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Bookkeeping outsourcing companies


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Bookkeeping outsourcing companies

  1. 1. Measured through results Your accounts are just a call away Bookkeeping Services For all size customers via the web
  2. 2. We can save you more than 50% with higher quality Indian Muneem is the leading business process provider of accounting and bookkeeping outsourcing services through the web to all size customers. Indian Muneem has a high level professional organization. Indian Muneem provides the same quality, cost savings, security, availability and service deliverables provided before only to Fortune 500 customers. We work in partnership with your CFO, Controller and CPA. We enter and maintain all your records for you so your finance department can focus on the strategies of your business. All organizations need to maintain their financial records in perfect order to manage their core business efficiently. While hiring an accountant or outsourcing from an accounting firm, dependability becomes the primary concern. Indian Muneem provides dependable, efficient and cost effective secure bookkeeping services. Your benefits: Save more than 50%. Increase shareholder value by improving receivables and payables. Free your executives to focus on business strategy rather than compliance and bookkeeping tasks. Professional help to maintain compliance with accounting regulations. Keep accurate records always up-to-date. Get quick turnaround, 24x7. Get reports; view all your records anytime, anywhere on your secure portal. Access to world class record keeping & efficient processes. Keep Freedom of Choice. We use all standard software. QuickBooks, XERO, MYOB, Sage, Peachtree & etc. You are free to move anytime, option to choose convenient engagement plan. Measured through results Your accounts are just a call away
  3. 3. Bookkeeping Services Service Features Customer Services: We provide powerful, cost-efficient bookkeeping services over the Web for small and midsize customers. We have high quality, reliable and secure bookkeeping services. We have highly qualified professional staff. We enter all your transactions in your choice of software. We work in close partnership with your CFO, Controller & CPA. Costs: We can help you with cost savings of more than 50%. We charge per transaction so you pay for service usage only. We allow you to start and stop services anytime. No strings attached. We make the software and hardware IT investments so you don't have to. We offer dedicated remote representatives available on a time and materials basis to assist you on other bookkeeping-related tasks. Application environment: We use all standard software, QuickBooks, XERO, MYOB, Sage, Peachtree & etc We offer custom services for other accounting packages such as Quicken, InTuiT, NetSuite & Oracle Financials. Measured through result Your accounts are just a call away
  4. 4. Bookkeeping Services Access: We allow anytime/anywhere access to your records on your private, secure portal. We provide view, approve, download, upload and report of your records via your secure portal. We allow full control of your data with our easy transaction approval system. We link your transactions automatically with all your paper and digital records. We offer web based document imaging and management system for all your paper and digital documents. Interfaces: We interface with most of the shopping cart applications or service providers. We interface with most banks and credit cards. We import data from your shopping cart applications, Online bank statements or credit card statements directly into software for reconciliation, invoicing or payment processing. Support: We have live support via phone, chat, and email on a 24x7 basis. We provide real-time access to your secure private portal. Measured through results Your accounts are just a call away
  5. 5. Bookkeeping Services Accountant Indian Muneem is the leading web-based, reliable, cost effective bookkeeping services partner to help you build a comprehensive accounting/finance business solution for your customers. You can devote your time to act as your clients virtual CFO instead of worrying about the bookkeeping tasks. We work as your partner and virtual bookkeeper. We believe in partnership, trust, and meeting commitments on time. All the services provided to customers plus: Operations: We will enter and maintain your customers' data for you. We work for you & with you based on your specifications / requirements. We work in partnership for customizing deliverables & processes. We can offer customizable co-sourcing in which we provide support for your staff in pre-defined tasks. Support: You and your customer have full control of the data and approval of the data. We offer secure support services via phone, chat, dedicated portal, email. We can offer dedicated support as your virtual delivery company for your customers with special phone numbers, websites and portals. Measured through result Your accounts are just a call away
  6. 6. Bookkeeping Services Marketing: We can setup secure private portals with your company logo. We can provide transparent services to your customers. We offer incentives to customer’s referrals. We can offer dedicated personnel staff for your accounts only. We offer bookkeeping special services using other accounting packages, such as PeachTree, Oracle Financials. We can provide specialized help in building your website for online services. We can work with you to advertise Indian Muneem services in your site as your own services. Measured through results Your accounts are just a call away
  7. 7. Bookkeeping Services Indian Muneem We offer state of the art secure web-based bookkeeping services for the all size customer. We offer high quality with savings of more than 50%. We have office in India (HO & Delivery center). Indian Muneem combines its high tech secure service delivery center in Chandigarh, comprehensive integrated software systems and easy to use customer portal. These enable Indian Muneem to provide services of high quality at affordable prices to small and medium size customers. Security and confidentiality of your data is an ongoing top priority in all our software systems, people and processes. Indian Muneem is part of Aeren IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our management team is strong; it combines an accounting leader from ICAI and a solid CEO with extensive accounting and outsourcing experience with Fortune 500 companies. Our group of accountants and bookkeepers are highly qualified college graduates. Indian Muneem core values are based on trust, long term relationships, partnership and reliability. For more information on Indian Muneem service offerings Email to Visit our web site at Our customers stay with our services because We convert loses into profit
  8. 8. India Aeren IT Solutions (Pvt.) Ltd. Plot No. 14, Rajiv Gandhi Chandigarh Technology Park, Chandigarh, 160003, India Ph : (+91) 99 8888 2157 (India) Ph : (+1) 727 330 2036 (USA)