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Datsun on do world premiere press release


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Datsun on do world premiere press release by

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Datsun on do world premiere press release

  1. 1. Datsun mi­DO World Premiere at the Moscow Motor Show    Moscow, Russia, 27 August 2014 – Datsun, the newest automobile brand on the dynamic                            Russian market, celebrates its first appearance at the prestigious Moscow International Autosalon                        (MIAS) today by showing two new models.  The Datsun on­DO sedan, launched earlier this year with the first customer deliveries due in  September, will be joined by the brand new Datsun mi­DO hatchback which will be given its  worldwide launch at MIAS. Sales of this dynamic new model are due to start in early 2015.  Datsun on­DO was revealed in April this year, with the order bank opened in July. Such was the                                    interest in the car that Datsun received more than 3000 enquiries in the opening weeks.  The first deliveries will be made in September, but IT specialist Mikhail (29) from Omsk city – one                                    of the first customers to place a pre­order for the car – has been invited to the show where he                                        was given a symbolic key to mark this historic event.  MIAS has become a stage for global unveil of the second car in the Datsun model line­up for                                    Russia.  The brand new Datsun mi­DO is a practical yet sporty five­door hatchback with a strong                              masculine appearance: modern, robust and confident. Among its stand out features are its ‘face’,                            dominated by Datsun’s confident ‘D­Cut’ grille and which, in turn, is flanked by dramatically                            elongated projector headlamps that stretch virtually from grille to fender to create a look that                              differentiates sedan and hatchback at a glance.  Although sharing the same wheelbase and front­wheel drive chassis layout as Datsun on­DO,                          Datsun mi­DO is shorter overall to emphasise its driving dynamics. Both cars sit on a 2,476mm                                wheelbase, are 1,500mm tall and 1,700mm wide, but the new Datsun mi­DO is 3,950mm long                              compared to the Datsun on­DO at 4,337mm.  Datsun mi­DO is well equipped. Comfort and safety have been priorities: every version will have a                                driver and passenger airbag as well as ABS. Standard equipment will include a winter pack with                               
  2. 2. heated seats and door mirrors while special attention has been paid to ensure road, engine and                                wind noise is kept to a minimum.  Power comes from a 87hp version of Datsun’s 1.6­liter 8V engine, while a four­speed automatic                              transmission is optionally available in place of the standard five speed manual transmission.  All Datsun customers will benefit from market leading support. So far there are 25 dedicated                              Datsun dealers in key regions of the country with 75 more due over the next two years. Every car                                      will be backed by a comprehensive three year/100 000 kms warranty. To ease purchasing                            options, Datsun is offering a unique credit programme – Datsun Finance.  “The Datsun concept of offering a new car from a foreign maker at a highly affordable price has                                      struck a chord with Russian car buyers. Datsun might be a new name on the Russian market but                                    its impact will be felt for years to come. Rest assured we are totally committed to the Russian                                    market: our debut at MIAS marks just the beginning of the story,” says Vincent Cobee, Global                                Head of Datsun.  The names Datsun on­DO and Datsun mi­DO reflect the cars’ international heritage,                        encompassing Japanese, English and Russian themes. DO is a Japanese word that means                          ‘moving’ and also refers to a ‘way’ of doing things. ‘on’ is the Russian word for ‘he’ while ‘mi’                                      sounds to a Russian speaker like the English word ‘me’ and personalises the car. Put together in                                  Russian, they underline the individuality and personality of both cars.