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India sudar career_guidance_english_ver_1.1


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Material Name: Career Guidance Material for India

About the Material: This material will be used to create career awareness for Indian Education system students between 8th to 12th standards.

Published Version: 1.1

Copyrights: Published under India Sudar Open Charity Platform License (OCPL)

Published in: Education, Business

India sudar career_guidance_english_ver_1.1

  1. 1. DOCUMENT CONTROLDocument DetailMaterial Name Career Guidance Material for IndiaAbout the Material This material will be used to create career awareness for Indian Education system students between 8th to 12th standards.Type of the Material eBookLanguage EnglishPublished Version 1.1Published Date 15-Feb-2011Total Number of Pages 24 PagesOwned and Published By India Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust, IndiaCopyrights Published under India Sudar Open Charity Platform License (OCPL)Contact Detail email - , www.indiasudar.orgDocument HistoryVersion Release Date Author/Participants/Contributors Comment1.1 01-Oct-2010 BalamaniKandan.K, Initial release Rajamadaswamy
  2. 2. INDIA SUDAR OPEN CHARITY PLATFORM LICENSE (IS OCPL)IntroductionIndia Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is a registered non-governmental, non-religious and non-profit social welfare organization working to provide quality education tothe needy children of India. India Sudar (IS) is publishing intellectual material, related toeducation under the Open Charity Platform License (OCPL) for non-profitable use to developIndia through education at free of cost.Any non-profitable organization or individual shall use this license to publish theirintellectual property for India’s development under non-profitable policy.India Sudar will design, publish and control Open Charity Platform License version andcopyrights.TERMS AND CONDITIONS1. BASIC PERMISSIONThis license is permitted to directly use, copy, print, publish on the web and distribution ofthis licensed document for non-profitable purpose. Any non-profitable organization orindividual can use this material as a whole with prior permission.You can accept this license and use the materials without any modification, but you shouldsend your name or organization name and purpose to the Open Charity Platform throughemail to get prior permission.2. PUBLISH WITH YOUR NAMEThis license permits to add your name or organization name in the document for printing ordistribution as a distributor or user. But you should not remove existing owner (exampleIndia Sudar) name, website and logo as Published in the material at any cost.3. USE IT FOR PROFITABLE PURPOSEYou can use this material for any profitable purpose, but you should donate 5% of the profitthus made to India Sudar.4. MODIFY AND PUBLISHYou can modify this material based on your requirement, but again you should publish thismaterial under OCP license. You can list your name and change in the document. Publishedversion should not be used for any profitable purpose.5. CONTRIBUTE, DEVELOP AND PUBLISHYou can contribute for any ongoing intellectual work. This will provide you the facility to listyou as contributor for the material.You can develop any material or tool or intellectual property which will be useful to developIndia and publish under OCPL. In this case, you will be a publisher for the material & OCPwill own the versioning. Page - 1 India Sudar Career Guidance
  3. 3. 6. VERSION CONTROLAnybody can acquire this license and do the changes in the material, but version control willbe owned by IS Open Charity Platform only. You need to submit your changes andcontribution to the OCP team to publish the enhanced material in new version through thereview and approval process.7. LICENCE SCOPEYou can publish any training material, standards, guidelines, template, ebooks, books,process, model, methods, framework, algorithm, software code or tools or product, onlinesystem, best practices, implemented idea, any intellectual property which will be useful todevelop India through non-profitable platform.8. DOCUMENT REPOSITORYIndia Sudar Open Charity Platform will own online public repository to publish all thematerial. But the same material can be replicated or published in any number of servers byany number of people for download and use.9. MATERIAL USAGE IS AT YOUR OWN RISKThis licence is not subject to any warranty, guaranty, maintenance and support. You will beusing this material at your own risk.10. TERMINATIONWhen there is violation of the licence rule, your license will be terminated and you will notbe further allowed to use any material from OCPL. Page - 2 India Sudar Career Guidance
  4. 4. CAREER GUIDANCEA guidebook by India Guidebook overview Various avenues and courses available Entry Criteria and other informationINDIA SUDAR CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION Page - 3 India Sudar Career GuidanceEDUCATE ELEVATE
  5. 5. General GuidanceIn order to transform people into powerful assets to the nation, the basic need of anysociety is to provide proper education and a fruitful job. India Sudar wants to contribute to INDIA SUDAR’S VISIONthe vision of the government by coming out with a general guidance for people interested The vision of India Sudar is toin pursuing a higher education. “Develop a powerful India by Providing Education”Below are the few points to take care, while opting for a particular course in Highereducation. • One’s own Interest and talent. • Awareness about the scope in the society for the study of one’s interest. • The time period, the fee structure and bank loans for that study. • Try to get knowledge about the job opportunity after completing the under graduate study and the possible post graduate courses. • Investigate whether the study is a full time or part time study or a study that can be done along with working part time. th • The prerequisite qualification (10 or +2) and the subjects needed for that study. • Awareness about the fee for that study in Government College and in private college and the difference between both the fee structures. • Identifying the colleges for this study that conducts campus interviews. • Analysis about the availability of various graduate and diploma courses for the same job opportunity and its differences. • If interested in government jobs, the basic qualification degree alone will not be sufficient, but it is mandatory to know and prepare for competitive exams conducted by related governmental departments. Note: This guide comprises of the information about various departments that the students from 8th to 12th may not know. The minimum qualification, minimum prerequisite branch of study and the time period of study alone are given in this guide. Even though, in certain colleges the content and courseware of the study are same, the degree given and time period differs. After you opt for a particular course, you can always contact India Sudar Page - 4 India Sudar Career Guidance
  6. 6. PUBLIC SERVICE EXAMINATIONS Civil Services Exams: The posts that are unimaginable for many of us, has come closer to us today. Itis a great boon to rural people that they can write these exams in Tamil also. Usually IAS officers take upthe posts of District collector, chief of Finance, Education, Defense, Home affairs, Roadways, health,Electricity board, Water board, Income tax, People Relations, etc., Minimum Qualification: An undergraduate degree in any department (Arts, Literature, Science,Accounts, Engineering, Medicine, Veterinary, Agriculture) from any of the recognized universities.(Degree through correspondence are also accepted) Exam Note First Level Exam Objective type exam (2Papers) in General knowledge, General Science and Aptitude.. People those who take more marks in this only will be called for primary exam. Primary Exam Subjective type exam in Language paper, English paper, General knowledge and 2 optional subjects. In this, marks of Language and English papers are not counted. But a pass is required from them. Interview Candidate’s self talent, social talents, leadership quality, knowledge in recent happenings will be tested. A rank list will be prepared by calculating the marks of Primary Exam and Interview. Based on theRank, the departments and posts of central government will be allocated. A candidate should pass in allthe three exams in a same attempt. If one’s aim is to become an IAS, then with proper planning andpreparation from the school age one can achieve it in the age of 25.LAW On saying B.L, people think only the persons with black coat in the court. But, apart from Civil andcriminal law, there are many other studies which can fetch you lot of money after studies. Some of theminclude: International law, Family law, Banking law, property law, labor law. Degree Qualification Time period B.L +2 5 years B.L Any under graduate degree 3 years B.A.B.L. (Hons) +2 5 years L.L.B. +2 5 years L.L.B. Any under graduate degree 3 years The above courses are offered by the colleges under Tamil Nadu Ambedkar university without entrance exams. Other leading educational institutions also offers but with entrance exams. Post graduate diploma Any degree or L.L.B 1 year Page - 5 India Sudar Career Guidance
  7. 7. (Certification courses in Human rights, labors, tax dept, company, Bank, etc.,)Student’s InterestWhat Course to choose? There are persons who are jobless even after completing Engineering. There are persons who earn more just by completing Diploma. In today’s competitive world anyone can achieve in any department B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., B.E., Diploma & ITI if they have talent, self- interest, proper planning and hard work.Hotel Management & Catering: Catering is not just cooking. Catering also includes Manufacturing food, serving food, house - keeping management, front office management, support system etc., They get job chances in Foreign, Star hotels, Railways, Ship, Airways Hospitals, government organizations and in tourism departments. Salary is based on their talent. Catering along with Spoken English knowledge helps still more. They can start their own business also.Tourism Management: Due to financial growth, tourists from foreign and internal tourists count is increased a lot. Because of this, Government officers, Tourists information assistant, guide, travel agents job vacancies are more. Polite speech, knowledge of information which tourists are interested, speech talent in any one foreign language is a must. There are part time jobs also.Visual communication, Advertisement, Animation, Film Technology Today television and cinema has grown a lot. These courses are related to transferring one’s thoughts into an art. Those who have talent will achieve here. From shooting scenes till giving a final touch, the technicians play an important role. They can get involved in various jobs like Television, Radio, producing a program, designing an advertisement, editing, audio-video mixing, graphics, 2D 3D, dubbing, operator, transmission etc., They can also earn sitting at home by investing a certain amount.Para-Medical studies: (Nursing & pharmacy) Today multi-specialty hospitals and diseases are more. There more job vacancies for those who have completed medical laboratory courses in Blood test, E.C.G, Scan, X-Ray, Radiotherapy etc., Job vacancies for nursing (Both male & Female) are always there in India and in foreign countries. Many multinational companies have invested and are improvising their infrastructure in India for the research related to manufacturing medicines. Because of this jobs are waiting for those who have studied pharmacy Page - 6 India Sudar Career Guidance
  8. 8. Language related studies: In today’s century of information revolution, internationalization has an impact on all departments. Because of this the opportunities are more for those who have studied a foreign language well. They are given an importance for foreign jobs. Language teacher in residential schools in metropolitan cities, interpreter/translator job in multinational companies, tourism department jobs, translation jobs are more for these people.Fashion technology: In this modern world, people like the changes. Due to this, for the people who studies fashion technology grabs job in textile industries, dress design organizations. Also, computer aided designs in dresses increases its look. http://www.niftindia.comNanotechnology: Nanotechnology is the study of object of 1 -100 Nanometer. It is to control the effects of the special characters in it and to use it in a constructive way. Nanotechnology is not related to only one department but it impacts physics, chemistry, biology, electrical, medical, engineering departments also. This is also one of the upcoming departments in India.Biotechnology: This study is a combination of biology and engineering. This provides jobs in Manufacturing medicines, information technology, Nano-science departments. Though now the opportunities are less for this department, it has a very good future.Psychology: Apart from physical diseases, mental diseases are also common nowadays. Mental stress, tension, sorrow, confusion, fear are all some of the mental diseases that has grown today. People can earn more by giving counseling and treatment psychologically after studying the relatively cheap psychology study.Journalism: Just a pen and a camera cannot make you a journalist. Knowledge about Recent issues and about all departments, good investigating thought and braveness to write the truth is essential for this department. An involvement in work without considering the time is also essential. They can shine in Television, radio, newspaper and internet Page - 7 India Sudar Career Guidance
  9. 9. NET JRF Exams To select the lecturers for college and to identify the candidates with research interests in basicsubjects, the NET JRF exams are conducted all over India. Those who clear these exams gets lecturer jobor jobs at research institutes 100%. Eligibility: Arts/Literature/Science department’s PG degree. Subjects for UGC’s NET exam: 93 subjects including all languages, social, Computer, Electrical, archeological etc., NET exam conducted jointly by UGC and CISR: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geology. These exams are conducted twice in a year. While applying, the option of lecturer or JRF is to befilled. JRF will get Rs.8000-12000 once completing M.Phil /PhD. JRF can also join as a project assistant inCSIR, CEERI, TIFR, BARC, CECRI research centers, colleges and universities. While in these jobs, they canalso complete PhD from top universities.Under Graduate DegreesAfter a degree, there are various jobs waiting in teaching, research, and supervisor in manufacturingindustries, testing, lab assistant, accountant, manager, designer, and programmer. Degree and Department Qualification in +2 B.A. Tamil, English, Urdu, Hindi etc., Dance, Any department Indian Culture, society, Arts, Music, Sociology, Poetry, history, political science, management, bank management, corporate secratryship, tourism management, psychology, B.Lit(Tamil. English) B.T.T.M (Tourism management), B.E.M(Environment management), B.L.M (Labor Management), B.S.W (Social Service). B.B.A, B.B.M Preference for Commerce group B.Sc – Costume design, rural improvement, Any department archeology, geography, geology, hotel management & catering, fashion design, interior design, library science, textile design, hospital management. B.Sc. Visual communication(3 to 5 years) B.Sc. Mathematics, statistics #-Mathematics, Trade Mathematics Page - 8 India Sudar Career Guidance
  10. 10. B.Sc. Home Science Preference – Science subjects, home science B.Sc. Computer science, IT, computer Preference – Mathematics, Statistics, technology Computer science, trade Mathematics B.C.A B.Sc. Physics, Chemistry, Electronics, Applied #-Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry science B.Sc. BioChemistry, Industrial Chemistry, #- Chemistry & Biology Health, food department, micro biology B.Sc. Botany, Plant biotechnology, plant #- Botany/Biology biology B.Sc. Zoology, Advanced Zoology #- Zoology/Biology B.Sc. Biotechnology Preference to biology B.Com, B.Com Computer application, B.Com. Preference to commerce group Corporate secrataryship, B.Com E- Commerce, B.A – Economics, B.C.S Corporate Secretaryship.(# - Mandatory in +2) ⇒ With any one of the under graduate degree, If we study B.Li.Sc (Library Science) one year course, then we can work as Librarian. ⇒ Today, most of the courses can be studied in correspondence. Yet, for some of the jobs preference is not given for Correspondence studies. ⇒ While studying itself, we can get prepared for TNPSC, UPSC, Army, Police, Railways, Bank exams which may enable us to get job quickly.Competitive Exams In order to get government or private jobs, mostly one competitive exam should be faced. Whenthe candidates are many times more than the job vacancies, these competitive exams are useful toselect only few for the interviews. Since most of the candidates are having the same educationalqualification, these competitive exam differentiates people by testing their adaptability, their knowledgeon recent issues, their intelligence etc., In these exams Basic Mathematics (Algebra toll 10th), logicalreasoning, puzzles, general knowledge, recent issues in country are the concentrated more.SPORTS Qualification Degree/Diploma/Certification Duration +2/Any degree Certification in Yoga studies 6Months to 1year +2 C.P.Ed (PeT Master – 2 years Certification course) B.Sc (Health and Exercise) 3 years B.P.Ed., (PeT, Games, Health) 1 year Any one degree B.P.Ed., (PeT Master) 1 year 1) PG Diploma 1 Year ⇒ Health and Exercise Page - 9 India Sudar Career Guidance
  11. 11. ⇒ Exercise and Physiology ⇒ Games and physiology ⇒ Fitness 2) Diploma as coach (For athletic players, hockey, cricket, volley ball, 1 year badminton, foot ball)Along with the marks obtained in the final exam, the achievements done in district/ state level sportsalso will be considered. Based on the achievements, the upper cut off marks will be relaxed.At present, in India, the sports department is quickly improving. One can become coach in schools orcolleges or in any sports clubs. For further information The Soul-Satisfying Teaching ProfessionIf you like to get a Govt. job, you need to find out in which department or section there are morevacancies. You should plan well in advance, keeping in mind, which reservation class you belong to(BC/MBC/SC/ST). If you have all in the interest and good teaching skills, you can earn well in privateinstitutions and overseas as well. Eligibility Training/Degree/Diploma Duration Whom you can teach +2/Any degree Montessori Training (Good 6 Months to 1year Children Communication Skills Appreciated) (Full / Part Time) between 3 to 6 yrs +2 Teachers Training 2 years 1st – 5th Std. (Diploma in Teachers Training) Under B.Ed 1 year 6th – 10th Std. GraduationPost Graduation B.Ed 1 year 11th – 10th Std.College Lecturer:Post Graduation is mandatory for Arts & Science colleges. Preference is given to NET certification andM.Phil/Ph.D.For Engineering/Medical colleges Post Graduation is mandatory. Preference is given to those who havecompleted Ph.D. Page - 10 India Sudar Career Guidance
  12. 12. To Become Teacher/Trainer For Physically Challenged…. Eligibility Training/Degree/Diploma Duration Diploma – Sign Language 1 year Diploma – Social Welfare 1 year Diploma – Special Education 2 years +2 To train visually challenged/hearing impaired/Mentally challengedUnder Graduate B.Ed (Special Education) 1 year Engineering – Diploma - Architecture B.E./B.Tech Eligibility Duration Note +2 4 Maths, Physics, Chemistry Diploma / B.Sc (Direct admission to the second year) 3 Maths compulsory Various Engineering StreamsAeronautics Mechanical Dairy TechnologyMarine Automobile Mining TechnologyMechatronics Bio Medical Genetic ProductionMetallurgical Bio Technology Textile EngineeringRobotics Chemical Technology Industrial EngineeringRubber Technology Ceramic Technology Information Technology (IT)Food Technology Fire Engineering Electrical & Electronics (EEE)Petrochemical Telecommunication Electronics & Communication (ECE)Polymer Technology Bio-Informatics Electronics & Instrumentation (E&I)Civil Engineering Computer Science Agricultural Engineering Page - 11 India Sudar Career Guidance
  13. 13. Leather Technology Printing Technology Production EngineeringManufacturing Fashion Technology Geo-Informatics• At present, there is no entrance examination for engineering colleges affiliated to Anna University. Cut-off marks will be computed based on the marks obtained in +2 and accordingly, the Rank list is published. Cut – off mark = Mathematics + Physics + Chemistry 2 4 4• After completion of +2, there is a 5 yr M.Sc. Software Engineering course equivalent to Engineering, provided by several colleges.• In other universities in India, admission is given through a separate entrance examination. Diploma Eligibility Years In addition to the subjects listed in the B.E. / B.Tech section above, th 10 Std 3 there are a lot of other streams including dye making, dairy technology, computer networking in which a 3 yr Diploma is +2 2 provided. On completion of diploma, one can get employed and in parallel, pursue a (Part-Time) B.E. or an equivalent like A.M.I.E (Direct admission to engineering degree. second yr.) Architecture B. Arch Eligibility Admission DetailsShould have Maths as a To get admission into constituent colleges of Anna University, marks obtainedsubject in +2. in +2/Diploma and marks obtained in the separate entrance exam called NATA are required.Or With the marks obtained in AIEEE exam specific to B.Arch, one can seekDiploma (Maths admission to institutions like NIT and all other accredited universities in India.compulsory) Page - 12 India Sudar Career Guidance
  14. 14. AGRICULTUREAgricultural science: It is true that, there will be a lot of opportunities in future in this field. Government/Private jobs,Research, and agricultural supervisor jobs are waiting for people who pursue this course. Succeeding incivil service examinations is easier for those who choose this field of study.Qualifications: o B.Sc, B.S., B.Tech courses: Candidate should have Mathematics/Botany/Zoology as major subjects along with Physics and Chemistry and also any one of the following in +2 – Biology/Computer Science/Statistics/Microbiology/Biochemistry/Biotechnology/Home Science/Nursing/Nutrition dietetics o Diploma: Should have taken Biology and Agriculture relevant subjects in +2.Admission: Direct admission based on marks procured in +2 examinations. Admissions open for those whoopted for vocation section (agriculture/Biology related subjects) in +2 Courses offered by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and its affiliated colleges, are also providedin other arts and science colleges. For more details: Degree Branch Duration B.Sc Agriculture 4 yrs Horticulture Forestry B.Sc Home Science B.Sc Agricultural Business 3 to 4 yrs Management B.Tech Agriculture Engineering Horticulture 4 yrs Food Processing Engg Bio-Technology Energy & Environmental Page - 13 India Sudar Career Guidance
  15. 15. Engg Bio-Informatics Agriculture Info-Tech Diploma Agriculture & Rural development 2 yrs (Sri Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Coimbatore and Gandhi Gram Rural University, Dindigul)Day by day the need for Milk and milk products is increasing across the globe. Dairy technologists whoare technical experts play a vital role in Cattle breeding, Food processing, Health, Poultry management,Quality Control, Processing and inventing new technologies, etc…In this industry various diploma courses and also B.Sc. & B.Tech are provided by a number ofeducational institutions. Most important is the Allahabad Agricultural Institute in Allahabad provides 2yr diploma course for those who have Science group or Agriculture as subjects in +2. On completion ofthis course there are a lot of job Page - 14 India Sudar Career Guidance
  16. 16. MEDICINE - CATTLE Degree Years MBBS (General Medicine) 51/2 BSMS (Sidha) 51/2 BHMS (Homeopathy) 51/2 BAMS (Ayurveda) 51/2 BNYS (Naturotherapy & Yoga) 51/2 BUMS (Unani) 51/2 BDS (Dental science) 5 B.Sc (Nursing) 4 B.Sc (optometry) 4 B.PT (Physiotherapy) 41/2 BOT (Occupational Therapy) 41/2 B.Sc (Medical nutrition) 31/2 B.Sc (Medical Ophthalmic Technology – Ophthomology) 3 B.Sc (Human Anatomy) 3 B.Sc (Radiotherapy – Radiation) 3 B.V.Sc (Veterinary Science) 5 B.F.Sc (Fishing Science) 4 For those with Physics & Chemistry as subjects +2 B.Pharm (Pharmaceutical industry) 4 B.Sc (Speech therapy & Hearing) 3 Is Finance a hurdle for your studies? Bharathiyar University has launched a new scheme for homeless and poor students to pursuegraduation/post-graduation courses free of cost. The university and colleges affiliated to it have acertain number of seats reserved for this scheme. stream you choose to study, it is important to have basic knowledge / qualification incomputers. You can perform jobs like providing online tuitions via internet, Online marketing, translationand data entry jobs from home at your leisure time. Page - 15 India Sudar Career Guidance
  17. 17. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT COURSES After completion of +2, you can pursue graduation studies in regular college or through correspondence and in parallel you can pursue the courses mentioned below. These professional courses are not very expensive and it is easy to get admitted to these courses. But, it requires a lot of hard work to get through these examinations. These courses also give you an opportunity to earn while you study. Where can you find relevant jobs? Government and Private Organizations, Banks, Colleges, Multinational Companies, Information Technology, Stock Broking firms, Auditing Firms, etc…Chartered Accountancy Chartered Accountants are those who help individuals and also companies in keeping their accounts properly and help to file their returns to the income tax department. Only Chartered Accountants have the authority to do an audit the accounts of a company. • Minimum qualification: +2 (Passing CPT exam is mandatory even for graduates). • Duration : Minimum 4 years Accounting Technician Course (ATC) First Level – CPT Exam This course which is provided by ICAI includes training, practicals and computer training & it takes 2 years to • Practice as junior with an auditor get through the course completion examination and • Complete Specialized computer courses obtain the certificate. • Register for second level examination For Information Second Level – PCC examination (Professional Competence Course) The Institute Chartered Accountants of India 122, Mahatma Gandhi Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034 Final Page - 16 India Sudar Career Guidance
  18. 18. ICWAI Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India is an organization which was established to train cost accountants in order to manage organizations scientifically. The work of a Cost Accountant is to compute the cost involved in the manufacturing of a product and to estimate a competitive price at which it could be sold in the market. A Cost Accountant could also play various roles like cost controller, Marketing manager, Chief internal auditor, chief accountant, finance controller, finance director and so on. Foundation Intermediate Exam Final Exam Exam Should have Should have passed Foundation exam. Graduates can Should have completed passed +2 directly appear for this exam Intermediate exam For Information Southern India Regional Council 4, Montieth Lane, Egmore, Chennai-600008 Ph: 044-28554443 CAT (Certificate in Accounting Technicians) This course is offered by ICWAI. It takes only a year to complete the course which covers training, practicals and computer training and to clear the examination and receive the certificate. You cannot do this course through correspondence. On getting the certificate, one can choose to work as Accountant/Junior Accountant across various industries. Exam EligibilityFoundation Exam (Part - I) Should have passed +2 or possess a Diploma Page - 17 India Sudar Career Guidance
  19. 19. Final Exam Should have passed, the above Foundation exam or ICWAI(Competency Level – Part – II) foundation exam. Graduates can directly appear for this exam ICSI – Institute of Company Secretaries of India A person possessing the following abilities, like managerial skills, decision-making, understanding law, planning and implementing skills, and playing a vital role in the growth of the company, could reach top positions within a short span of time. It is a very important role of a secretary, to make sure that the company adheres to rules and regulations and abide by the law. This course can be pursued in regular/correspondence mode. Exam Foundation Exam Executive Exam Final Exam (Professional Programme) ICSI Should have passed Passed Foundation exam or any graduation Should have +2 or possess a other than fine arts. For fine arts graduates it is completed Diploma mandatory to clear the foundation exam Intermediate exam For more details ICSI-SIRC HOUSE, No.9(Old No.4), WHEAT CROFTS ROAD, NUNGAMBAKKAM, CHENNAI -600034 Central Institute of Fisheries Nautical and Engineering Training (CIFNET) The institute provides organized training for manning the ocean going fishing vessels. Candidates should have passed 10th standard or similar qualification. The recommended age group is 17 to 20 years. Generally the selection for this course is through an entrance test or an interview. The training for manning ocean going fishing vessels is, 18 months. Page - 18 India Sudar Career Guidance
  20. 20. As fishing in oceans is welcomed in our country and foreign countries as well, there are a lot of jobopportunities immediately after completion of training. Apart from the wages being high for personnelmanning fishing vessels, it is possible to get incentives also depending on the profitability. Detailsregarding this course can be obtained from the training center at Royapuram in Chennai.INDIAN ARMED FORCESHOW TO GET INTO THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES? The youth who have the enthusiasm and courage have an opportunity to get into the IndianArmy, Navy and Indian Air Force, where not only do they get highly paid, but also the Governmentprovide other benefits like study while working and perks. Priority is given to NCC and sports personnel.Candidate must be physically fit and possess general aptitude. Even after quitting from these services itis easier get other jobs as there are a lot of opportunities for ex-service men. Opportunity to work inthese services is given to those who have qualifications right from 10th standard, to diploma, nursing,teachers, B.A, B.Sc, B.Tech, MBBS etc. Details of physical fitness (height, weight, vision) are publishednow and then in newspapers. Only those details pertaining to entering into the armed forces, aftercompleting school education are given below: General eligibility: Unmarried Male • Questions in the written examination will be based on general English, Mathematics and general knowledge and will be in the form of “choose the correct answer”. For those applying for technical domains, the questions will also include Mathematics and physics. • There will be an interview and medical examination following the written examination Job Educational Age Qualification Soldier – General 10th 16 - 21 Soldier – Clerk 10th 16 – 23 Soldier – Technical 10th 16 – 23 Soldier – Nursing Assistant 10th 16 – 23 Navy – Apprentice – Metric division 10th 17 – 21 TES Plan – Technical Branch S.S.B +2 16 ½ to Only interview (Phy, che, 19 Mathematics) Navy – Artificer Apprentice +2 17 – 20 (Phy, che, Mathematics) Navy – Merchant – Senior Secondary Division +2 17 – 21 (Science subjects) Page - 19 India Sudar Career Guidance
  21. 21. Air Force – Airmen – Y Group +2 17 - 22 Air Force – Airmen – X Group +2 17 - 22 (Phy, Mathematics) National Defense Academy (NDA): This academy trains the personnel required for all the threeIndian armed forces. The all India entrance examination (Mathematics & General knowledge) for this isconducted by the UPSC. After successful l completion of this exam, candidates need to appear forinterview conducted by S.S.B. Successful candidates can pursue courses inArts/Science/Technology/B.Tech apart from the getting trained in skills required for the militaryservices. Age Limit: 16 1/2 Qualification: Indian Army – 12th std. complete Indian Navy & Air Force – 12th completed (Physics & Mathematics mandatory) Page - 20 India Sudar Career Guidance
  22. 22. BUSINESS EDUCATIONHOW ABOUT BUSINESS? In 1907, the Britishers challenged the Tata’s saying - “What? Are the Tata’s are going to producesteel in accordance with British standards? If they can do that we will eat every bit of steel produced bythem”. Jamshedji Tata who founded the Tata group of companies, never gave up. With all the couragehe challenged them with the only objective of succeeding and started “Tata Steels”, which is now one ofthe world’s best steel manufacturing companies. Youngsters! You too become businessmen! Make up your mind, foresee and start doing all that isneed to start a new business. For those who like to start business, having the attitude and enthusiasm to learn, work hard, andput in continuous efforts is most important. In today’s growing population, day by day the customerneeds for retails & services is continuously increasing. So, it is important to know what product/servicehas a good demand among customers and accordingly choose the business you want to start. After carefully choosing, the industry/service develop the skills needed for the business. Gatherdetailed information and tactics relevant to the industry. Consult experienced personnel in that industryand get their advice. Get information on the schemes, plans, benefits and technical training provided bythe central and state Government to help those willing to start business, from the district level IndustrialDevelopment Centre. “Hard Work” is the secret of Success. It is enough to have the confidence and enthusiasm in orderto achieve your goals. “One who feared the sea, remained on the shore – The one who sailed across won the world” For people who scored high marks to those who scored low marks, there are many learning programs and certificate courses in abundance. The course fee is very less in central and state govt. institutions. In addition to getting financial aids from the government, it is also easy to get bank loans for studying in govt. institutions. In private universities and colleges the fee structure would vary depending on the course opted and the infrastructure. Gather all the information and do a detailed study before you choose the institution. Page - 21 India Sudar Career Guidance
  23. 23. Job oriented Short term training/courses Field +2 passed Duration 10th Passed Duration 8th Passed Duration Mechanic (Industrial Mechanic Wiremen, electronics, 2 years (Chemical 2 years Painter, 2 years I.T.I Computer factory, instruments Hardware Automobile, mechanics Radio, TV, A/C, Lift electronics Computer Fitter, Turner, Welder (Gas Operator, 6 CNC, 2 years & electric) 1 year Network months Draftsman, metal Technician architect, plating, electrical carpenter, plating, Diesel tractor mechanic, mechanic pump operator Textile & Fashion ApparelGarments & (garment) Jewel design, Fashion design, Interior 1 year gem & stone 1 year design & setting Decoration Garments design 6 Garments 1 year months design and cutting Glossing Designing , technology, 6 month Leather 1 yearLeather & pattern cutting leather goodsFootwear 1 Year processing, producerdesigning Footwear 10 leather cutting, production months finishing, print Leather goods 3 designing, production months footwear stitching Shoe Page - 22 India Sudar Career Guidance
  24. 24. Hotel Food Catering Management & 3 years Production, 1 year Catering Processing, Bakery Hotel Management 3 years & Catering Music Music Teacher 1 year Vocalist 3 years certificationFire service Fire Engg – 1 year Fire Engg – 6 month Diploma certificateMultimedia 3D, 2D, Visual Among the various courses offered by several colleges& Animation effects, cartoon, 6 and private institutions, only a few are listed here game design months to 3 The course duration, eligibility and training details may years vary depending on the institutionFilm industry D.F.Tech Cinemetography, 3 years Some of the courses are planned to be offered for free by Photography, the Govt. Sound recording, film processing, These courses would help those who score low marks in editing getting jobs and starting new business within a short Medicine Medical 2 years period of time laboratory technology (Phy & Che in +2 The Fisheries College & Research Institute in Tuticorin and is mandatory) Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute, Kochi offer Health , 1 year training in ornamental fish breeding, prawn culture, Nurse training producing hygienic fish food, fisheries, mariculture, etc… Office Management, which help in getting jobs in a very short span. The currentmanagement goods handling, 6 scenario is such that, learning fish breeding assures advertising, sales months individuals with jobs. marketing Secretarial training, Short 1 year hand (Tamil & English) Change is not the need for mankind, But Page - 23 India Sudar Career Guidance
  25. 25. INDIA’S TOP AND PREMIER INSTITUTES Institution Information IIT – Indian Institute of Technology Central government technical institutes are present in more than 16 places including Chennai,Hyderabad and Delhi. These provide B.Tech, M.Tech, M.S, M.Sc, M.A & PhD courses. IISc – Indian Institute of Science This is a central government institution which provides mostly with Research related studies. It offers M.Tech, M.S, M.Sc, & PhD. IIST - Indian Institute of Space Science & IIST which is present in Trivandrum, is technical Technology institute affiliated to ISRO. Those who pursue B.E./B.Tech (space & electronics…) here have the opportunity to join ISRO and serve the nation. Moreover, opportunity is given for research also. NIT – National Institute of Technology Central government technical institutions are present in more than 20 places including Trichy and Calicut. B.Tech, B.Arch, M.Tech, M.S, M.Sc & PhD are offered here. 50% reservation is allocated for candidates form Tamil Nadu. BITS – Birla Institute of Technology & Science BITS (Pilani, Goa, Hyderabad), one of the most popular institutes in India offers various courses in the field of Engineering and Science. To get admitted in this institute one has to clear the online entrance examination called BITSAT. The entrance test is based on Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics at +2 level. AIIMS, Delhi AIIMS – All India Institute of Medical Sciences JIPMER, Puducherry JIPMER – Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Page - 24 India Sudar Career Guidance
  26. 26. These institutions which provide courses in Medicine and Research admit students through separate entrance exams (Biology, Physics and Chemistry at +2 level) specific to these institutions. IIM – Indian Institute of Management Most preferred institute for Post graduation studies relating Management & Administration (MBA, PGDM…). Graduates in any field can write the CAT (conducted by IIM) exam to get admitted to these courses. CECRI – Central Electrochemical Research CECRI is located at Karaikudi (Tamil Nadu). For the Institute courses B.Tech/M.Tech & Research offered in the field of chemistry and electrochemistry in this institute, the entrance examination is conducted by the Anna University. Also, short term certificate courses are provided here.CIPET – Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & This is a central govt. institution. Here candidates Technology starting from 10th passed to B.Sc degree holders can pursue B.Tech/M.Tech & diploma courses in the field of plastic engineering/technology. All India Entrance Examinations JEE – Joint Entrance Exam Exam conducted by IIT for admission to B.Tech in all IITs (Subjects - Maths, Physics, Chemistry) AIEEE – All India Engineering Entrance Exam Entrance exam conducted by C.B.S.E board for admission in NIT and other similar institutions HSEE – Humanities and Social Sciences Entrance Conducted by IIT for admission to 5 year M.A Exam (Economy, English) courses after completing +2. This exam covers English, General Knowledge and aptitude test. JAM – Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. In order to join M.Sc (Science relevant subjects) in IIT/IISc, it is important to score high marks in this examination. GATE – Gratuate Aptitude Test for Engineering For M.Sc/B.E/B.Tech degree holders to pursue higher studies (M.E/M.Tech/M.S) in central govt. institutions, it is mandatory to clear the GATE exam. Preference given to these candidates in other institutions also. Candidates can get a stipend of Rs. 8000 to 12000 while studying these courses. To pursue higher studies in foreign countries like America and Britain it is mandatory to havepassed at least one of the following exams. GRE – Graduate Record Exam, IELTS – International EnglishLanguage Testing System, TOEFL – Test of English as a Foreign Language. Page - 25 India Sudar Career Guidance
  27. 27. EDUCATE ELEVATE India Sudar Educational And Charitable TrustIndia Sudar Educational and Charitable Trust is registered as non-governmental, non-religious and non-profitable social welfareorganization established by IT Professionals. This organization sincerely works for the education of orphan and poor children. India Sudaris a registered Trust and is audited by the Govt. of India (Registrar Number: 454/2004).Vision: Developing a powerful India by providing EducationProject Activity: We are achieving our vision by implementing following projects.DEPLOYING TEACHER 1: Deployment of teachers for selected village schools, orphanages, India sudar learning centers, IS computertraining centre to provide consistent and continuous educational training.EDUCATION STATIONARIES 2: Providing books, notes, stationeries, school bags, school uniforms and shoes for every academic year.PROVIDING TRAINING 3: Conducting seminars, self-development programs, cultural programs, quiz programs and career developmentprograms.EDUCATION FOR INDIVIDUAL 4: Providing complete education aid for one academic year for one student.FREE COMPUTER TRAINING 5: Free computer training through India Sudar Computer Training Center at free of cost.INDIA SUDAR LIBRARY 6: Setup libraries for Government schools, Villages and Orphanages to create reading habit and learn more outsidethere general education.How can you help this society through India Sudar ?1. You can volunteer to engage your free time in executing the projects under India Sudar.2. You can support or sponsor projects by funding.To join as India Sudar member to Elevate India through Education, Visit to Page - 26 India Sudar Career Guidance