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Discuss the growth of obesity surgeries in india


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Bhandari Hospital - Best Hospital for Obesity, Bariatric, Gastric bypass, Fat reduction, Laparoscopic, Weight loss, Hernia and Endoscopic surgeries in Indore, India. Peoples from Kenya, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh contact us at +91 98-930-34111

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Discuss the growth of obesity surgeries in india

  2. 2. Inspired by the vision that stay fit and stay slim is the right of every individual • India Obesity founded in 1980 and started operations with a 30 bedded hospital to eradicate obesity from rooting in the country and gradually emerged as +100 Bedded Bhandari Hospital & Research Center in Indore, India. • Mohit Bhandhari (M.B.B.S., M.S., and DMAS) who has attained his degree in MS. DMAS from University of Strasbourg, France, is practicing as Consultant Minimal Access, Obesity and Metabolic Surgeon these days in India. He has been the cultivator and guiding light for India Obesity, allied by Mohak Hi- tech Specialty Hospital.
  3. 3. He strongly believes that India has to embrace the top most surgical technologies in Liposuction and Diabetes Surgery to progress in the field of safe and secure obesity surgeries. “In today’s busy life we hardly get time to exercise and follow an effective diet chat, this may result in overweight sometime turned into worse cases and people develop obesity, which will have to be functionally operated to get back your lost health”, said Dr. Mohit Bdhandari.
  4. 4. • He has performed more than 1500 bariatric surgical procedures and become the first surgeon in central India to perform banded gastric bypass and mini gastric bypass. • Dr. Bhandhari has been a motivator and introducing latest surgical technologies in India. • He has recently cured a 6-year old child, who had developed obesity in his early age. After the successful surgery, it has created a record of first of a kind obesity surgery in Asia.
  5. 5. Recent article in local newspaper said that Obesity reduces the life expectancy of six to seven years. The population is massive in the country and according to recent research child obesity is becoming the most common disease in India. Children and adolescents who are obese are at greater risk for bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, and social and psychological problems such as stigmatization and poor self-esteem. Overall, the question here is how good health and fitness can be restored to dream of a healthy nation. • Around 48% of the Indian population is overweight. Yet majority of them do not exercise. 34% do not indulge in any form of exercise or physical activity and lead a sedentary lifestyle. • Diabetes is on an all-time high with 17% people suffering from acute diabetes. 31% of the people suffer from disorders related to digestion of food
  6. 6. Is spreading awareness and following religiously a balance diet plan a Solution to avoid obesity? Most of the people who tend to stick to their diet plan, however they are still not been able to find a long-term and sustained obesity treatment. Obesity Can Be Treated! It can be cured completely from roots through applying advance laparoscopic surgeries, the side-effect for such surgeries is just limit to skin- loosening, and this would go in few weeks after the person is operated.
  7. 7. These days, Fit India Movement is promoted by India Obesity that is entirely an awareness campaign for ever individual who wants to stay fit and slim. The campaign is a huge success on Social media platforms and people from all the corners of the country have participated and spread the voice against obesity. LATEST CAMPAIGN IN FACEBOOK
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