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Role Of Angel Investment


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Role Of Angel Investment

  1. 1. Franchise Private Equity Conclave Role of Angel Investment in franchise and retail industry Sasha Mirchandani Co-Founder, Mumbai Angels Managing Director, Blue Run Ventures, India Mumbai Angels
  2. 2. Sasha Mirchandani – Mumbai Angels Bringing operational excellence & scaling experience to funding start-ups Mumbai Angels Mumbai Angels
  3. 3. Mumbai Angels
  4. 4. What is an Angel Investor ? Anyone who provides private capital to a (non family) start-up • Usually the first outside investor • Invest with the expectation of a financial return • Invest usually locally and regionally • Participate actively in the investment process • Usually care about the entrepreneurs and the companies they invest in / interested in building personal relationships with companies & employees • Offer advice and guidance to founders Mumbai Angels
  5. 5. Angel Investors in the US 225,000 Estimate of Active Angels Estimate Of U.S. (Center For Venture Research) Informal Millionaires Investors * Source: Angel Capital Association Presentation by Ian Sobieski, Band of Angels, Oct 2007 Mumbai Angels
  6. 6. Rising Popularity of Angel Investing 3x Growth in North American Angel Organizations in 7 yrs Mumbai Angels
  7. 7. Angel Investing – Investment Focus Internet / Software lead other segments * Source: Center for Venture Research (pre 03 data) and Kauffman Foundation/ACEF (04-06 data) Mumbai Angels
  8. 8. Angel Investments in Perspective In the Context of Venture Capital * Source: University of New Hampshire Center for Venture Research, Price Waterhouse Coopers Mumbai Angels
  9. 9. Venture Capital is Highly Concentrated Silicon Valley (40%) and NY (7%) account for nearly half of venture investment * Source: NVCA Research 2009; PriceWaterhouseCoopers Mumbai Angels
  10. 10. Silicon Valley Success Story “Internet is the Greatest Legal Wealth Creation in History” • Consumer internet still offers best path to high multiple returns • Key differentiator: capital efficiency • Virtually all the big successes were first backed by angels * Source: NVCA Research 2009; PriceWaterhouseCoopers Mumbai Angels
  11. 11. Where should Angels invest ? Finding Great Companies is the Basis of Angel Investing Mumbai Angels
  12. 12. What Does It Take…. ……To Be A Successful (Angel) Investor Mumbai Angels
  13. 13. Growth is Key to Successful Investing Key: Target the Fastest Growing Internet and Mobile Markets Mumbai Angels
  14. 14. Growth is Happening Faster Example: Disruptive Platforms - Time to Success much Shorter Mumbai Angels
  15. 15. Next Big Things Mumbai Angels
  16. 16. Drastic Changes in Exits Start-ups Need Less Capital, Exits Shrinking… Mumbai Angels
  17. 17. Food For Thought What will it take to have an entry from India here ? Mumbai Angels
  18. 18. Sasha Mirchandani Mumbai Angels