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Swan Yoga Retreat is the fruition of the teaching of Paramhamsa Swami Niranjananda Saraswati. Drop in Yoga is available mainly in the style of ashtanga yoga. Learn several yoga meditation techniques from Swan Yoga Retreat in Goa. For more information visit:- http://www.swan-yoga-goa.com

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Swan yoga-goa-pdf

  1. 1. SWAN YOGA RETREAT GOAFlexibility, Relaxation and Meditation all come to mind when you think of Yoga. Yoga applicationis an ultimate Yoga class which includes most amazing Yoga postures. The application of yogaworks as a system of healing rarely enters the Western mind. Regardless of todays distributedcertainty on Western medication (drugs), yoga has been performed for thousand of years forconcerns like high blood pressure (HBP). But the most difficult task is to find the best center forYoga in Goa, Yoga in Goa India and Drop in Yoga Goa.Yoga Retreat in GoaSWAN Yoga Retreat Centre in Goa is open from October till May for visitors and retreatparticipants. Daily Yoga classes are held in morning which is open to all. The style of Yoga whichis taught here is from the tradition of "Bihar School of Yoga" or "Satyananda Yoga" besidesClassical yoga as prescribed by Sage Patanjali. Evenings we perform Puja (traditional prayers inour temple) and sing Kirtans (traditional devotional chants) which are open to all and everyone iswelcome to join. Besides this, we also organize our own retreats.A typical SWAN Yoga retreat is of two weeks and would include:• Practice of Asana, Prayanama, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas.• Introduction to Meditation techniques of Yoga Nidra and Antar Mauna.• Lecture on Philosophy of Yoga, and introduction to Patanjali"s Yoga Surtas.• Chanting of Mantras and Kirtans.• Havan (sacred fire ceremony).
  2. 2. Yoga in GoaIt has been proved from various published reports that every three Indians have a problem ofhigh blood pressure. The problem of high blood pressure (hypertension) is commonly a precursorto a heart problem, the number one killer of Indians. Particular yoga poses are illustrious to beadvantageous practices for the problem of high blood pressure. We, Swan Yoga in retreat center,are open from October till May for travelers and retreat participants.At the center, Daily Yoga classes are conducted in the morning which is for all. The yoga classesthat we provide here are from the practice of "Satyananda Yoga" or "Bihar School of Yoga".Apart from this, our classical yoga which we taught is prescribed by Sage Patanjali and is BestYoga in Goa India. In the evenings, we do Puja (traditional worships in our temple) and singKirtans (traditional devotional chants) which are opened for all and everyone is welcomed here.Yoga Events in Goa1. Kids Yoga Teacher TrainingAt Swan Yoga Retreat Centre with NobiehFrom 15th to 26th Nov 20122. Prana Flow Yoga DanceAt Swan Yoga Retreat Centre With Nobieh
  3. 3. From 26thNov to 04th Dec 20123.Christmas - New Year Yoga Retreat Goa, IndiaFrom 23rd Dec to 1st Jan 2013Teachers: Helen Noakes, Peter Roussel, Kath Roberts, Emma Tyson and Jodi Boone4. Post Graduate Massage Training Course Chavutti ThirumalFrom 7thJan to 18th Jan 2013Massage By Foot Pressure By Helen Noakes, England
  4. 4. 5. Yoga Teacher Training Course in GoaFrom 28th Jan to 4th Mar 2013Hatha and Ashtanga Teacher Training Course at Swan Yoga Centre, Assagao, Goa with anIntrouction to Ayurveda Yoga Nidra & Anthar Mouna. A 5 week intensive course, giving you afoundation in teaching Hatha and Ashtanga yoga. The course is residential, 6 days a week for upto 8 hours a day with Sundays completely free.6. Kaya Kalpa: Yogic Transformationswith Swami MaheshFrom 17th Feb to 23th Feb 2013Kaya Kalpa is an ancient Tantric technique of transformation at all levels of being. A minimumof 7 days is required to experience it fully. This yoga retreat features a fusion of various yogadisciplines to bring powerful body, mind and psyche transformations with the best combinationsof practices derived from the ancient and modern-day Tantric and Yogic traditions.7. Chakras: Play & PurposeFrom 29th Mar - 7th Apr 2013
  5. 5. When in india - sun, fun, relaxation and yoga can be summed up in one word... GOA.Come and join us for 10 nights at the lovely SWAN yoga retreat centre, when you can deepenyour practice and retreat into yourself amongst plam trees, great food and fantastic yogaAyurveda in GoaAyurveda describes in detail the principles of preservation and promotion of health as well asprevention and cure of diseases. It treats man as a whole. As the medicines used in Ayurveda aremainly plants, the side effects are almost nil.Owing to the efficacy and popularity, Ayurveda has attracted the attention of scholars of modernmedical science in other countries also. Hence the curiosity and awareness to know and utilizeAyurvedic knowledge is increasing all over the world.Prime Treatments in AyurvedaThis treatment is indicated in stiffness and pain of joints and limbs, dislocation of joints,paralytic conditions and in pregnant ladies with a history of uterine inertia in earlier deliveries.Many persons also undergo this treatment for rejuvenation and preservation of health to offsetearly aging. Sclerotic changes can be prevented by this treatment.
  6. 6. Drop in Yoga ClassesDaily yoga classes are held in our Yoga Shala this is open to all, both the in-house guest as well aspeople who want drop-in yoga classes, being conveniently located in Assagao one of the quitevillages in North Goa, it is easily accessible for people visiting/holidaying around Anjuna orVagatore area, our Retreat can be easily reached on a bike from Calangute and Baga Beach arein 10 to 15 minutes.The styles of Yoga taught in our retreat is Astanga, Vinyasa Flow, Sivananda and Satyanada orBihar Yoga. Our teacher Hanna Merilaine is teaching the classes, in Ashtanga and Vinyasa FloSivananda and Satyanada style is taught by Sannyasi Gyanmitra from Bihar Schol of Yoga.Contact UsBest way to contact us is through email: swanyogagoa@gmail.comPhone: .+91 96 23 75 50 24+91 88 06 40 56 62+91 98 10 44 79 06In case you need directions call the phone number below :Gyanmitra - +91 9623755024Shiva - +91 9810447906Reception - +91 8806405662Website:- http://www.swan-yoga-goa.com/