A simple method of growth prediction/certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy


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A simple method of growth prediction/certified fixed orthodontic courses by Indian dental academy

  1. 1. Growth Indicators www.indiandentalacademy.com INDIAN DENTAL ACADEMY Leader in continuing dental education www.indiandentalacademy.com
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION In orthodontics the assessment of  skeletal age and  pubertal growth spurt (in particular) are of prime importance in 1. Diagnosis 2. treatment planning 3. Retention. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  3. 3. INDICATIONS FOR GROWTH STATUS 1. When maxillomandibular changes are indicated in the treatment of a. Skeletal Class III cases, b. Skeletal Class II cases or c. Skeletal open bites 2. In patients with marked discrepancy between dental and chronological age 3. Patients requiring orthognathic surgery if undertaken between 16-20 years of age 4. Prior to rapid maxillary expansion (Transverse Plane) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  4. 4. BIOLOGICAL AGE  DENTAL AGE (CANINE, 3RD MOLAR)  CHRONOLOGICAL AGE  ONSET OF PUBERTY  SKELETAL AGE Hand wrist radiograph Cervical vertebrae Frontal sinus PHV etc. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  5. 5. GROWTH RHYTHM  Pubertal growth spurts are gender dependent and vary in their relation to the chronological age  Average values • Girls 10-12 yrs • Boys 12-14 yrs  A disturbance of growth rhythm is considered if a difference of +/- 2 yrs exists between chronological and biologic age www.indiandentalacademy.com
  6. 6. Skeletal age  We all know that long bones grow at the ends called epiphysis.  The newly formed bone starts getting mineralized at the metaphysis and the most matured bone is seen at the diaphysis.  The epiphysis initially forms as a cartilage tissue which later ossifies and fuses with the metaphysis as it matures. www.indiandentalacademy.com
  7. 7. HAND RADIOGRAPH www.indiandentalacademy.com
  8. 8. Acc JULIAN SINGER Stage 1 EARLY a) Abcence of Pissiform b) Abcence of Hook of the hamate c) Epiphysis of proximal phalanx of second digit (pp2) narrower than its shaft www.indiandentalacademy.com
  9. 9. Stage II PREPUBERTAL a) Proximal phalanx of second digit (pp2) and its Epiphysis are in equal in width b) Initial ossification of Hook of the hamate & Pissiform www.indiandentalacademy.com
  10. 10. Stage III PUBERAL ONSET  Beginning calcification of Ulnar sesamoid  Increased width of epiphysis of PP2  Increased calcification Hook of the hamate & Pissiform www.indiandentalacademy.com
  11. 11. Stage IV PUBERAL  Calcified Ulnar sesamoid  Mp3 capping (capping of shaft of middle phalanx of 3rd digit by its epidhysis) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  12. 12. Stage V PUBERAL DECELARATION  Ulnar sesamoid FullyCalcified  Dp3 U  All Phalanges and carpals fully calcified  Epiphysis of radius and ulna not fully calcified www.indiandentalacademy.com
  13. 13. Stage V Growth Completion •No remaining growth www.indiandentalacademy.com
  14. 14. MP3 STAGING www.indiandentalacademy.com
  15. 15. MP3 STAGE I (ONSET) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  16. 16. MP3 STAGE II (ACCELERATION) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  17. 17. MP3 STAGE III (PEAK) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  18. 18. MP3 STAGE IV (DECELLERATION) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  19. 19. MP3 STAGE V (END) www.indiandentalacademy.com
  20. 20. Advantages  The procedure is very simple and easy.  Focus is on a single skeletal maturity indicator.  Enhanced image clarity.  Drastically decreases radiation exposure.  Cost effective solution to circumvent hand wrist radiographs.  Practical feasibility for the general dental practitioner.www.indiandentalacademy.com
  21. 21. THANK YOU www.indiandentalacademy.com For more details please visit www.indiandentalacademy.com