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Mahindra verito vibe need to know


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Mahindra verito vibe need to know

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Mahindra verito vibe need to know

  1. 1. Mahindra Verito Vibe- Need to knowThe Mahindra Verito Vibe launch is now only a few hours away and will be one of the mostimportant launches by Mahindra. The Verito Vibe is Mahindra’s new ticket to the under 4mcategory after the Quanto (not including the e2o) and a lot is riding on this. Mahindra has beensuccessful in turning around the fortunes of the Logan under the Verito avatar and similarly withVFM pricing and a frugal diesel, Mahindra hopes to lure away customers from its rivals. One lookat these pictures of the Mahindra Verito Vibe and it looks just as we were expecting it to be- ahatchback. The Verito Vibe hatchback will be under 4 meters to take benefit of laws regardingvehicles under 4 meters.VERITO VIBEAs you can see from the pictures it seems that Mahindra have made a big effort to make the VeritoVibe attractive. It is not just a job of cutting the boot of a Verito sedan as you can see. This is aclever move as instead of shrinking the boot it has been shaped like a hatch which means space andlegroom will be as good as the Verito sedan.The first thing that hits you when you look at the rear is the large tail-lamps which look attractiveand big tail-gate. The rear bumper is also neatly finished plus as you can see you get roof-rails.However what is slightly disappointing is that from the front it has the same front end as the Veritosedan save for some minor tweaks like a new black grille and front bumper. Just like the Veritosedan expect very good space both at the front and at the back.
  2. 2. The interior will be functional and focusing more on practicality side. Expect a good equipment listalso. The changes from the Verito sedan include air con vents have a black surround plus you get anew fabric upholstery and more black touches in the cabin instead of the aluminium finish on thesedan.VERITO VIBE TEASEROne thing that will remain the same with the Verito Vibe is the fact that it will have comfortableinteriors. Just like the Verito sedan the Vibe will be spacious will excellent headroom and legroomon offer. In fact the Verito Vibe will be one of the most spacious cars in its class beating the ToyotaEtios Liva in this regard too. This is something that will appeal to many. On the engines expect thesame diesel unit as in the Verito sedan. The Verito Vibe will have only a diesel option in its rangeand there will be no petrol option because Mahindra currently do not have a small petrol engine inits portfolio.It will be powered by the 1.5 litre Renault K9K diesel engine and as we have discovered in otherapplications it will be good to drive and very economical to boot. Do not let the 68 bhp figure of thediesel fool you as it has lots of torque and lower end grunt is very good indeed.Though the most crucial thing is obviously the price and we know Mahindra will price itaggressively after the price shock of the Honda Amaze and the fact that the Amaze/Dzire are propercompact sedan and not hatchbacks, Mahindra will have to keep that factor in mind and price it even
  3. 3. lower. All to be revealed in a few hours from now. Stay tuned.