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Bringing springs to life

Ensuring water security for Baigas in Madhya Pradesh (Source: Amar Prakash, WaterAid India)

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Bringing springs to life

  1. 1. Until last year, women in Kapoti village, Dindori had to collect water from natural springs located at the foothill. They spent several hours and covered long distances to collect water every day.
  2. 2. WaterAid and its partner, NIWCYD, covered the spring water source and extended pipelines to the village. The water now gets collected in the storage tank and is transferred to the slow sand water filter.
  3. 3. The community members worked together to build the slow sand water filter. This technology works on gravity and doesn’t need electricity. Water is filtered as it passes several times through sand, gravel, charcoal and wire mesh.
  4. 4. This filtered water is then made available to the community through stand-posts. There is one stand-post for every 4-5 houses in the village.