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Adiva Lifestyle's copper indian jewelry manufacturing process: Pearl polki kundan


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Adiva's copper jewellry making process for Indian ethnic pearl polki , kundan art jewellry based on Mughal/Rajputana Designs, South Indian Temple Style & Bollywood Trends

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Adiva Lifestyle's copper indian jewelry manufacturing process: Pearl polki kundan

  2. 2. Jewelry Making Process ! Concept & Design ! There is a concept behind every piece of jewelry we make and by concept we mean, the rough design which comes to our minds. We create a sketch of t h e rough design on paper and try to improve the designs by discussing it a m o n g ourselves. We are inspired by traditional designs worn by princesses & q u e e n s o f yore ! ! Curation ! Once the final sketch is made, the design is etched on an industrial wax base for further process. The design is then carefully created on the wax base by placing the metal beads, chains or motifs as per the demands of the design. T h i s process requires utmost skill as this is the most important aspect of handmade jewelry making. The chief artisan is the principle curator for most of the new designs.
  3. 3. Jewelry Making Process ! Mold Making Once the curation is done, Plaster of Paris is poured over wax base to build a solid mold. Once the wax is removed, the mold holds the design inside it for further processes.   ! Welding/Washing The separate chains, beads or motifs are then welded together to create the unfinished jewelry. Once the welding is completed the plaster mold is broken to retrieve the jewelry. The jewelry is then washed and polished carefully to remove the dirt and rough parts.   ! Plating The unfinished jewelry is then gets electro plated to the shades of silver or gold according to the design concept. Deliberate attention is paid to fabricating and polishing procedures because it is vitally significant that the jewelry to be plated should be perfectly finished and cleaned in advance.
  4. 4. Jewelry Making Process ! ! Stone Sticking/Finishing   The decorative process is finished by carefully attaching Stones, pearls, crystal or diamantes to the base design, taking extreme care not to leave handling stains or abrasions. ! ! Quality Checking Each and every piece is checked with excessive attention and thoroughly checked for any defects.
  5. 5. Jewelry Making Process ! Packing Each product is extensively packed in to respective boxes in order to avoid any sort of damages. Cotton wool and bubble wrap are used to added protection. ! ! Dispatch We process all the orders within 24 hours of receipt. The products then go through a second round of QC audit before the final packing.
  6. 6. Concept & Design 6
  7. 7. Concept & Design
  8. 8. Concept & Design
  9. 9. Mould Making
  10. 10. Mould Making
  11. 11. Mould Making
  12. 12. Welding
  13. 13. Welding
  14. 14. Stone Sticking
  15. 15. Stone Sticking
  16. 16. Contact Details for ADIVA LIFESTYLE PRIVATE LIMITED ! Our Website : ! Email: ! Mobile : 9004445308 16