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Internet of things architecture perspective - IndicThreads Conference


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Internet of Things is gaining unprecedented amount of traction across the globe. And the large organizations are making huge investments on IoT, which is going to change the shape of the 'Connected World'. Hence, it becomes necessarily important to understand the components, technologies and their interaction in the world of IoT.

The session would cover the Introduction of IoT, its components, the forces that have brought the ecosystem to mainstream and its adoption across industries. Then along with the Reference Architecture, I would discuss a few of industry implementations in IOT area with reference to the architecture. Next would be a comparative analysis of various IOT platforms available in the market and their architectures. And finally I would take up the challenges in making IOT as pervasive as it is believed to be.

A key take away would be the architectural appreciation of IOT landscape. As of now, any and every player in the market has begun to advertise their product as an IOT platform but a comprehensive review of fundamental design and architecture would bring this plethora of products (including open source ones) in the right purview. And that's the objective of this talk.

Session at the Confence held in Pune, India on 27-28 Feb 2015

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Internet of things architecture perspective - IndicThreads Conference

  1. 1. The Internet of Things- An Architectural Perspective Gaurav Awasthi Software Architect & Technology Evangelist @gawasthi22
  2. 2. 2 What is Internet of things Internet of Things can be realized in three paradigms:  Internet-oriented (middleware)  Things oriented (sensors)  Semantic-oriented (knowledge) Definition: Interconnection of devices, sensors and actuators sharing information and data across platforms through a unified framework and enabling innovative business applications. This is achieved by large scale sensing, analytics and representation using cloud computing and real time streaming analysis Primary Goal: To create situation awareness, to make intelligent decisions and to respond to dynamics of the environment
  4. 4. 4 Technology Agnostic view of IOT FeedbackandDecisions © AllStuffIOT THINGS Internet Device Data Data Analytics Operational Feedback Business Insight LOCAL ANALYTICS FeedbackandDecisions
  5. 5. 5 Remote Monitoring & VisualizationConnectivity Data/Device Management  Device/Hardware Firmware  Sensors  Reports and Dashboards  Web, tablet, mobile, PC based applications  Device Configuration, Monitoring and diagnostics  Alarms, alerts, notifications  Advanced analytics, Predictive analytics Things Cloud  Data Models  Device Management  Cloud based solution  Big data solutions  Platform services  Connectivity  Device Concentrator/Gateways  Secure Communication  Communication Interfaces – NFC, BLE, Zigbees, GSM, GPRS IOT COMPONENTS
  6. 6. MICRO IOT – REMOTE PATIENT MONITORING configures Web dashboard Alerts/Notifications PrescriptionB.P.
  7. 7. CONNECTED HOSPITALS – REQUIREMENTS Command Monitor Registration/De-Registration of Medical devices Device Health Monitoring Patient Data Capture and Upload Device Configuration data Upload Software Update on devices Compliance Requirements and Guidelines like HIPPA, Data Residency Remote Troubleshooting
  8. 8. CONNECTED HOSPITALS – REFERENCE ARCHITECTURE Gateway HTTPS ServiceBus Device Management Platform Services Software Updates Event Ingester Security Fault Handling Audit Logging Event Listener Solution Portal Visualization Reports Web API Device Device Device . . . HTTPS Alerts/ Notification Rules Engine Preventive/Predict ive Maintenance Green Compliance External Interfaces Social Analytics Mobile/ Wearable Apps Device Storage Service Bus Big Data Analytics web services Energy Optimization Enterprise Applications
  12. 12. DEPLOYMENT ARCHITECTURE Remote Location Devices Gateway Availability Zone 1 Availability Zone 2 Auto Scaling Group Dashboard Dashboard Queueing Service(SQS) Storage (S3) CDN (CloudFront) Auto Scaling Group Platform Services Platform Services Elastic Cache E l a s t i c L o a d B a l a n c e r Streaming channel (Kinesis) Master RDS Standby RDS Logs (Cloud Watch)
  13. 13. Thank You
  14. 14. Appendix
  15. 15. SEMANTICS FOR THE IOT Knowledge Hierarchy of Data Transformation Wisdom Knowledge Information Data Actionable Intelligence Abstractions and Perceptions Structured Data with Semantics Raw Sensory Data Semantic technologies are needed to describe objects, share and integrate information, and infer new knowledge Knowledge Hierarchy