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District GDP of India


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District GDP of India can be used by anyone who can benefit from looking at the granular level insights into the Indian economy, be it the banks and financial institutions, large corporate, governments/public sector organizations, and international organizations.

It helps the user understand the economic condition and growth over time for any district, state or region in of India. The product helps pinpoint which districts you should focus your attention towards, which areas you should keep your eyes open for, and which areas you need to de-prioritize given poor economic conditions.

DGDP enables economic analysis of every district in India across the 3 major sectors - Agriculture & allied, Industry and Services, as well as the 16 sub sectors - Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing, Forestry, Construction, Mining, Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas and Water Supply, IT Manufacturing, Transport, Storage and Communication, Trade, Hotel and Restaurant, Public Administration, Banking and Insurance and IT Services.

It provides the size and growth of GDP and employment, along with the Per-worker and Per-Capita averages, for every district over a time series starting from 2001 at both real and nominal prices. It also includes a 3 year sectoral GDP forecast based on the latest available information.

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District GDP of India

  1. 1. District GDP of India (DGDP) For identifying high economic activity and growth areas in India
  2. 2. DGDP helps you analyze the size & growth of GDP and employment in 12 sectors for every district Identify the largest income generating areas of the country. Find which economic activities are driving the fastest growing markets. Prioritize among the current markets, and plan for the future with forecasts.
  3. 3. A glimpse of the economic sectors covered in DGDP
  4. 4. Provides key information for business planning & forecasts Workforce GDP Available for all districts in India across 12 sectors Population Sector share of GDP Growth rates & trend Forecasts
  5. 5. DGDP Data Variables
  6. 6. DGDP offers meaningful insights on potential for business and its growth Available across all districts in India Details Classificatio Real GDP and Nominal GDP • Plan your investment or expansion strategy based on local economic conditions GDP n Business use case By sectors • Identify regions where your industry is a major contributor to the local economy Sector share of GDP By sectors • Assess available pool of workers by industries • Track efficiency of workforce by industries Workforce Nominal GDP • Assess size of population and their economic state in various districts of interest Per capita GDP By sectors • Identify growth patterns for your industry with time series data from 2001 Growth rates By sectors • Plan better with forecasts for your industry across districts (3 year forecast available) Forecasts
  7. 7. A core component of Indicus’ many ready-to-use solutions Market Skyline – District Series Superior understanding of the scale and scope of your target segment Metro, Town and Rural Skyline Improved market selection & prioritization Neighborhood Skyline Precise targeting of your retail catchments, markets and distribution District GDP & Employment Landscape For taking decisions based on fundamental economic conditions
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