Upcoming Cars in India 2013,2014 and 2015


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Upcoming Cars in India 2013,2014 and 2015

  1. 1. Upcoming Cars in India 2013,2014 and 2015 237 ViewsTata MegapixelThe Tata Megapixel is a new four-seater city-smart global range extended electric vehicle(REEV) concept for the performance-seeking and environment-conscious motorist anywhere inthe world. Combining a lithium ion phosphate battery and an on-board petrol engine generatorfor recharging on the move, the Tata Megapixel offers a range of up to 900 km (with a singletank of fuel), path-breaking CO2 emission of just 22 gm / km and fuel economy of 100 km / litre(under battery only power).Read more….
  2. 2. Honda New CivicRecently we had showed you the first pics of the new Civic sedan and got an enthusiasticresponse from you all and so always in our efforts to provide you the latest in the world of autowe have new pictures and details of the new Civic. As said earlier this new look Civic has beenmade more sporty in order to take its rivals head on. The Civic is a hugely popular car all overthe world. In Europe it is sold in an altogether different form of an upmarket hatch, whereasThailand and US get the sedan version. This new Civic looks good and is packed with everythingthat Honda is known for.Read More…..
  3. 3. Datsun PixoNissan will launch a small car under the Datsun brand in India in 2014. The name Datsun wascreated in 1931, however Nissan phased out the Datsun brand in March 1986. The Datsun nameis most famous for the sports cars.On March 20th 2012 Nissan announced a plan to reviveDatsun as a low-cost marque, 31 years after removing it from its line-up. The Japanese carmakersaid the brand’s reputation for value and reliability would help it in emerging markets. Datsunmodels will be sold in Indonesia, Russia and India from 2014.Read More…..
  4. 4. Land Rover DC100The DC100 represents a whole new type of Land Rover which will come in the future. It is aradically different design treatments above the waist demonstrate the modularity and flexibilityof the platform. The shape of DC100 is instantly recognisable to generations and, like theoriginal Land Rover and the Defender that followed it. Read More…
  5. 5. BMW New X1Lets face it the X1 has always been destined for success. I mean let’s look at it, BMW, SUV anda price-tage below Rs 30 lakhs. If that is not tempting we don’t know what is! Obviously the X1is not alone namely the fantastic Audi Q3 that has just joined this segment and is ready to fightfor the crown and looks confident for sure. But BMW has also unleashed this- the new X1. It isnot a huge change but some important updates have been done to make it a force to be reckonedwith in this segment. Changes include its styling, interiors and features.Read More……
  6. 6. Mahindra Reva e2oEvery time a fuel price hike happens it puts a heavy strain on the common man’s walletespecially when it comes to the entry level small cars where every rupee saved counts. But risingfuel costs are now becoming a major issue and prices of fuel can only rise. So is there anysolution? Well some displayed electric vehicles but it remained till that- displays. However therehas been one car that has been the only electric car from India for some time now. The Reva waslaunched way back in 2001 and though it has not been a huge success, those who have it swearby its qualities. However there were some issues that limited the appeal of the Reva namely thespace and performance and also to some extent its price.Read More……
  7. 7. Ford EcoSportWe Indian’s love SUV’s but there are many who want the looks and presence but not the hugethirst and size and not to mention the big costs involved in owning one. Ford knows this and withthe EcoSport it aims to redefine the Indian market. It dazzled visitors at the 2012 Auto Expo inJanuary Delhi and now with its global debut at the 2012 Auto China in Beijing means customersin India will also soon get a taste of this. Ford plans to build the compact, fuel-efficient urbanSUV in China, in addition to India, Thailand and South America. Looks are the EcoSport’sbiggest asset and it simply looks unlike anything else. The design is muscular but also compact(it is sub-four metre SUV) and packs in a whole lot of details. The EcoSport which is based onthe Fiesta platform is a shining example of the new Ford design language. Read More….
  8. 8. Mercedes Benz New G ClassThe G Class or G Wagon is an icon, a legend that needs to be understood. Some say that thisSUV is too old and the GL or M-Class is way better. Yes, they have a point as the G Class is oldand not as advanced or as practical as the M- Class plus it is not efficient. But the G Wagon isnever meant to be a volume player and its character and charm is what separates itself from therest. It is a favourite among the rich and famous all over the world and the version that they buyand the version that accounts for a large chunk of the sales of the G Wagon is the G63 AMG.Yes the new G63 AMG has replaced the G55 and India will also get this monster. But it is notjust the engine but a lot has been changed in the new G Class so lets take a look. Read More….
  9. 9. Volkswagen Polo TSIWhile the Polo 1.6 did not set the sales charts on fire, enthusiasts mourned the loss of a hothatch. But it was inevitable with the rising prices of fuel, kmp/h is now less important than kmplbut there is now some good news as Volkswagen has plans to bring the hot hatch version of thePolo back. This time it is not in 1.6 avatar but the 1.2 TSI. Yes, a test car has been spotted with aTSI badge indicating a launch is going to happen soon. Till then let us tell you the juicy bits.Read More….