ORCD_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013


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A finalist in 'The Manthan Award, 2013', in the category 'Sustainable Development', eNGO: Organization for Research and Community Development (ORCD). It is an Afghan based NGO that focuses on environment and climate change.

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ORCD_ The Manthan Award, 2013, eNGO_2013

  1. 1. Introduction, Achievements, The way forward 05 December 2013
  2. 2. Introduction A local Afghan NGO with strong grassroots linkages backed by an int’l network Consider ICT as an effective tool of development and expansion Founded in 2010 by a group of Afghan experts Climate and environmental focused
  3. 3. How ICT transformed ORCD? Online proposal electronic submission ORCD International level sister setups through e-contacts Got more than 1,000 fans on social media Signed strategic pacts electronically Work-Life Balance Award in Milan, Italy Coordination with all sister organizations through skype
  4. 4. ORCD Working Principles Building local capacities Use of ICT as a mean for development Gender mainstreaming Environmental protection & mitigating negative consequences of Climate Change Involving communities at grassroots level Building meaningful partnerships -all levels Introducing and replicating best practices
  5. 5. ORCD Partners & Donors
  6. 6. ORCD Sisters –International
  7. 7. ORCD -At a Glance ORCD –Lead Partner SN Facilitating Partner NSP Program MRRD 1 Public Awareness about Climate Change-Baghlan AKF 2 Provision of health services to IDPs in Ningarhar 3 Provision of BPHS thru 10 Mobile Teams in Eastern Region UNOCHA 5 Vegetable Production in Baghlan province GIZ-DETA 6 Strengthening Community Systems in Daikundi EU Aug-Nov, 2013 May 2013April 2014 Provision of BPHS thru 6 Mobile teams in Ghazni UNOCHA 4 2013-2015 7 8 9 10 Establishment of Emergency Health Preparedness and Disaster Response in 2 districts of Baghlan Baseline Survey through SMART methodology in Kandahar Province Civil Society Organization (CSO) Capacity Building Fellowship Program in Baghlan Awareness about women legal rights in Daikundi JICA AKF USAID/CPI Ongoing In progress CAP 2012 Published CAP 2012 Published April-Nov2012 Completed 2013- 2013 In Progress CAP 2012 Published UNOCHA Cordaid/ AHDS Ongoing Jun-July 2012 May 2012June 2013 Completed Completed Mar-Aug 2013 Completed
  8. 8. Use of ICT in ORCD Dynamic website: www.orcd.org.af Online application and e-filing systems Facebook page: more than 1,000 fans: www.facebook.com/orcd.org Twitter: approx. 120 followers: www.twitter.com/orcdorg Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/orcdafghanistan SEO Checklist enrolled
  9. 9. Use of ICT in project implementation by ORCD
  10. 10. 4. Problems: Costly and low internet speed in Afghanistan Lack of extended access to internet and ICT in Afghanistan Lack of familiarity with ICT and internet by Afghan population particularly in rural
  11. 11. Future Plans Feasibility study on ICT 4 Health Professional Exchange visits –at national and international level Getting Consultative Status in United Nations –Climate Change Adopt a more integrated approach for development through ICT See all-weather partners and donors committed to bringing positive change
  12. 12. Thank you! Any questions? www.orcd.org.af Become our fan on: www.facebook.com/orcd.org Follow us on twitter: www.twitter.com/orcdorg