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Indian Company Frauds - Speak Asia Online - Easy Money Scam


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How Indian company frauds and easy money scams like Speak Asia Online have duped over 2,400,000 Indians, most of which weren't even from well to do families, with Indian Rupees 227600,000,000 (USD $3670967741), most of which is still uncovered or un-traced.

Social media and digital marketing have actually harmed Indian people, as they are not aware of such opportunities which look genuine and are promoted by people with good standing.

Indian blogs can help to make India safe, by using there power to spread the word in a positive way.

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Indian Company Frauds - Speak Asia Online - Easy Money Scam

  1. 1. 5/16/2015 About India's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or opportunity SH 0 More Next Blog» About India's Today India is today struggling to get things right and every Indian has a key role to play. India nee support of all Indians and from people who believe in India and its philosophy of human values. Advertísements Speak Asia Online Scam or opportunity Enter Er Speak Asia Online is a Singapore based company ASIA (Soeakasia Online Pte. Ltd. ) which offers Su “= °“*-*E'š~ 'JUR *? F'u<”í>'* opportunity to make money from paid online surveys. There offer seems to be legitimate opportunity for Delivered anyone who wants to make money from home with a Feed computer and internet connection. BlogTopSítes Today it has spread its wings across India at large and other SAARC countries namely Bangladesh and Nepal, as a number of people are its member and they make money when somebody joins SpeakAsiaOnline using there Goog1e+ referral, these members do not want to listen anything against this company or its opportunity and are trying to promote it as a honest money maker and P°”"""P°“s some of them are also promoting it by spreading that its a legitimate investment opportunity. well, I don't consider SpeakAsiaOnline to be a legitimate or honest Onlme 15 . . „ . . based c0m¡ opportunity due to a number of reasons, some of which I m writing Speakasia down. Please note that I personally don't have to say anything Ltd_ )Wh_ against anyone but its my duty to disclose my opinion when a number opportuni' of Indians are fooling themselves and others, for something which may morleš/ fro' SUI' . . . or may not exist in future and most of them are not making much money from Surveys alone but by recruiting others as member panelists. : ígēí g O aa? of Basic Information About SpeakAsiaOnline Am< 5peakAsi`a0nli`ne. Com on internet is nothing but a domain name owned and Imha registered by someone for a private limited company registered in Singapore, Llvlng CO: . . . . . has been 4 this domain name itself was registered on 21st January 2010 and is only rising al' registered for 3 years right now i. e. upto 21st January 2013 today. Its cost of b„~ official address is: amenities also an in ' l I Speak Asia Online Pte. Ltd. rapld y C 70 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark, Sy' Singapore 408564 In. RCB Number: 2006788090 Un Phone: 0065-63430887 / 0065-67493743 _ m' didn't ha: mtpi/ abomindiatodayblogspotirw/ Zm1/Ozlspeakasiaoriirxe-Iegítimate-scam-onhtml 1/7
  2. 2. 5116/2015 About India's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or Opponuily Fax: 0065-67422877 graphical Daily Readųpercent) Percent ofglobal Internet users who Dollar speausiaonlinocom vlsiispeakaslaonlinecom: but now II °~°*' 'H' " "' " ' "' r” ' ma emme Currency 0.03 Yesterday 003000 +50%e OW" ldent' , m 7day 003110 0%! „om“ GO 1momh 002070 +555“ Wmmylnl In. 0.01 3monlh 001920 +530?” MP se' 0 Cox Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb - Trängßcnoníhsv Mercury ä" On the li; throwing ; SpeakAsiaOnline is most popular in India, Bangladesh and Nepal, all of which Polltßíal are developing countries with a number of poor educated/ semi-educated ? :;: r:: t:: youth, who are always looking for easy ways to make money without much India It efforts and a number of opportunities targeting this segment of market are been notia frequently floated in various forms by many companies and people in the region. Membership of this company Speak Asia Online from India has skyrocketed in last three months as its based on a MLM (Network Marketing) concept and Pride of j people who are already a member are luring others to join due to a number of It iS a W' reasons. that a pl' worth a tl SpeakasiaonIine. com's Worldwide „am na“ and a Vidu Country (MD”*F%ZDI1) Rank Wel- . Bangladesh 43 = lndla 320 In' R Nepal 472 Bu' In< Traffic Ranking of Speak Asia Online mil Mukherjee Union Bud; 11 in Ind. You can see its latest Worldwide Traffic Ranking, it is ranking high in E: ;šü: T:n_ these three countries Bangladesh India and Nepal which are still developing budget wa, countries with a major part of population living below poverty line. Please note that paid online surveys cannot uplift the economy of any country, these are only conducted by market research companies who pay participators who contribute there views about various products ggššížsT: and services and help market research companies to know more about Will be w there customers mindset. common per April 2001 Motors wi. Is It A Scam or An Opportunity Ežtšâästa' 2009 Elec' well it is not a real legitimate opportunity, its just an opportunity for Her-e 15 a scammers and those who only want to make money without considering its list Of Pi source and purpose, it is a good opportunity for people who can recruit Constltue' others as member, just like common MLM opportunities, spread across market. Ešvßltíšmz: informatiu Here are few facts that may be considered: aVaílable ECI&#. .. mtpJIabouindiatodaybIogspotin/ Zm llozspeakasiaodine-Iegitimate-scam-orlíml 2/7
  3. 3. H16üD15 About lndia's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or Oppomnily 1. SpeakAsia0nline. c0m is a web based business and its domain name was registered in year 2010 only. Anyone can register a domain name, even right now and then get a website designed by someone and if it works as per the plans, then one can extend registration for more years. Ltd. therefore is beyond the jurisdiction of Indian Laws. In India we don't know 2. SpeakAsiaOnline is registered as a Pvt. Company in Singapore and about the basic requirements of getting a company registered in Singapore, conditions on which it can work, its responsibilities etc. etc. Even here in India we can get our own private limited company registered if we are ready to invest few thousand rupees. 3. SpeakAsiaOnline is a membership based site i. e., one must invest in its membership before, he/ she can participate in its weekly surveys and make money, the membership fee is $10O i. e, INR11,000 per annum, which has to be paid each year. Please note no survey company in the world asks for money from participants to take surveys. Surveys are conducted for market research and are therefore useful and even important for companies to understand market before launching a product or service or just to plan there business strategies, anyone can join some companies Market redemption charges) without paying anything like Global Test (which pays in Indian Rupees via Cheque and do not deduct any which conduct online surveys globally. Companies or some people who maintain a database of such companies do ask for money to give access to there list of Paid Online Survey companies. None of these companies charge a recurring annual fee. 4. SpeakAsiaOnline is paying 10 points (1 point equals 1 USD) which is too much for a country like India, Nepal or Bangladesh. I don't think that even companies that conduct surveys in USA/ UK pay this much for a similar survey regularly. conducts a to take satisfy this are only allowed to take survey (cause there are limited number 5. Every good survey company preliminary survey of every participant before allowing him/ her real survey and those who of participants allowed for a specific profile). If you have already joined or are willing to join then please do read this httpJIabouindiatodayblogspotin/ Zm llozspeakasiaodine-Iegitímate-scam-orlml Corruptio Indian A Movie Do Indians U corruptio Are we sa {í:2§ Ma a* in *Š Be Ma in US Auc week the Mahatma G belonging was hot. " lot of pn Labels a feeling (2) a lesson politicia about ind about Ind amarnath issue (1) anna haza aspirants minister baba ram ballets m fired (1) banned dn booking a (1) china (1) clear man in 2009 ( cold fusi cold fusi (1) common we 2010 (1) compariso nano (1) consumeri responsib India (1) consumeri (2)
  4. 4. 5/16/2015 About India's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or opportunity post when its completed and share your views via commenting here. I'm quiet sure that there is India. something wrong with SpeakAsiaOnline Opportunity in You can read more at Yahoo Answers India answers to a question on "what is Speak Asia 0n1ine? ". You can see that almost all people who replied (except one) are members of this MLM company (Speak Asia) and trying to recruit other members under there own downline. Speak Asia Online Compensation Plan Video - Youtube well, Speak Asia Online opportunity and as the it seems a number of Indians have already invested there money in income from weekly surveys is limited, they are trying to recruit as many people as they can using various (today I offline) and personal resources. means see more marketing propaganda online and I n' hink ei h r h m n r i m m r ho l worr ou hi r 1. . . . 1: Š Š . . is also the case with legislative assemblies, a number of scams and corruption cases are being surfaced and more are taking place and yet to be discovered. In-spite of all these facts and our familiarity with these issues and people we recruit/ elect same people again and again after some time and they reach parliament and assemblies again to make India proud? ?? why, because we are Indians & Indians are known to be aware of there rights and duties. Read more in Facts About India Today. SPEAK ASIA VIDEO BY STAR NEWS INDIA If you are using a fast internet connection and have enough data download limit then watch this video on Speak Asia Online by Star News India mtpJIabotIindiatodayblogspotin/ Zol lim/ speakasiaodine-Iegitímate-scam-oixríml convertim into gold corruptio current m issues in day (1) democracy democracy dera sacc disturbam india (1) earth day election (1) exploding facts abo fighting general e (2) general e (1) governeme (1) gurjar re issue (1) h1n1 viru hard cash indian pa help indi indians C hindi lan horse tra allegatio hum ko ma dena (1) icra (1) independe india (6) india ant (1) india at india at olympics india at india hea hygiene ( india in india in„ consumeri india nee (1) 4n
  5. 5. 5/16I2015 About India's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or Opportunity Latest Speak Asia Online Trafüc Explosion Stats as on 29/03/2011 Global Traffic Ranking is now 2,473 (courtesy, Indian Population) Traffic Ranking in India now 125 Traffic Ranking in Bangladesh now 44 (decreased by 1 place) u R clswilliT. * 107 IN ' Speak Asia Online on 21/04/2011 Global Rank 1935, India 107 SPEAK ASIA ONLINE CONTINUES TO PULL MORE TRAFFIC DAY Pw-. ~n| n1'; Inli:1l visit : peal 32130! 'tamm 1.07*. . Im `-: CUE' Daily Reach (percent) spea-. asiaor : necom Herr 'range Yesterday 017100 +11°/ ›-. r / ` 015200 +22%'u` 01 1 month 011580 oI7°/ o c: DOS O 07670 07.11% L. l 015 «- l 5 l l 1 3 month Mai Apr May 'izihng 3 'rooms . I TRAFFIC FROM INDIA CONTINUES TO EXPLODE SPEAK ASIA WEBSITE AS on 16 May 2011 SPEAK ASIA REACHES NEW TRAFFIC RANKS IN INDIA & GLOBALLY . ai i -54 104 c ' c ' a I'l' ' ~ u Speak Asla Oulu-e Reaohes New Helgi! ! II` IL: Indian L Global Ranking mis on lo õ 201* EACH Thanks to Indian Population & Opportunity Seekers Speak Asia is Now Ranked 1268 Globally & 54th in India Speakasiaonline. com has a three-month global traffic rank of 1,268. The fraction of visits to site referred bv search engines is roughlv 11%. approximately 92% India, where it is ranked #54, it is also popular httpi/ abottíndiatodayialogspotirvzm llozspeakasiaorline-Iegítimate-scam-ochtml Alexa the while of visitors to this site come from in india pro india rea governmen india scm india sun india tod indian COI agricultu (I) indian (I) Indian Indian indian CUI de EÜ el: results 9 (1) indian Indian ga Go Survives' Confidenc indian go prevent Ü auctions indian (1) indian Indian indian indian indian mp ph Po re: Spa ta_ indians a corruptio indo us c deal (1) indo us c deal path indo us m (1) lack of c between i departmen lok sabha terror bi lok sabha (1) made in i mahatma g auction ( manmohan trust (1) modern (1) in:
  6. 6. 5H6QOß About India's Today: Speak Mia Online Scam or Opportuily Bangladesh, where it is ranked #46. Visitors to Speakasiaonline. com view an average of 16.4 unique pages per day. Relative to the overall population of internet users, the site's users are disproportionately male, and they are disproportionately low-income, childless people under the age of 25 who browse from home and school. This post was initially published on 1st February 2011 to help people to take informed decision but unfortunately, most of its members and people who are joining do not actually know how to operate a computer or browse the web. So, this has not helped to the extent it was intended, except drawing attention of some real Indians and media. -k-k-k* SPEMUŠIMSLÄIÜAIH Gi: i:ia1Ran« ` „ 4s9,2ss› . - 88,826 COJTU Carter: on' zur: ¡` v; 5 '. ~` s : ors : y County' 89 911: SpeakAsia Online Fraud of INR 2,276 Crores: Duped Around 24,00,000 Indian Investors Speak Asia Online Fraud duped over 24 lakh investors various Indian states as well as neighbouring countries. According to reports published in media the amount of scam went up to INR 2,276 crore. According 'CO sources, money landed in UAE in the bank account of Haren Ventures- owned by Harvinder Kaur. in Singapore and from there to Dubai, Italy and UK. Interestingly, the money came back from UK again to UAE (Dubai), " an investigating Officer in 2013. "The money was sent from India to banks A Serious Fraud Investigation Office (SFIO) has completed its probe (2015). "The case of only one entity conducting online activities without getting registered under the Companies Act, namely, SpeakAsia, which came to the notice of this Ministry, was referred to the SFIO. The investigation report of the SFIO has been received, " finance minister Arun Jaitley has said in February 2015. So, things are still not clear as funds collected by this fraud are still untraceable, but what about the youngster, who not only lost money but also a hope, just because they were hnpJ/ abouíndíatodayblogspotin/ Zm 1lo2lspeakasiaonline-legitimate-soam-otliml mp for 3 negative work in L pakistan political India (1) political political india nee stability politicia about ind politics politics deal (1) poverty i prime min India (1) Privacy P protest L kashmir ( responsib rising fo rising li save huma nation (1 save soul save taj sleeping socially (1) source of energy (1 speak asi speak asi speak asi State wia 2009 (1) status of india (1) survival governerm swine flu symptoms (1) taj mahal world her taj mahal commercia tata nano tata nano 6/7
  7. 7. 5/16/2015 About India's Today: Speak Asia Online Scam or Opportuily targeted and targeted using a well planned trap, digital marketing and a modern approach to fraud. You can read more at 1. http: //indiatoday. intoday. in/ story/ speakasia-fraud-case- eow-team-speakasia-online-enforcement-directorate-indian- investors/1/326057.html 2. http / /www. dnaindia. com/ india/ report-speak-asia-country- head-5-others-held-in-multi-crore-scam-2057425 3. http: //timesofindia. indiatimes. com/ business/ india- business/ Prosecution-in-Rs-700cr-SpeakAsia-scam-soon- FM/ articleshow/46403609.cms Today I've just discovered another serious online/ offline digital marketing cum obscene branding taking place in India, with the help of some modern looking, illogical thinking Indians. Newer Post Home Older Post Go0gle+. Simple template. Powered by Blogger. mlpJ/ abotnindíatodayblogspotin/ Zm1lo2lspeakasiaodine-legitimate-scam-oitrtrnl tata nano tata nano tata nano the pride truth pre india (1) type in h Union Bud who shouh Indian Pr now (1) write inl snaäu amm anähnm'aa (1) &Fnmrš'zn iäâ (1) 7/7