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Surveying/ dental crown & bridge courses


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The Indian Dental Academy is the Leader in continuing dental education , training dentists in all aspects of dentistry and
offering a wide range of dental certified courses in different formats.for more details please visit

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Surveying/ dental crown & bridge courses

  1. 1. SURVEYINGSURVEYING INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Leader in continuing Dental Education
  2. 2. • SurveyorSurveyor Instrument used to determine the relativeInstrument used to determine the relative parallelism of two or more surfaces of teeth orparallelism of two or more surfaces of teeth or other parts of cast of dental arch.other parts of cast of dental arch. SurveyingSurveying • An analysis and comparison of the prominenceAn analysis and comparison of the prominence of intra oral contours associated with theof intra oral contours associated with the fabrication of prosthesis.fabrication of prosthesis.
  3. 3. HISTORYHISTORY • 1918 – A.J.Fortunati1918 – A.J.Fortunati • 1923 - J.M.Ney – commercial1923 - J.M.Ney – commercial
  4. 4. PARTS OF THEPARTS OF THE SURVEYORSURVEYOR 1. Surveying Platform1. Surveying Platform 2. Surveying table2. Surveying table 3. Vertical arm3. Vertical arm 4. Horizontal arm4. Horizontal arm 5. Surveying arm5. Surveying arm 6. Mandrel for holding6. Mandrel for holding special tools.special tools. 7. Special tools7. Special tools1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Surveying ToolsSurveying Tools Analysing rod: To determine relative parallelism of surfaces on a dental cast
  7. 7. Graphite/carbon markerGraphite/carbon marker Marks the Height of contour
  8. 8. Undercut guagesUndercut guages Measures amount of horizontal undercut Sizes- .010, .020, . 030 inches
  9. 9. Wax trimmersWax trimmers Used during blockout Construction of surveyed restorations
  10. 10. PURPOSEPURPOSE • Survey diagnostic castSurvey diagnostic cast • Survey master castSurvey master cast • Contour wax patterns & crownsContour wax patterns & crowns • Place or form intracoronal retainers inPlace or form intracoronal retainers in crownscrowns
  11. 11. Surveying diagnostic castSurveying diagnostic cast • To determine the path ofTo determine the path of placement/removal of prosthesesplacement/removal of prostheses oror • To identify most favourable tiltTo identify most favourable tilt 1. Guiding planes1. Guiding planes 2. Retentive undercuts2. Retentive undercuts 3. Interferences3. Interferences 4. Esthetics4. Esthetics
  12. 12. Color codingColor coding Improves communicationImproves communication between dentist & labbetween dentist & lab There is not at present aThere is not at present a universally accepteduniversally accepted color coding systemcolor coding system Red,black,blue,brownRed,black,blue,brown
  13. 13. RedRed • Required actionRequired action • Mark teeth & softMark teeth & soft tissues to betissues to be prepared,prepared, recontoured,recontoured, relievedrelieved • Rest- solid redRest- solid red • Diagonal lines-Diagonal lines- recontourrecontour • Tripod marksTripod marks
  14. 14. BlackBlack • DenotesDenotes survey lines onsurvey lines on teeth & softteeth & soft tissuestissues • Instructions onInstructions on base-type ofbase-type of toothtooth replacement,replacement, type of clasp,type of clasp, depth ofdepth of undercutundercut
  15. 15. BlueBlue • Portions thatPortions that will be made ofwill be made of acrylic- mostlyacrylic- mostly denture bases,denture bases, also acrylicalso acrylic teethteeth
  16. 16. BrownBrown • All metallicAll metallic portions-portions- basically allbasically all componentscomponents
  17. 17. Occluded diagnostic castsOccluded diagnostic casts • Proposed restProposed rest areas indicated onareas indicated on cast basecast base • Indicate in redIndicate in red cuspal relief tocuspal relief to give clearance forgive clearance for restrest
  18. 18. Occluded diagnostic castsOccluded diagnostic casts • Line on lingualLine on lingual surface of uppersurface of upper ant. teethant. teeth • Incisal limits ofIncisal limits of metal extensionsmetal extensions • Gingivo-occlusalGingivo-occlusal limits of proposedlimits of proposed rests, IR,rests, IR,
  19. 19. Orientation of castOrientation of cast • All casts to beAll casts to be lower castslower casts • Occlusal planeOcclusal plane parallel to baseparallel to base • Ant. teethAnt. teeth toward verticaltoward vertical membermember
  20. 20. • TiltingTilting is changing the position of the cast,is changing the position of the cast, which thus changes the long axis of eachwhich thus changes the long axis of each tooth on the cast relative to the horizontaltooth on the cast relative to the horizontal plane.plane. • Responsible for path of insertionResponsible for path of insertion
  21. 21. Factors affecting tiltFactors affecting tilt 1. Retentive undercuts1. Retentive undercuts 2. Interferences2. Interferences 3. Esthetics3. Esthetics 4. Guiding planes4. Guiding planes
  22. 22. Retentive undercutsRetentive undercuts • MUST BE PRESENT AT HORIZONTALMUST BE PRESENT AT HORIZONTAL TILTTILT Dislodging forces perpendicular to occlusal planeDislodging forces perpendicular to occlusal plane
  23. 23. Retentive undercutsRetentive undercuts Changing tilt will onlyChanging tilt will only create an illusion ofcreate an illusion of undercutundercut If not, create byIf not, create by recontouringrecontouring crownscrowns
  24. 24. Retentive undercutsRetentive undercuts • Survey line delineatesSurvey line delineates supra & infra bulgesupra & infra bulge • Ideally, .010 inch atIdeally, .010 inch at MB, DB line angle orMB, DB line angle or midfacial surfacemidfacial surface • Apical third of clinicalApical third of clinical crowncrown
  25. 25. InterferencesInterferences • TeethTeeth • Bony prominencesBony prominences • Soft tissue undercutsSoft tissue undercuts • ExostosesExostoses
  26. 26. Maxillary interferencesMaxillary interferences Palatal torusPalatal torus • Alter MCAlter MC designdesign • SurgerySurgery
  27. 27. Maxillary interferencesMaxillary interferences Facial tipping of post. teethFacial tipping of post. teeth • High survey lineHigh survey line • Clasp position lessClasp position less esthetic,more forcesesthetic,more forces • Gingival tissuesGingival tissues undercutundercut
  28. 28. EstheticsEsthetics • MetalMetal componentscomponents concealedconcealed • Teeth properlyTeeth properly contoured &contoured & positionedpositioned
  29. 29. EstheticsEsthetics
  30. 30. GuidingGuiding planesplanes • Formed on proximalFormed on proximal tooth surfaces,tooth surfaces, contacted by minorcontacted by minor connectors/other rigidconnectors/other rigid elementselements • Parallel to path ofParallel to path of placement, 2-4mmplacement, 2-4mm • Provide stabilityProvide stability • Ensure predictable claspEnsure predictable clasp retentionretention • Protect weakened teethProtect weakened teeth from destructive lateralfrom destructive lateral forcesforces
  31. 31. Guiding planesGuiding planes Achieved by : Antero-posterior cast Tilting Selective grinding
  32. 32. Path of insertionPath of insertion • TiltTilt determinesdetermines thisthis • Parallel toParallel to vertical armvertical arm • Recorded-Recorded- tripodingtripoding
  33. 33. Path of insertionPath of insertion
  34. 34. TripodingTripoding • Record tilt of castRecord tilt of cast in horizontal planein horizontal plane
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37. Survey lineSurvey line • Line produced onLine produced on a cast by surveyora cast by surveyor by marking theby marking the greatestgreatest prominence ofprominence of contour in relationcontour in relation to the planned pathto the planned path of insertion.of insertion.
  38. 38. Survey lineSurvey line • Survey softSurvey soft tissues also-tissues also- usage of infrausage of infra bulge claspsbulge clasps • 3mm of3mm of attached tissueattached tissue bet. Gingivalbet. Gingival margin & softmargin & soft tissue surveytissue survey lineline
  39. 39. Mark desired undercutMark desired undercut • Measured withMeasured with undercut guageundercut guage • Marked in redMarked in red 2mm long & thin2mm long & thin
  40. 40. Mark rests in redMark rests in red
  41. 41. Mark recontouring & reliefMark recontouring & relief • Evenly spacedEvenly spaced diagonal linesdiagonal lines in red-recontourin red-recontour • Soft tissue reliefSoft tissue relief –outlined in red–outlined in red & accompanied& accompanied by word reliefby word relief
  42. 42. Outline DB in blueOutline DB in blue
  43. 43. Outline metal componentsOutline metal components
  44. 44. Designed diagnostic cast
  45. 45. • Survey & design of diagnostic castSurvey & design of diagnostic cast • Mouth preparations are doneMouth preparations are done • Impression is made & master cast pouredImpression is made & master cast poured • Master cast with designed diagnostic castMaster cast with designed diagnostic cast sent to labsent to lab
  46. 46. Surveying Master castSurveying Master cast • Master cast tripoded in same relation asMaster cast tripoded in same relation as diagnostic castdiagnostic cast • Design transfer made after marking surveyDesign transfer made after marking survey lineslines • BeadingBeading • BlockoutBlockout • ReliefRelief
  47. 47. BlockoutBlockout • Elimination of undesirable undercut areasElimination of undesirable undercut areas • ParallelParallel • ShapedShaped • ArbitraryArbitrary • ReliefRelief
  48. 48. ParallelParallel • Could be madeCould be made with 0,2,6 degreewith 0,2,6 degree tapered styli –tapered styli – depends ondepends on increasedincreased freedom of movt.freedom of movt. of prosthesis inof prosthesis in functionfunction
  49. 49. Parallel blockoutParallel blockout • proximal tooth surfacesproximal tooth surfaces • beneath all minor connectorsbeneath all minor connectors • tissue undercuts crossed by rigidtissue undercuts crossed by rigid connectors, origin of bar claspsconnectors, origin of bar clasps • deep inter proximal spaces to bedeep inter proximal spaces to be covered by major connectorscovered by major connectors • beneath bar clasp arms to gingivalbeneath bar clasp arms to gingival crevicecrevice
  50. 50.
  51. 51. Arbitrary blockoutArbitrary blockout • All gingival crevicesAll gingival crevices • Gross tissue undercuts situated belowGross tissue undercuts situated below areas involved in design of frameworkareas involved in design of framework • Tissue undercut distal to cast frameworkTissue undercut distal to cast framework • Labial & buccal tooth & tissue undercutsLabial & buccal tooth & tissue undercuts not involved in denture designnot involved in denture design
  52. 52.
  53. 53. PURPOSE OF SURVEYINGPURPOSE OF SURVEYING • Survey diagnostic castSurvey diagnostic cast • Survey master castSurvey master cast • Contour wax patterns & crownsContour wax patterns & crowns • Place or form intracoronal retainers inPlace or form intracoronal retainers in crownscrowns
  54. 54. Contour wax patterns &Contour wax patterns & crownscrowns • The surveyorThe surveyor blade is usedblade is used as a waxas a wax carver duringcarver during this phase.this phase.
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