2014 Ford Endeavour launched in India - Press Release


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2014 Ford Endeavour launched in India - Press Release

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2014 Ford Endeavour launched in India - Press Release

  1. 1. Ford India Launches 2014 Ford Endeavour with Bolder,                Muscular Looks     ∙ The 2014 Ford Endeavour sports enhanced, tough, attractive looks with a new stylish front                              grill, bumper and sleek headlamps     ∙ The true­blue SUV retains its proven off­roading capabilities while the dynamic new interior                            and exterior styling accentuates its premium appeal     ∙         India’s favourite SUV, capable of conquering toughest of terrains, starts at Rs. 19,83,898*     Chennai, April 29, 2014: Ford India today introduced the 2014 Ford Endeavour, the latest                            edition of its true­blue, all­terrain SUV, featuring dynamic new styling and adrenaline pumping                          features. The 2014 Ford Endeavour, an SUV built to empower customers with unmatched road                            presence and proven off­roading capabilities, will sport a fresh new look, with a bold grille and                                headlamps, and refreshed interiors.     India’s favourite terrain conquering machine is known for its tough build quality and is available in                                three variants. The 2014 Ford Endeavour will be sold at an attractive price starting from Rs.                                19,83,898* for the base variant, offering buyers great value for money and smart features.     The 2014 Ford Endeavour was launched today in Chandigarh by Nigel Harris, President Ford                            India.     “At Ford, we are committed to delighting customers through continuous improvements in our                          products. Endeavour is a trusted nameplate and holds a special place in Ford India’s product                              portfolio. It has remained a vehicle of choice for customers who desire a dependable, muscular,                              rugged yet comfortable and safe SUV. The 2014 Ford Endeavour has been made more stylish,                              dynamic and comfortable while retaining its core DNA of an all­terrain vehicle,” said Harris.     Distinctly characterized by its dynamic new styling, the exterior of the 2014 Ford Endeavour has                              been enhanced to accentuate the vehicle’s overall appeal, making it tough and rugged while                            stylish and premium at the same time. The sleek headlamps and newly designed fog lamp bezel                                add a dash of sophistication to the overall styling of the vehicle while the all­new bold front grill                                    and bumper with skid plate enhances its premium appeal. The specially designed blind spot                            passenger­side mirror maximizes driver visibility and enhances road safety. The stylish 16­inch                        alloy wheels are designed to deliver mighty performance on the road while enhancing its                            aspirational value.     Step inside and the 2014 Endeavour welcomes you with abundant space ­­ three rows of seats                                and ample legroom. The interiors of 2014 edition have been refreshed with trim updates and                              sport comfortable new leather seats to make the longest of journeys comfortable. The high­end                           
  2. 2. touch enabled SATNAV entertainment system with Navigation Bluetooth audio control and                      reverse parking camera  adds to the fun of exploring new roads in this premium SUV.     The 2014 Ford Endeavour continues to be powered by a highly responsive and refined 16­valve                              Duratorq TDCi powertrain which features outstanding torque output. The 3.0­liter Duratorq TDCi                        common­rail powertrain peaks at 380 Nm of torque at 2500 rpm with 156PS of power, delivering                                thrilling performance. The trusted SUV will also be sold with a 2.5­liter Duratorq TDCi with a 4X2                                  manual transmission.     The 2014 Endeavour is available in three variants: 2.5 Liter Duratorq TDCi 4x2 Manual                            Transmission, a 3.0­Liter Duratorq TDCi 4x2 Automatic Transmission and a 3.0­liter Duratorq                        TDCi 4x4 Automatic Transmission, that will be available at Rs. 19,83,898*, Rs. 21,28,119* and                            Rs. 23,06,302* respectively.     The electric shift­on­fly system gives enthusiasts the flexibility to switch to 4X4 mode and                            conquer the toughest terrains while a 5­speed automatic transmission helps gobble up those                          miles with ease. The 4X4 and 4x2 automatic variant will also sport cruise control to add to the                                    superior driving experience and enhance Endeavour’s credentials.     “The 2014 Ford Endeavour is for enthusiasts who are outgoing, adventurous and believe in                            exiting their comfort zones to take the road less travelled, yet never compromise on their                              comfort. This is an extremely capable machine, and we are confident it’ll add to the appeal of our                                    trusted nameplate,” Nigel Harris said.     The Ford Endeavour has also been adjudged the most dependable vehicle in its segment by JD  Power Asia for three consecutive years and underpins Ford’s philosophy to ‘Go Further’ in  delivering more for the India consumers.