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10 Most Romantic Flowers to Gift Women and Girls | Online Flower Delivery


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Buy Orchids/Lily/Gerbera/Carnation Flowers Online & send flower bouquet to someone special with free delivery service anywhere in India.

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10 Most Romantic Flowers to Gift Women and Girls | Online Flower Delivery

  1. 1. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 Publisher: Indian Bakers BLOG: Company: Buy cake and flower online and get their delivery to your doorstep. We are an online cake shop based in Mumbai, India. We also offer flower delivery services.
  2. 2. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 10 Most Romantic Flowers to Gift Women and Girls When it comes to buying flowers or sending a flower bouquet to a women or girl the most common question we ponder upon is which flower will she like? Will she like roses, carnations, lilies or would she prefer orchids or maybe gerbera. Well help is at ha d. We ha e p odu ed a list of Most ‘o a ti Flo e s to gift . Su p ise you women by sending her the right flowers through our online flower ordering service. 1) Roses: Roses are an ancient symbol of love. A bouquet of beautiful red rose flowers can do the trick. If you think red roses are too bold for your first date then you can gift a bouquet of mix colored roses. 2) Carnations: Red carnations do the same trick as red roses and show your love and passion for your women. Peach carnations represent your desire and commitment to the women of your dreams. You can get carnation flowers in white, purple colors symbolizing divine love and fascination.
  3. 3. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 3) Lilies: lilies are for those who are more sophisticated and a little shy to show their love. White lilies ep ese t de otio a d pu ity i you lo e. B ight yello lilies a si ply ighte you gi l s day. 4) Gerberas: Gerberas signifies innocence, purity and cheerfulness. A beautiful Yellow Gerbera flo e ou uet is a pe fe t ay to say You a e y su shi e . You a su p ise you gi l y uyi g gerbera flowers online and getting them delivered to your lady. 5) Orchids: "I thought love was a rare orchid that bloomed only once - but once it bloomed, it bloomed forever". The Poison Diaries Orchids are known for their elegance and represents love, beauty and luxury.
  4. 4. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 6) Tulips: Ge e al ea i g of Tulip is Pe fe t Lo e . You a e e go o g ith a tulip flo e bouquet. Tulips come is different colors and each color represents something. Red Tulip is for perfect love, Purple Tulip symbolizes royalty and Yellow is for sunshine in my life. 7) Daffodils: Daffodils are bright yellow color flowers mostly found in spring. Daffodils are best way of sayi g You a e the su shi e of y life . They also ep ese t u etu ed lo e.
  5. 5. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 8) Wild Flowers: Perfect gift for girls who love nature and are a bit wild at heart (in a good way). A bunch of handpicked wild flowers like cherry blossom, African daisy and baby blue eyes can make her day. 9) Irises: Iris flowers symbolize faith, hope and love. It originates from a greek word for a rainbow. These are quite delicate flowers which have over 200 varieties. Mostly commonly found colors are blue, purple and white.
  6. 6. +91 879 388 4455 / 66 Copyright©2015 10) Daisies: Daisies symbolize loyal love, beauty and simplicity. They come in white, yellow and orange colors. They are very delicate flowers and best given in bunches to your lady love. Now armed with this information you can make the right choice for the girl (or women). Once you make your choice feel free to order flowers on our online shop for a great experience!! Original blog posted here on: gift-women-and-girls