9. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 VALUE OF ADVERTISING Advantages: • Adds interest and offers utility • Supports differentiation • Influences the decision Disadvantages: • Can slow down a response/reaction • Takes up real estate • Can be intrusive and distracting
  10. 10. 2 4 h r S N AP S H O T MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 T im e 6 am 9 a m -1 2 p 1 2 p m -3 p 3 p m -6 p m 6 p m -9 p m 9 p m -1 2 a 1 2 a m -3 a 3 a m -6 a m -9 a m m m m m To p 5 Taxi Doc tor Pub Pub R taurant es Taxi Taxi Taxi Pub Hairdres er s R taurant es R taurant es Chinese Takeaw ay Takeaw ay Pub Doc tor Taxi Hairdres er s Taxi Takeaw ay Chinese Pizza Takeaway Dentis t Dentist Taxi Hotel Taxi R taurant es Pub Pizza Hotel Garage Hotel Hairdres er s Pub Pub Hotel Hotel N e w in Doctor Hairdres er s Pub - Chinese - Pizza - to p 5 Dentist Garage R taurant es Takeaw ay Hotel N e w in Vet, T yres, Estate agents P s et hop Chinese Indian Night club & Mas age s Sex to p 2 0 Cafe, Cinem a, Beauty salon Fanc dres y s Public house bars Kebab Fas food t P t offic os e, P ber lum Opticians P e olic Petrol station Sc hool, B &B P bers lum Pharm ies ac , Chip shop Es ort c Floris , ts Fis and c h hips Garage Out o f Sex, Fas t Pharm ies ac P bers lum Opticians School Fis and c h hips Public house Kebab to p 2 0 food, P etrol Beauty salon Estate agents Chip shop B&B Indian station, Night Vet Fanc dres y s Cinem a clubs , P t offic os e Chines e P bers lum , Bank Mas age, s P s et hop Es ort, P e, c olic P izza, Take- aw ay B e h a v io HEALTH HEAL TH DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & DRINK & ur ISSUE ISSUE FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD FOOD k e yw o rd NEED HOT EL T CAR HE BEAUTY BEAUTY GET A TAXI GET A TAXI SEX SEX s GET A TAXI B EAUTY NEED HOT EL NEED HOT EL NEED HOT EL NEED HOT EL GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI GET A TAXI Th e People w ake R ealis that e Start planning P the night, lan Frompractical Enjoy mode Should think Now really s to ry up and find the car is the night; m ode to enjoy w les fis ith s h about getting do need to out that they broken, w here can I m ode and chips home. get home. need m edic al starting to feel w h the atc Sexual need Sexual need. support. better. Get sport, and Need petrol They take a looking good m t book us and plum ber taxi . for tonight. restaurant.
  11. 11. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 THE KNOWLEDGE Sales Platform Distribution Partner content Direct distribution mP sourced content In-direct distribution Sold inventory Profiles Inventory liquid TM mobile platform
  12. 12. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 PARTNERSHIP supports delivery of value more rapidly
  14. 14. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 U S AG E = A T T R A C T IV E , F U N C T IO N A L & E AS Y TO U S E S e r v ic e s h a v e t o o f f e r u t ilit y a n d d e liv e r r e s u lt s
  15. 15. MOBILE PEOPLE © 2009 O P P O R T U N IT Y = B R IN G IN G T O G E T H E R E L E M E N T S T H A T C O - E X IS T N o t m u c h is e v e r in v e n t e d fro m s c ra tc h
  16. 16. Thank you Martin Wilson, Managing Director m: +44(0)7912 688691 e: