How effective is the combination of your


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How effective is the combination of your

  1. 1. “How effective is the combinationof your main product and ancillary texts?”
  2. 2. • With most films that are coming out in the cinema often have a poster and magazine cover to accompany the trailer, these texts relate to the trailer or film by following the same colour scheme, using the same actors and including the same titles. These texts help to increase the audience’s interest for the film; often the actors in the films will generate interest by going on talk shows and other forms to media to create a “buzz” around the film and increase publicity. We used our poster and magazine to link back to our film through using similar colour schemes, mise en scene, and using the main characters as the focal points of each piece.
  3. 3. • For our ancillary texts we wanted to very much keep the theme of the genre of the period drama, to do this we focused heavily on the mise en scene, and tried to make the poster and magazine front cover link back to the main product.• Throughout all of the texts we used the same location and costumes, in order to make each product link to one another smoothly and to create a sense of continuity and a more professional feel.
  4. 4. • I will be referencing and comparing “The Hunger Games” ancillary texts to ours (“An Honourable Affair”) , in order to show how we made our texts look as professional as a real film and its supplementary texts.
  5. 5. Example Poster: The main character is on the forefront of the poster, showing that this character is the most important; the main character is also used on the The red yellow magazine front and black cover, continuing colour scheme the theme. is followed through in all of the texts, keeping the continuity. The title “The Hunger Games” is in a large font across the front of the poster, establishing thatThe “Hunger Games” it is the title.logo is usedthroughout all of thetexts, establishing thebrand and name of thefilm. The use of a billing block includes the films name, and the actor’s names.
  6. 6. We used the two maincharacters on the poster as thistoo was a direct link to the Our Poster: We used the title “An Honourable Affair” and put it at the top of thefilm and helps the audience poster so it is clear to the audienceidentify the two main that it is the title of the poster andprotagonists. We had them draws their eye towards it, alsositting like this in this photo as linking back to the trailer as theit conveyed to the audience title appears at the end of thethat they were a couple and trailer, therefore creating athat the film was about connection between the two.romance and love, which iswhat the trailer also connotes. We used this tagline as We used a similar we felt it conveyed that location to one of the there is a sense of shots in the trailer conflicting emotions and (screen capped relationships in the film, below), the fountain which relates to our flowers and garden to trailer. create a clear link between the trailer As mentioned before we and the poster, and focused heavily on the focusing on the mise mise en scene, we used the en scene. same costumes used in the film, so it links back more obviously to the film. For the background we used the same dialogue that was used at the film in the beginning eg “Dear Charlotte…” – this is a direct link to the film, and brings both products together. The font used for this We included a billing block in order to make our poster background is also the same that we used look more professional, as this is a technique used by all for the titling (pictured left), creating a film posters. subtle link between the two once again.
  7. 7. The same red yellow Example magazine front cover: The same main character is and orange colour used on both the front cover scheme is used. and the magazine, keeping Keeping the same the continuity and theme of fire and establishing who the main destruction etc, character is. creating synergy between the poster and the front cover.The same “HungerGames” logo is also in It is obvious from the coverthe background, lines such as “Death!showing how both the Destruction! Dystopia!” that theposter and magazine magazine is about sciencefront cover are linked; fiction films therefore linkingit also establishes the with the genre of the film. Therefilms brand. are also references to other science fiction films that further suggests the genre of the magazine, we also did this with The name of the film our magazine through the use of is in a large font cover lines referencing other across the front cover, period drama films. linking the poster and the magazine cover.
  8. 8. We focused on the mise en We used the same Our Magazine Front Cover: scene heavily once again as main character in it would make all the this text as well as products look authentic and the poster in the work together coherently. same way that “The We did this by using the Hunger Games” has same background location of done, as it links well the courtyard and balcony to the trailer and the that was used in one of the poster, , we also felt shots links directly to the this picture looked trailer (which is screen professional and capped below), therefore the created a dramatic audience can identify the impact. setting from the trailer and create an association with We used the name of the film. the character as the main and largest cover line, showing that the word “introducing” suggests that this is a new character from a new film, and generates interest from the audience. We made it clear that the magazine was about period drama with cover lines such as “best periodWe included the title of our film, “An Honourable Affair” in one of the cover lines as this links directly drama films everto the film. The use of the tagline creates interest around the film, the words” “exclusive” “featuring” made”.and “interview” would make the reader of the magazine want to know more about the film.
  9. 9. • Overall I think our ancillary text works well in combination with the trailer as there are many references back to the trailer, and many clear links between the two.• The ancillary texts provide extra information about the trailer and create more interest around our film, we believe that the audience will be able to make clear links and connections between the three products well as it is clear that they work in synergy with the use of the same actors, same locations and costumes and the same titles.