Orthodontic materials /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy


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Welcome to Indian Dental Academy
The Indian Dental Academy is the Leader in continuing dental education , training dentists in all aspects of dentistry and offering a wide range of dental certified courses in different formats.

Indian dental academy has a unique training program & curriculum that provides students with exceptional clinical skills and enabling them to return to their office with high level confidence and start treating patients

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Orthodontic materials /certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy

  1. 1. ORTHODONTIC MATERIALS INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Leader in Continuing Dental Education www.indiandentalacademy.com www.indiandentalacademy.co
  2. 2. ORTHODONTIC MATERIALS www.indiandentalacademy.co
  3. 3. LIGHT WIRE PLIER• To make Arch wires,separators• Placing archwires in the Bracket slots• Wire separators making and Placing ,removal• Placing Elastic Modules• Sinch the arch wire Behind Molars. www.indiandentalacademy.co
  4. 4. PIN & LIGATURE CUTTER• Used to cut lock pins and ligature wires and E-chain www.indiandentalacademy.co
  5. 5. .DISTAL END CUTTER• Used to cut the arch wire Behind the molar tubes www.indiandentalacademy.co
  6. 6. .WEINGART PLIER• Used to• place arch wires in the Bracket slots,• placing Elastic Modules www.indiandentalacademy.co
  7. 7. ARCH WIRE CUTTER• Used to cut Arch wires. www.indiandentalacademy.co
  8. 8. BAND CONTOURING PLIER• Used to contour Bands. www.indiandentalacademy.co
  9. 9. .STRAIGHT HOW PLIER• Used to Adapt Molar bands Palatally in the Upper Arch www.indiandentalacademy.co
  10. 10. CURVED HOW PLIER• Used to Adapt Molar bands Lingually in the Lower Arch www.indiandentalacademy.co
  11. 11. .BAND CUTTING SCISSORS• Used to cut The Band Material.• www.indiandentalacademy.co
  12. 12. BAND PUSHER• Used To Adapt Bands and Placing of Bands www.indiandentalacademy.co
  13. 13. .MATHEW NEEDLE HOLDER Used for• Ligation• Placing Elastic modules www.indiandentalacademy.co
  14. 14. .BAND REMOVER• Used for Band Removal on posteriors www.indiandentalacademy.co
  15. 15. BRACKET TWEEZERS• Used for Bracket placing www.indiandentalacademy.co
  16. 16. SPOT WELDER• Used For Welding www.indiandentalacademy.co
  17. 17. SEPARATOR PLACING PLIER.• Used for Elastic Separators Placing. www.indiandentalacademy.co
  18. 18. .BEGGS BRACKETS- FLAT• BONDABLE www.indiandentalacademy.co
  19. 19. BEGGS BRACKETS – CONTOURED• BONDABLE www.indiandentalacademy.co
  20. 20. LIGATURE WIRE S.S -- 0.010 www.indiandentalacademy.co
  21. 21. BAND MATERIAL -POSTERIOR• 180 X 006• 180 X 005 www.indiandentalacademy.co
  22. 22. BAND MATERIAL -ANTERIOR• 180 X 003• 180 X 004 www.indiandentalacademy.co
  23. 23. BEGGS BUCCAL TUBES www.indiandentalacademy.co
  24. 24. .STRAIGHT WIRE BRACKETS• 018• 022 SLOT www.indiandentalacademy.co
  25. 25. .STRAIGHT WIRE BUCCAL TUBES.• 018 OR 022 SLOT www.indiandentalacademy.co
  26. 26. OPEN COIL SPRINGS• Used to open spaces www.indiandentalacademy.co
  27. 27. CLOSED COIL SPRINGS• Used For Closure of Spaces www.indiandentalacademy.co
  28. 28. ELASTIC CHAIN.• LONG,• SHORT,• CONTINUOUS www.indiandentalacademy.co
  29. 29. ELASTIC SEPARATORS• www.indiandentalacademy.co
  30. 30. CERAMIC BRACKETS• www.indiandentalacademy.co
  31. 31. SOLDERING TORCH www.indiandentalacademy.co
  32. 32. SOLDER,FLUX The finest silver solder available and the best price anywhere. • Dead soft for easy handling and cadmium free for safety. • Low differential between melting and flow points provides excellent control.• Fluoride flux for cleaning away oxidizing agents. • Creamy smooth formula flows easily into joints. -Add distilled water to reconstitute . - Silver solder sticks with the flux in the center provide the perfect solder/flux ratio for your fine soldering. • Silver Solder/Flux Sticks save time and effort by placing the flux exactly where you need it - with the solder ! www.indiandentalacademy.co
  33. 33. ELASTIC MODULES• Lock the Archwire in the Bracket www.indiandentalacademy.co
  34. 34. ORTHODONTIC ELASTICS• Class 1• Class 2• Class 3 www.indiandentalacademy.co
  35. 35. CLASS 1 ELASTICS• www.indiandentalacademy.co
  36. 36. CLASS 2 ELASTICS www.indiandentalacademy.co
  37. 37. CLASS 3 ELASTICS www.indiandentalacademy.co
  38. 38. BOX ELASTICS• open bite correction www.indiandentalacademy.co
  39. 39. SETTLING ELASTICS• www.indiandentalacademy.co
  40. 40. CROSS ELASTICS• Crossbite correction www.indiandentalacademy.co
  41. 41. REVERSE CURVE NITI WIRE• Deep bite correction• Available in Niti , S.S www.indiandentalacademy.co
  42. 42. TRANS PALATAL ARCH (TPA)• Anchorage www.indiandentalacademy.co
  43. 43. LINGUAL ARCH• Anchorage www.indiandentalacademy.co
  44. 44. THANK YOUwww.indiandentalacademy.co