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What are photo cakes and can i order photo cake online?


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Get your own..very personalized photo cakes delivered to your door step. No matter what the occasion is Photo cakes create the wow factor as they are customized as per your request. Be it an anniversary, friend’s wedding, your colleges birthday you can now have the cake the way you want. Find out what Photo cakes are and how are they made?

How can one order photo cakes online?

Many websites will take your order online, just email them the photograph you want to be put on the cake. You can also choose the flavor in which you want the cake.

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What are photo cakes and can i order photo cake online?

  1. 1. A well prepared and eye pleasing cake always creates the WOW factor. what about a Photo cake? Isn’t it true that the very thought of a beautiful cake embellished with photo creates a spectacular effect and presents a visual treat. Thanks to the rapid strides of digital technology. photo cakes have emerged as the rage and most demanded entity for all occasions. with inbuilt uniqueness. no wonder every photo cake creates a personal touch. ; ___. L I -i. 9.". , 4 . ‘<4‘ 7‘ I , "I" l {Ivy I 1 Y1 I ‘ Make an event more memorable through fabulous photo cakes ! # Order your photo cake online today with ~ 2 www. indianbakers. 'com' _ ‘* mar-ii*i*'~“_‘*'~a‘e*f“* ‘m‘*'F-1;; -._. :i: -r-r : fi;