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High-tech entertainment and consulting company focusing on games, music, publishing, education, and public relations. Home of Novy PR, Novy Games, Novy Music, Novy Publishing, and Novy Learning.

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Novy Unlimited, Inc. - Capabilities Deck

  1. 1. Novy Unlimited, Inc. Consulting (e.g., gameplay, monetization, design marketing/public relations publishing/consulting Jeannie Novak & Luis Levy Santa Monica, CA
  2. 2. Novy Unlimited About Us • Entertainment development and marketing company that includes divisions focusing on Games, Music, Publishing, and PR • Founded by Jeannie Novak & Luis Levy • Games • Development (original IP) • Education • Consulting • Publishing • Music • Composition • Recording • Licensing • Promotion • Publishing • Writing • Editing • Layout/compositing • Media research
  3. 3. Novy Unlimited • Boutique • Use technology to our advantage; ability to ‘turn on a dime’ • Low overhead; flexible • Personal attention; ‘hands-on’ approach • Versatile • Product, corporate, and event PR • Strategic marketing – consulting on positioning and ancillary materials (e.g., trailers, web site) • Promotion through social networks • Development consulting • Successful Track Record • Promoted more than 30 different games (iOS, Android, and PC) • Secured positive reviews for most titles • Kickstarter campaigns . . . funded!
  4. 4. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak Internet Entrepreneur • Founded Kaleidospace, LLC (Indiespace) in 1994; first site to sell entertainment products online (music, film, games, books, art); promotion, licensing, distribution, marketing • Guests “artists-in-residence” on Indiespace included author/filmmaker/artist Clive Barker, recording artist Thomas Dolby, and science fiction author David Brin • Created and hosted sites for the Getty Center for Education, Sony Music, and American Recordings • Profiled by CNN, Billboard Magazine, Sundance Channel, Daily Variety, and the Los Angeles Times
  5. 5. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak (cont’d) Author & Editor • Lead Author & Series Editor (Game Development Essentials): 15+ titles • Co-Author/Editor of Mobile Game Development – winner of the 2013 Readers’ Choice award for “Best Mobile Game Dev Book” • Co-Author, Play The Game: The Parent’s Guide to Video Games • Co-Author of three pioneering Internet technology books -- including Creating Internet Entertainment
  6. 6. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak (cont’d) Game Educator & Curriculum Consultant • Game instructor at UCLA, Art Center, Santa Monica College/Academy of Entertainment & Technology, Westwood College, and the Art Institute • Curriculum consultant at Art Center, Santa Monica College/Academy of Entertainment & Technology, Westwood College, DeVry, ITT Tech, and the Art Institute Online • Director of Game Art & Design/Media Arts & Animation/Interactive Design at Art Institute Online
  7. 7. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak (cont’d) Game Developer & Consultant • Currently in production on Squiggleverse (original IP)—a series of educational games for K-12 and college • Producer & Lead Designer, Godzilla (code name)—an educational game and learning management system developed in the Second Life environment (in cooperation with the Art Institute Online) • Game design consultant on Mission to Senegal and VRP (Virtual Role Players) game-based learning systems developed by Alelo for the US government • Curriculum development consultant for the GameSalad game development platform and author of The Official GameSalad Guide to Game Development • Game and curriculum consultant for the USC/Information Sciences Institute PedGames project
  8. 8. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak (cont’d) Game Industry Associations & Conferences • Former Vice Chair of International Game Developers Association – Los Angeles (IGDA-LA) / Vice President at Women in Games International (WIGI) • Selection committee panelist for the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) DICE Awards since 2003 • Developed game workshops, panels, and breakout sessions for events and organizations such as the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX), GDC Next, Macworld Expo, and the Los Angeles Games Conference
  9. 9. Novy Unlimited Jeannie Novak (cont’d) Film, Television, Music & Artist Management Industry • Artist Development, Talent Scout & Production Assistant at Morra Brezner Steinberg & Tenenbaum (now Core Entertainment) at 20th Century Fox; helped manage the careers of Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, George Harrison, Woody Allen, and the Kids in the Hall • Contract Administration and Casting at the Kushner-Locke Company for television and theatrical releases featuring Elizabeth Taylor, Drew Barrymore, Reese Witherspoon, and Michael J. Fox • Contract Administration and Marketing for A&M Records; helped develop and promote projects for artists such as Janet Jackson, Sting, and Suzanne Vega
  10. 10. Novy Unlimited Luis Levy QA Tester (Activision) & Production Tester (Treyarch) • Call of Duty 3 (multiplayer; fine tuned maps such as Poisson and Eder Dam, as well as vehicle dynamics) • Call of Duty 3 (localization) • Quake 4 (PC and 360 single-player)
  11. 11. Novy Unlimited Luis Levy (cont’d) Author • Lead author (Game Development Essentials: Game QA & Testing) • Co-author (Play the Game: The Parent’s Guide to Video Games)
  12. 12. Novy Unlimited Luis Levy (cont’d) PR Executive • Senior Account Executive at a boutique PR firm (2007-2011) • AAA titles for console and PC  mobile and indie developers; first mobile launch in Q2 2010 • Developed the concept of having an Android character/costume in Spacetime Studios’ Pocket Legends – enhancing the game and allowing for abundant marketing and promotional opportunities
  13. 13. Novy PR Novy PR - Clients & Services Recent Clients Absurd Interactive AppThwack Appy Entertainment Butterscotch Shenanigans ByteSized Studios Captivate Conference Epiphany Games Final Boss Fluffy Kitten Studios Gamieon Greenpeace HapaFive Games Insolita Studios Liquid Entertainment Mattia Fortunati Games Mobbles Nowhere Studios Services Offered Pixel Press Pixel Trip Studios PlayScreen Plexonic Royal Palm Rubicon Development Secret Location Shadegrown Games SRRN Games Swarm Think On! Tinker Games We Create Goodness Wicked Dog Games Woo Games Xoobis Games Zero Zen Positioning Pre- and post-launch support Press releases and pitches Commentary programs Interviews Postmortems Previews/reviews Marketing Social networking strategy Promotions Trade shows (E3, GDC, PAX) Consulting • Monetization • Quality assurance • Development • Production • Design
  14. 14. Novy PR Novy PR - Awards & Achievements Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider (ByteSized Studios) • • • Pocket Gamer – Silver Award + Game of the Week (Jan 2014) iPhone Quality Index – Finest Game Publisher (Jan 2014) Android Quality Index – Top 10 Game + Finest Game Pub (Jan 2014) Monochroma (Nowhere Studios) • • Paste Magazine – GDC 10 Best in Show (March 2013) Kickstarter – $80,000 US+ funded! (August 2013) Pixel Press • Kickstarter - $108,000 US+ funded! (May 2013) Combat Monsters (Rubicon Development) • Touch Arcade’s Game of the Week (Nov 2013) Spellcraft (Appy Entertainment) • 148Apps – Best of the Year: Mobile RPG (Jan 2013) Towelfight 2: Monocle of Destiny (Butterscotch Shenanigans) • Pocket Gamer – ‘Best Reviewed’ Award (March 2013)
  15. 15. Novy PR Novy PR – Sample Media Outlets
  16. 16. Novy PR Development & Production Consulting Concept/Character Development (Gamieon) • Modified the title of Hamster Chase (originally Hamster Puzzler) • Created the character of “Sour Puss” (enemy) to enhance gameplay • Streamlined interface control scheme – making it touch-friendly
  17. 17. Novy PR Development & Production Consulting Concept Development & Testing (Mattia Fortunati Games) • Created the ‘cutout’ look of endless flyer, Kid Aviator • Re-wrote tutorial & localized copy • Helped recruit beta testers
  18. 18. Novy PR Development & Production Consulting Concept/Character Development & Testing (Wicked Dog Games) • Advised on character re-design • Helped recruit beta testers
  19. 19. Novy PR Development & Production Consulting Production Consulting (Rubicon Development) • Wrote script for Combat Monsters trailer • YouTube:
  20. 20. Novy PR Development & Production Consulting Development Consulting (Hapafive) • Chose music tracks for Flowdoku • Helped create game title • Suggested interface modifications to streamline level selection
  21. 21. Novy PR Previews
  22. 22. Novy PR Previews
  23. 23. Novy PR Reviews
  24. 24. Novy PR Reviews
  25. 25. Novy PR Contributed Pieces & Bylines
  26. 26. Novy PR News Items
  27. 27. Novy PR Postmortems
  28. 28. Novy Unlimited Contact Luis Levy Jeannie Novak