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Upcoming cars in india 2012 2013


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upcoming cars in india in year 2013

Published in: Automotive
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Upcoming cars in india 2012 2013

  1. 1. Upcoming Cars in India in 2012 - 2013Mahindra E20Hatchback, Small, ManualExpected: November 2012Expected Price :Rs 4.00 L - 6.00 LThe Reva was launched way back in 2001 and though it has not been a huge success, those whohave it swear by its qualities. However there were some issues that limited the appeal of the Revanamely the space and performance and also to some extent its price. The new Mahindra E20promises to attend to those shortcomings. For starters the E20 has better space than the Reva andwill have space for four. On the features list there is an air conditioner, power steering and musicsystem and a power outlet. Yet another massive improvement is the looks. Styled byDilipChabbria, the NXR looks futuristic and definitely looks a lot better than the Reva. Force One 2.2 4x4Expected: November 2012Expected Price : Rs 13.25 L - 13.50 L
  2. 2. The Force One SUV does look like a proper tamed beast - brutal, huge and loads of roadpresence. However, one thing that it surely lacks right now is a 4x4 transmission. Now that is ashame as the vehicle does look capable with a good engine. Force Motors.Land Rover New Range Rover SUV, Luxury, Automatic.Expected: November 2012Expected Price: Rs 1.00 Cr - 1.20 Cr
  3. 3. The Range Rover has been always regarded as the best SUV in the world for its charm, comfortand that elegant design. Naturally when time came to do a new one, Land Rover were hesitant tocompletely change the design. As you can see, it still has that Range Rover look to it yet looksdifferent somehow. This is the genius of Land Rover designers and byoyed by the success of theEvoque they were confident to give this icon more than a face-lift. How good is the new RangeRover?Aston Martin VanquishTwo-Door, Luxury, Automatic.Expected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 3.50 Cr - 4.00 Cr
  4. 4. Aston Martin Vanquish is yet another beauty from this sportscar marker and Aston has alsobought an iconic name back. We tell you all the details. Audi S6Sedan, Luxury, Automatic.Expected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 1.00 Cr - 1.10 Cr
  5. 5. Lets face it supercars are not that practical for India. Low ground clearance, lack of space andnot to mention tricky to drive among the maddening traffic, supercars are at best weekend toys.But what if you want to have that ballistic performance every day? Well the answer is sportssaloons. These are as the name suggests sedans with all the practicality and the comfort but withthe performance to shame quite a few sports cars. This trend was started by the BMW M5 andnow there is also the Mercedes E63 AMG and the Audi S6. What is more good news is that Audiwill be bringing the S6 late this year.Tata Aria ATMUV/Minivan, Utility, Automatic.Expected: December 2012Expected Price : Rs 15.00 L - 19.00 L
  6. 6. The Tata Aria is one of the best cars that Tata makes, yet the arrival of the Mahindra XUV500has increased competition in the SUV segment. The automatic version of the Aria will give theTata an edge. Automatics are increasingly accepted in the Indian market and they make driving alot easier. Tata displayed the Aria AT at the 2012 Auto Expo and it drew considerable interest.Force VianoMUV/Minivan, Luxury, Manual.Expected: December 2012Expected Price : Rs 12.00 L - 15.00 L
  7. 7. After the successful launch of the Force One SUV, Force Motors is now gearing up to launch theluxury minivan from the Mercedes Benz stable. The Viano van will be launched under the ForceMotors brand name in mid or end of 2012 with the same engine as the Force One SUV in the Rs12 to Rs 15 lakh bracket. Hyundai i30Hatchback, Midsize.Expected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 6.50 L - 8.00 L
  8. 8.  Hyundai has tasted success with their i range of cars in India, namely the i10 and the i20.Infact, with the i20, they have shown that Indians are now indeed ready to shell out extra moneyover other rivals for a premium package. The i30 could be the next one from Hyundai for theIndian market. We believe that the company might launch the i30 in India early next year ataround a lakh more than the i20s sticker price. Chevrolet EnjoyMUV/Minivan, Utility, Manual.Expected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 5.75 L - 6.75 L
  9. 9. The first vehicle in India from the SAIC-GM-Wuling partnership will be the Wuling Enjoy vanthat will be launched here under the Chevrolet brand. To be made at the Talegaon plant, it willcarry a price tag of under Rs 6 lakh and come with a FIAT derived 1.3-litre multi-jet engine.MarutiErtiga CNGExpected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 7.00 L - 8.00 L
  10. 10. Maruti is now looking to expand the Ertiga range with a CNG variant that will add even morevalue to this successful MPV. The CNG Ertiga will join the other small cars that have CNG inthe Maruti range.Chevrolet Sail SedanSedan, Midsize, Manual.Expected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 7.00 L - 10.00 L
  11. 11. Â While the Chevrolet Sail hatchback is about to be launched in a few days time, GeneralMotors will also launch the sedan version at the end of the year. Alongside the MPV, the sedanversion of the Sail is planned for a year end launch. The idea is first launch the hatchback andthen once it is accepted within a short time, launch the sedan.MarutiCervoHatchback, Small, ManualExpected: December 2012Expected Price :Rs 2.25 L - 3.25 LIndias leading car maker Maruti Suzuki is planning to launch more than a dozen cars in the Indiain the next 5 years and the Cervo is one of them. This compact small hatchback should hit theroads by the end of this year. The 5-door modern looking car will be equipped with MarutisKB10 engine or Maruti might also plonk the smaller 800cc unit that is seen on the Alto. Expectthe Cervo to have a new name in India and carry a under Rs 3 lakh price tag.Tata Nano DieselHatchback, Small, ManualExpected: 2013Expected Price :Rs 1.75 L - 2.25 LÂ Tata on its way to give India its smallest diesel engined car. The Nano petrol hasnt really donewonders in terms of sales but with rising petrol prices and an expected 40kmpl from the Nanodiesel, this might just be a best seller for Tata!
  12. 12. Volkswagen Cross PoloExpected: End 2013Expected Price :Rs 7.0 L - 8.0 LThe Volkswagen Cross Polo is likely to be VW’s answer to the Mahindra Quanto, FordEcoSport and Renault Duster, well, sort of. It is essentially a Polo that has been given a raisedsuspension, more cladding and much larger wheels, to make it look like a mini-SUV, but itremains a hatchback. What is interesting about the Volkswagen Cross Polo, is that it is likely tocome with an all-new 1.5 litre diesel engine, that makes more power than the present 1.2 litrediesel, while still adhering to excise norms for vehicles under 4-meters in length. It will alsolikely come with a  1.2 litre turbo-charged petrol engine. Prices are likely to be around Rs. 7lakh to Rs. 8 lakh. Mercedes A-Class hatchbackExpected: Mid 2013Expected Price :Rs 16.0 L - 18.0 LThis is likely to be the cheapest Mercedes Benz yet in India. It is likely to be priced at Rs. 18lakh and will be a proper four-door super-premium hatchback, ideally suited for the city. It willhave a 1.6 litre petrol engine that puts out about 120 bhp of power and also a 1.8 litre dieselengine in its line up. Both cars could be offered with a 7-speed dual-clutch automatictransmission, making the Mercedes A-Class an ideal city runabout for the well-heeled. Honda AmazeExpected: April 2013Expected Price :Rs 5.0 L - 7.0 LThe Honda Amaze is probably the most-awaited sedan for 2013. It is based on the Honda Brioplatform and will be under 4-meters in length. It is expected to be quite spacious. What is theselling point of the Honda Amaze is that it will come with Honda’s first diesel engine for theIndian market – a 1.5 litreiDtec engine that puts out between 80 bhp – 90 bhp of power, andwill likely have a fuel efficiency of as much as 24 kmpl. It will be priced between Rs. 5 lakh andRs. 7.5 lakh. Ford EcoSportExpected: February 2013Expected Price :Rs 10.0 L The most-awaited compact SUV of 2013 is the Ford EcoSport. The vehicle borrows heavilyfrom the Ford Fiesta’s mechanicals, but is under 4-metres in length. It will come with a 1-litre EcoBoost petrol engine that puts out 120 bhp of power and a 1.5 litre diesel engine as well.Ford may also be offering the EcoSport with a dual-clutch automatic transmission on the petrolvariant. The vehicle will compete with the Renault Duster and is expected to be priced between
  13. 13. Rs. 7 lakh and Rs. 10 lakh. Hyundai Hexaspace HND-7Expected: 2013Expected Price :Rs. 15.0 LThe Hyundai HexaSpace showcased at the Auto Expo in 2012, will likely see production at theend of 2013. It has been codenamed the HND-7 and will be a luxury MPV, competing in the Rs.15 lakh segment. It will likely get the same 1.6 litre diesel engine from the Hyundai Elantra. Kia Picanto Hatchback, Small, ManualExpected: 2013Expected Price :Rs 3.50 L - 5.50 LThe car that was caught on camera was the same version which made its global debut at 2011Geneva Motor Show. An i10 engine under the hood, the car offers more sporty feeling with racyexterior, long flowing lines on the doors and dynamic design. The chic and cute tagged Picantoseems to have grown up and the all new car has sharp and step-cut front end and an unmistakablefront grill which gives Picanto its unique form and identity. BMW new 7-Series Sedan, Luxury, AutomaticExpected: 2013Expected Price :Rs 80.0 L- 1.00 CrÂTrust us, this is indeed a face-lift. While it does similar to the current 7-series, trust BMW tomake significant upgrades to its limo. Its needs to as the new Merc S-Class is closer to launchand the Audi A8 has teared open the luxury segment. From the front, the upright new BMWkidney grille is bigger and more pronounced as ever.Renault Sandero Hatchback, Utility, ManualExpected: Mid 2013Expected Price :Rs 5.50 L - 7.50 LRenault has a long line-up of cars to introduce in India and though this year it will launch theDuster SUV, Renault also plans about the Sandero. The pictures that you see here are of theSanderoStepway. It has a raised ground clearance (up 20mm compared with the Sandero)), blackand body-coloured bumpers - which house the satin-finish chrome front and rear skid-plates -,foglamps and longitudinal roofbars (black and satin-finish chrome) which make theSanderoStepway look more muscular and sporty from the normal Sandero.Mahindra Veritohatchback Hatchback, ManualExpected: Early 2013Expected Price :Rs 3.50 L - 5.50 L
  14. 14. Mahindra has lots to offer in the Indian market and one of the most interesting will be thehatchback based on the Verito sedan. The hatchback will be a worthy addition and since thelaunch of the Verito, this is another good news.TheVerito hatchback will be under 4 meters totake benefit of laws regarding vehicles under 4 meters.Ford B MaxHatchback, Midsize, Manual,AutomaticExpected: Early 2013Expected Price :Rs6.00 L - 7.00 LFiat BravoHatchback, Midsize, ManualExpected: 2013Expected Price :Rs 5.50 L - 6.50 LFiat knows the premium hatchback market pretty well and with the Bravo, they will take on thelikes of the Hyundai i20 and the Honda Jazz. The Bravo is pure Italian in the way it looks andfeels...Chevrolet TrailBlazerSUV, Utility, Manual,AutomaticExpected: 2013Expected Price :Rs 19.00 L - 22.00 L
  15. 15. Â It is no secret that SUVs rule in the Indian market. The Chevrolet Captiva has managed tobecome a decent success for GM in India, but it hasnt managed to make the impact like theToyota Fortuner or the Mahindra XUV500 did. Now all that is about to change with this- theTrailBlazer. This would be the ticket for GM in India for its SUV domination and by the looks ofit it will be a winner.