Hero Electric Photon – The New Definition of High Speed
Electric Scooters in India
New Delhi, August 13, 2014: - HERO Elec...
their customers. Additional offers by the company include, easy Battery EMI scheme
within 24 months of purchase through th...
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Hero Electric Photon high speed scooter- Press Release


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Hero Electric Photon high speed scooter has been launched in India. The scooter has a top speed of 45 km/h and requires license to ride. More details at IndiaAutosBlog.com

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Hero Electric Photon high speed scooter- Press Release

  1. 1. Hero Electric Photon – The New Definition of High Speed Electric Scooters in India New Delhi, August 13, 2014: - HERO Electric, the pioneer and market leader in the Indian Electric two-wheeler industry, announced the introduction of its New Age ‘High Speed Electric Scooter -Photon’ across India. Successfully unveiled earlier this year, the product earned exceptional response during test marketing in select markets and was on waiting. Rising popularity and with the advent of the festive season the company introduced this veritable product with attractive features like front telescopic suspensions, anti-theft alarm, float-cum-boost charger, aerodynamic style, Economy & Power Mode. Renowned globally for providing eco- friendly and cost-effective transportation, the Group once again lives up to the expectations of its patrons Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Sohinder Gill, CEO of Hero Electric says, “Hero Electric has continued innovating and developing remarkable products for the EV market in India. There is a lot of potential in India and we are ready for the EV invasion. Companies are recognizing this fact and are working on products and technologies. Keeping in mind the varied needs of customers, it has been our constant endeavor to innovate in the e-two wheeler category, strengthening the trust of our valued customers. We are confident that the new Hero Electric High Speed Photon will further augment our growth in the EV segment” This product is the result of strong in-house development and years of research. It has a High Mag-Flux with 46 magnetic poles for high efficiency and high torque which helps to accelerate even on slopes without overloading. The water-proof brushless DC motor with low electro-magnetic interference gives a virtually noiseless, comfortable and smooth ride. It also has electronic controllers with 12 mosfets, 24MHz High-Speed state-of-the-art controller for giving instant response to the drive train with minimum signal losses. It is capable of delivering high-torque with very high efficiency while protecting the battery from excess drawn current. The High Speed Photon is installed with AGM VRLA battery made of the highest purity materials, using patented electrolyte having extremely low internal resistance. It is especially made for the harshest of Indian environmental conditions. The Photon’s multi-stage intelligent charger with in-built memory regulates the charge based on the battery condition, giving the highest charge efficiency. It also has a miniature circuit breaker for extra safety and battery charge conservation during long storage along with a fire-resistant wiring harness for a high safety factor. Unlike a few other models in its class, the new Photon requires its rider to have a license and complete registration for the two wheeler. The Hero Electric High Speed Photon scooter is attractively priced at Rs. 54,110 (ex-showroom Delhi) and is targeted at working women, youngsters, senior citizens as well as professionals. It is available on sale across all the 5 metro cities in India and in three colors -Vivid Burgundy, Vanilla White and Velvet Black. Keeping in mind the needs of their patrons and in the absence of financing of e-bikes by any bank in India, Hero Electric dealers facilitate the vehicle financing for 8 months to
  2. 2. their customers. Additional offers by the company include, easy Battery EMI scheme within 24 months of purchase through the ‘Super Saver Battery Scheme’. About Hero Electric: Hero Electric, a flagship company of the Hero Eco Group, is a pioneer in the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry. With a background of extensive research in the EV segment, Hero Electric entered the EV segment with the single-minded objective of providing eco-friendly, cost-effective mode of personalized transportation with its wide range of Electric Two-Wheelers. Over a short period of time, Hero Electric has been quick in establishing itself as an undisputed leader in the Electric Mobility Segment. Hero Eco operates in more than 32 countries across the globe with its A2B/F4W brand of Electric Two Wheelers and is one of the leading players in global EV market.