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Newsletter of the projects lead in India by Indian Project Association during this year 2012-13

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Newsletter 2012 13-en

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTS The Context p.1 The Solar Workshops p.2 Introduction p.2 Works Since 2011 p.2 The Team p.3 The Future p.3 Testimony p.4 General Assembly p.5 The Context Indian Project’s activities began with Howrah South Point (HSP) NGO which is a 100% Indian NGO for disabled children, orphans or children too poor to get education. HSP was reorganised in 2012 and our collaborative project has had to change. Indeed, as Topon became our solar specialist, it was planned to develop a vocational training for young people once children compulsory school would be finished. Today, HSP wishes to remain focused on its core activity. The trend is for them, too fast, and they are not open yet to this orientation towards training in solar systems manufacturing and installing. So we continue working with HSP for solar installations within the NGO itself and this with the help of Topon Dhara and Mogradangi solar workshop. 1 HSP girls at the annual pic-nic Indian Project’s goal being primarily training, we had the great joy to begin a training project with the renowned institute in Kolkata which is the engineering and technical training DON BOSCO SERI institute. Don Bosco SERI is a research institute for future independent. It is an institution fighting for education, teaching, training and rehabilitation of young boys and girls who have left school, giving them the opportunity to find a job or become independent. This is to enable the poor to become active members within the society. Indian Project has also been involved in the Solar Electrification of ICOD (Interreligious 2 Don Bosco students Centre Of Development – Gaston Dayananda) Community hall. ICOD is located in an isolated rural area near Calcutta and welcomes children, disadvantaged young and older people to give them a chance to get a healthy living place conducing to their development and wellbeing. ICOD also hosts traumatized women, often after their marriage, some do not even able to speak any more. Indian Project keeps also close relations with the organization ABC, Asha Bhavan Centre - Home of Hope, in English - which welcomes children from younger age through adolescence with simple to very pronounced disabilities. ABC provides a living for these children, and care for their development regardless of their disability. Over 350 children3 ABC handicapped child studying per day are welcomed and about 200 staying on site. Thus the kitchen has a heavy financial burden on gas for cooking and they would like to cover the kitchen roof with solar panels to cut costs through sun-heated water. We also have to tell you about Seva Kendra Calcutta. It is a social centre of Calcutta Diocese to serve the poor and needy of West Bengal. This centre is also interested in our solar training and we hope working with them next year, might the training model deployed in Don Bosco bear fruit.4 ICOD residents in the community hallhall Association Indian Project Rue du Collège, 2 - 2112 Môtiers p.1
  2. 2. NEWSLETTER 2012/13The Solar WorkshopsIntroductionThe Mogradangi solar workshop has kept a “handcraft” dimension, and the project has alsostarted spreading to other NGOs. What matters for Indian Project today is to spread this solarenergy training system to make solar energy as accessible and popular as possible. The projectexpansion in terms of industrialization could not be made because of HSP brake. Indian Projectaims first and foremost to serve the people, so we go where the need is. Thus the solarworkshops development points towards other NGOs interested in such training model. 2 Mogradangi DidisWorks Since 2011Here are the achievements of solar systems and maintenance works carried out by IndianProject in West Bengal since 2011.Bakuabari - November 2011Bakuabari center already had two solar systems for over 15 years. The Mogradangi solar 3 Bakuabari - Nirmala Nivasworkshop team renovated one of them, in early 2011, and the second one, at the end of 2012.Due to corrosion and leaks the systems had become unusable. It has been, since November2012, operational again as Topon fixed it before Giuliano comes, we are very glad about hisentrepreneurship and autonomy. Bakshara - Avril 2012In 2012, Giuliano went to West Bengal to meet with our friends and to help them to continueour common projects. Installation was performed on the roof of the home of Bakshara (HSP) in 4 Bakshara solar systemHowrah. The installation of Bakshara is made of 6 panels, e.g. 12m2 of solar panels, with a 650-liter hot water tank and a 200-liter cold water buffer tank. The system provides shower water for70 girls, 20 staffs, and cooking water for 300 meals per day, so respectively 350, 100, and 200liters of water at 70 ° C.Bakshara - February 2013In 2013, Giuliano went back to Bakshara as the solar system had, in fact, significant leakage dueto a new welding technique not well controlled yet. The team fixed the leak with the traditional 8 Bakshara solar system team 5arc welding which gave successful result. Don Bosco - February 2013 6 Don BoscoThen, Giuliano went to Don Bosco, our technicians friends, to train future teachers. Installation is Solar systemin progress on a roof of the training center at Don Bosco SERI Howrah. The Don Bosco didactic students 2installation is made of 2 panels, e.g. 4m solar panels, with a 300-liter hot water tank and a 100-liter cold water buffer tank. The system provides shower water for 40 adolescents, 200 liters ofwater at 70 ° C per day. Association Indian Project Rue du Collège, 2 - 2112 Môtiers p.2
  3. 3. NEWSLETTER 2012/13Mogradangi, Jordighi and Maria Basti - January 2013Since the establishment of the three hot water solar systems at Mogradangi, Jordighi, and MariaBasti, an annual checking and measurement allows us to ensure everything is working properly.And we are glad to know it gives full satisfaction to the users.The Team 7 Maria Basti Solar SystemTopon Dhara, our foreman, is now training a new trainee named Shintu. Shintu has beenworking with Topon for over a year, and has been working on solar systems when Giuliano hasbeen present. Indeed, HSP relies on the presence of Giuliano, or one of the members of IndianProject to undertake new installations.Giuliano has kept going back to India three monthsper year for new solar installations, maintenance,monitoring, training and of course to maintainfriendship relations with HSP, ABC, ICOD, Don Bosco ,Seva Kendra, Prodip and Sharmila and many others.Giuliano and Topon went together to give the trainingto Don Bosco’s future teachers. To hear Giuliano,Topon is a very good teacher, not only for trainees butalso for trainers. He has his reference and note bookand teaches in Bengali what he has learned withIndian Project, while Giuliano oversees. It is a greatsatisfaction for Indian Project to see that Topongained confidence and independence. 11 Don Bosco panel manufacturing classWhile Giuliano works on the projects in India and makes presentations when he is back toSwitzerland, Adrien and Fanny are not left behind. Indeed, project management, accounting,and all the administrative tasks require a significant time investment. They work to improveIndian Project’s organization and structure in order to realize more actions and manage moreprojects. 12 Don Bosco studentsThe Future searching for a solutionThe educational component is Indian Project’s priority and we hope Don Bosco trainingimplementation will play a role in the market development of solar thermal energy in Howrah(suburbs of Calcutta).After Don Bosco, we hope we will start working with Seva Kendra NGO. We are constantlylooking for training centres interested in our training course for installers and manufacturers ofhot water solar systems. 13 Poor and excluded children access to school Association Indian Project Rue du Collège, 2 - 2112 Môtiers
  4. 4. NEWSLETTER 2012/13 Testimony: 20 years later In February 2013, I spent a month in West Bengal, India, in Calcutta area. My previous trip was in 1992. So my memories were more than 20 years old. Before leaving Switzerland I often asked myself: What has changed in West Bengal? The rise of the middle class, yet lower in Bengal as elsewhere in India, is visible. The vast majority of people have a mobile phone, thus many antennas are visible. Apart from the slums, electricity became widespread and economic bulbs are common. The number of private cars and motorcycles is growing rapidly, as well as house constructions. The outfits are a bit more internationalized. The downside: infrastructures do not follow. Traffic, already overburdened, is increasing, and parking spaces for cars are insufficient. As the population of the two neighboring cities of Howrah and Calcutta is constantly increasing, public transport is often overcrowded. In 2012, the Indian government removed subsidies of domestic gas. Therefore, many households and NGOs switched to wood cooking increasing pollution. The waste number of any kind is more visible than ever on the roadside and elsewhere. Packaging and other plastic objects thrown on the ground (there is no garbage or waste at home) are the cause. How will the Indian government deal with these problems? For cons, I found people as before with their emotions, their joy, their smile, but also their sadness and problems. Hosting by NGOs and families that I knew is still as warm as it used to be. Don Bosco Technical Institute in Howrah began to train future technicians in hot water solar systems with Topon and Giuliano to teach future(s) trainer(s). As a start, our two specialists made a demonstration system with 2 panels. They began with buying the necessary equipment, but moving from Howrah to Calcutta takes time because of heavy traffic, then they had to find items, shops, etc. ... they left in the morning and came back in the late afternoon! The rod lengths are adjusted, welded, painted and finally assembly begins. The wrench is distorted, Giuliano needs another wrench. After 15 minutes, an apprentice arrives with an other wrench. Actually, with a second good wrench it could go faster. There is none. Buy one? No… first they must obtain permission from the head of the school and he is already very busy. Then you have to move to Calcutta...! Too long! Finally they managed. The finished assembly has to be set on a flat building roof. The drill power is too low, find another one, it is found after 20 minutes, the diameter of the wick is too small, find another wick... there is none! Ask the head of the school.... Finally, the assembly continues, but not in time. Of course, once well organized, with equipment and tools available, the job will go faster. This is just one example among many. But EVERYTHING takes time. Or would it be us, in our Swiss society having to be quick-quick, who have lost the true meaning of time?? I congratulate Fanny, Giuliano and Adrien (the French one) to have built and set up all these solar hot water systems in the various centers of HSP. They know what patience and perseverance are!! Bravo Adrien Ruchti (the Swiss one) Association Indian Project Rue du Collège, 2 - 2112 Môtiers
  5. 5. THANK YOU! These projects cannot be achieved without your donations, we hope we can continue relying on your generosity. Our Indian friends thank you! The list of projects to be supported in 2013 is attached to this document Each donor receives a donation receipt for the sum (or sums) paid, twice a year. It has happened that the money remains blocked in transaction. Thus, it is important to ask for a certificate as a guarantee that the money has arrived on behalf of Indian Project. General Assembly You are welcome to the General Assembly, Giuliano will back to give us fresh news. The GA will be held on Saturday, April 20 at 3 PM at Couvet’s parish which is down the road from the chapel, next to the cemetery. The chapel is 10 minutes’ walk from Couvet’s station and there are also available parking spaces for cars. The GA will be followed by a snack to share a friendly moment and you will also find Indian souvenirs for sale.p.5