Mercedes Benz S Class diesel launched in India - Press Release


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Mercedes Benz S Class diesel launched in India - Press Release

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Mercedes Benz S Class diesel launched in India - Press Release

  1. 1.      5th  June, 2014    Mercedes-Benz announces local manufacturing of the new S-Class 350 CDI in India, backed by high demand of the new S-Class   Demonstrates Excellence in production facility by commissioning an unique ‘Roof Top Solar Plant’ for power generation contributing back to environment   ∙ Mercedes­Benz India commences the production of the all new S 350 CDI in its                              world class manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune  ∙         Introduces for the first time body manufacturing for the S­Class in India  ∙         The S­Class 350 CDI will be priced at INR 1.07 Crores ex­showroom Pune  ∙ Installs roof top solar panels following the ‘Grid Tie System’ generating 150,000                          units of power annually, which can power up to 400 households: –An eco­friendly                          initiative on World Environment Day  ∙ The new S­Class 350 CDI is launched in the Mercedes­Benz India campus                          which houses the Center of Excellence, which is equipped with a one­of­its­kind                        Helipad facility, and fascinating retail infrastructure  ∙ Mercedes­Benz India’s doubling of manufacturing capacity to 20,000 units                    annually, will make it the Largest Luxury Car Manufacturer in India    Pune, India: Mercedes­Benz India today commenced the local production of the New S­Class                          350 CDI from its state­of­the­art manufacturing facility in Chakan, Pune. The new S­Class 350                            CDI was launched in the company’s unique Centre of Excellence which is situated within the                              Mercedes­Benz India premises and is known for its fascinating retail infrastructure showcasing                        the dream cars, having a one­of­its­kind world class Helipad facility and also an adrenaline                            rushing off­road track. In line with the Year of Excellence strategy, the decision to commence the                                local production of the new S­Class 350 CDI will boost the company’s effort to cater to the                                 
  2. 2. overwhelming demand of the S­Class for the Indian customers and will offer a diesel engine in                                the new S­Class. The new S­Class remains one of the most coveted luxury saloons across the                                globe and the recent accolade of it’s winning the ‘World Luxury Car of the Year’ authenticates                                the S­Class’ claim of being the Best Car in the World. Continuing the spirit of creating                                excellence in its operations, Mercedes­Benz India also strives to create excellence in conserving                          environment as part of its environmental sustainability mission. On the occasion of World                          Environment Day, Mercedes­Benz India took a significant step towards conservation of energy                        by installing a unique Roof Top based Solar Plant based on the ‘Grid Tie System’. The Roof Top                                    solar plant will be instrumental in generating 150,000 units of power annually.     Eberhard Kern, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes­Benz India commented “True to its                        legacy the new S­Class has emulated its global success in India as well and has been a                                  phenomenal success. We are delighted to manufacture the new S­Class 350 CDI at our                            state­of­the­art production facility in Chakan, Pune, and offer the much awaited diesel option of                            the new S­Class for our discerning customers. Quality has all along been the strength of                              Mercedes­Benz India, and the new S­350 CDI production in India is set to take this success                                story even further. The installation of solar power plant also reiterates our commitment to                            achieve excellence in manufacturing by introducing environment friendly initiatives in India.”  Mr. Kern further added, “The team working on the production of the new S­Class 350 CDI                                comprises the most experienced colleagues at Mercedes­Benz India and they are extremely                        proud of their accomplishment in producing the S­Class over the years. Mercedes­Benz India for                            the first time is commencing the body manufacturing for the new S­Class and this is an                                important step towards local value addition for the new S­Class. We are confident that with the                                manufacturing of the new S­Class 350 CDI in India, we will be able to create a new benchmark                                    and also meet the rising demand for the car in India.”    New S­Class 350 CDI:    Exteriors    The exteriors of the new S­Class 350 CDI are sure to grab one’s attention with its arched roofline                                    with flowing contours, the dropping lines that descend elegantly from the front to rear and the                                large grille with four louvers clubbed with the three­dimensional design of the chrome trim and                             
  3. 3. grille interior. The attractive design of the S­Class 350 CDI is further enhanced by the all LED                                  high performance sharply contoured headlamps and the beautiful panoramic sunroof. The                      S­Class has a drag co­efficient of 0.24, one of the lowest for a luxury car of this caliber.    Interiors    The interiors of the S­Class 350 CDI are sure to wrap one in luxury, fit for a king ­ seven colour                                          ambient lighting with a choice of five dimming options, two 31.2 cm high­resolution TFT screens                              and a multi­function two­spoke steering wheel that offers all controls at one go. The dashboard                              is a combination of contemporary design featuring sleek horizontal lines, which along with the                            WOOD EUKALYPTUS trim imparts the plush touch.    The new S­Class 350 CDI offers power packed hot stone massage function with six different                              programs ranging from relaxing and stimulating to an energizing effect. Occupants can choose                          from two intensities –low and high and the rear seat backrest comes with a massage mat with                                  14 air chambers which can be inflated or deflated via fast responding solenoid valves, developing                              a wave­like massage effect. The massage function can be operated via remote with durations                            ranging from 12 – 15 minutes. The new S­Class also comes with a Chauffeur package, which                                creates up to 77mm more rear leg room on the front passenger side with electrically extending                                footrest and has easy adjustable luxury head restrains for driver and passenger.    Ride safety and other features    The new S­Class features an AIRMATIC suspension which ensures smooth ride quality. Active                          Park Assist automatically steers the vehicle into parking spaces, relieving the driver of steering                            and braking effort. ESP with eight airbags and PRE Safe assure driver and passenger safety,                              while the brake assist offers better control during emergency braking. The new S­Class also                            comes with Adaptive Brakes with HOLD function, ASR and Hill Start Assist.  The stylishly matched combination of high­quality features also meets the highest standards of                            comfort, quality and design. Keeping this in mind Mercedes–Benz will offer a unique chauffeur                            training program. This will involve comprehensive training for chauffeurs on the new S­Class                          technology and lifestyle features so that they can offer complete luxury driving experience to the                              new S­Class owners. 
  4. 4.   Power and transmission:    ∙  The new S 350 CDI features a 3 litre V6 engine mated to a 7G­TRONIC PLUS 7 speed automatic                                      transmission. The new S­Class 350 CDI also features Direct Select Lever with Paddle Shifters for rapid gear                                  shifts and smooth operations. The new S­Class 350 CDI produces 190 Kw of power @ 3600 rpm and 620                                      nm @ 1600­2400 rpm and accelerates from 0­100 in 6.8 seconds with a top speed of 250km/hr.    Price    The S­Class 350 CDI is priced at Rs. 1.07 crores ex­showroom Pune.