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Over a Decade of
Engineering Excellence
Staying on Top!
Computer-Aided Design, or CAD systems, combines
hardware and software to enable engineers and architects
2D Drafting Services
Before proceeding on the construction of any buildings,
office or home, having a 2D draft and drawing...
drawings of building structure, structural members and
the relationships between all the components for your
architects to...
Nothing sells a project like a three-dimensional model
of the final design. The team of drafters, architects and
Everything becomes more realistic when displayed three
dimensionally. From architectural designs to floor plans,
Offering exclusive CAD services for architecture,
mechanical, structural and civil engineering projects,
IndiaCADworks kno...
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IndiaCADworks Brochure


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IndiaCADworks is a Computer-aided Design Service provider supporting Architectural, Structural, and Mechanical engineering companies worldwide. Join IndiaCADworks and stay tuned to CAD related industry updates.
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IndiaCADworks Brochure

  1. 1. BUILDING A BETTER TOMORROW Over a Decade of Engineering Excellence
  2. 2. Staying on Top! Computer-Aided Design, or CAD systems, combines hardware and software to enable engineers and architects to design everything from buildings to cars on a computer. The time and money saved is enormous, allowing engineers to modify designs before the product is built. IndiaCADworks provides a full range of CAD services from conversion to drafting and rendering and animation services. We offer outsourced services at rates far lower than in-house resources, saving money for businesses small and large. We only hire highly skilled staff members who received the scheduled training on the latest technology and software. Our expertise is second to none. Tools and Software Supported Our engineers and drafters are trained to work with the newest technology on the market including cutting edge software tools such as: - AutoCAD® - MicroStation® CAD Conversion Services IndiaCADworks offers comprehensive CAD conversion services to companies based anywhere in the world. If you are an architectural, engineer or construction firm, we will convert to CAD a variety of formats to include legacy paper drawings, PDF, 2D to 3D and more. Our experts ensure 99.99 percent accuracy on all exports and we provide electronically editable formats. Paper to CAD Conversion If you have been in business for a while, chances are you have a filing cabinet full of paper drawings. Those legacy files still have utility. IndiaCADworks will assist you in carefully and accurately converting those files to CAD formats so your engineers and architects can take advantage of older ideas. Image to CAD Conversion Digital image files of various designs and projects tend to pile up over time. Those files often require specific software to open and once accessed, the flat files do not contain the detail for engineers or architects to use. IndiaCADworks will take those files--JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, RAW and PNG--and convert them to any major CAD file format, including those produced by AutoCAD® or MicroStation® PDF to CAD Conversion Acrobat PDF is a useful tool, allowing most computer files to be saved and viewed by anyone. But those drawings made while conceiving an engineering project eventually require conversion to CAD to be useful to the project team. IndiaCADworks takes the complex process and converts your PDF files to CAD, quickly and accurately. - 3DS Max® (.max) - Maya® - CATIA® - Pro E® - SolidWorks® (.stl) Final CAD conversion can be outputted in any of the following formats: - DWG - .DWFx - .3d DWF - .DGN - .WRF - .ACIS - .DWF Contact IndiaCADworks today for all of your CAD conversion, drafting and modeling needs or to learn more about our services and pricing.
  3. 3. 2D Drafting Services Before proceeding on the construction of any buildings, office or home, having a 2D draft and drawing is the very basic step of producing a full scale plan. IndiaCADworks has the training to do your 2D drafting and drawing in a precise and professional manner, so you don’t have to worry about it. We employ an experienced team of drafters and engineers who specialize in every aspect of 2D drafting and drawing for a long list of services to include drawings of structural design, machines, fabrications, tools or millwork, to name a few. We will work closely with your team to produce 2D drafts with exact scaling and we guarantee our services will meet your expectations. Preliminary Drawings Our experts are certified and knowledgeable of 2D drawing and drafting principles and deliver high quality preliminary drawings of your home designs, house plans or building blueprints. Presentation Drawings Presentation drawings allow you to show your ideas in a 2D draft mode, with colored elevations, plans and concept designs. IndiaCADworks will take your visuals and provide you with a precise rendering to use for marketing and other presentation purposes. DWG to DGN Conversion Multiple computer-aided design formats exist and often you may need to convert between different CAD system formats. That’s why it is frequently necessary to have DWG to DGN conversion or DGN to DWG conversion performed by a professional firm you can rely on to get the details right and complete the project quickly. That company is IndiaCADworks. 2D to 3D Conversion Many companies maintain both 2D drafting and 3D modeling projects but often you many need to convert between them. IndiaCADworks provides high quality and accurate conversion services. AutoCAD Conversion The AutoCAD® format is to engineers what Photoshop is to photographers. IndiaCADworks employs experts with an in-depth knowledge of converting files to .DWG format. We will convert drawings/plans, PDF, MicroStation® and images to AutoCAD® for you, at reasonable rates. MicroStation Conversion MicroStation® software converts drawings, plans and 2D or 3D designs into clean layouts to suit your specific needs. If you have images, PDFs, paper drawings or other CAD files, our experts will carefully convert them to the format you request. Construction Drawings IndiaCADworks will accurately draw your house plans or concept designs from your ideas. The construction drawing is vital for the general contractor, carpenter, electrician, plumber and anyone else involved in building the structure. Shop Drawings Shop drawings are technical drawings of pre-fabricated components like elevators or windows. They are often used to augment the construction drawings. IndiaCADworks has many years of experience collaborating and communicating with sub-contractors, vendors and manufacturers to produce quality shop drawings. Architectural Drawings Professional 2D drafting for architectural drawings are essential to any building project. IndiaCADworks produces
  4. 4. drawings of building structure, structural members and the relationships between all the components for your architects to follow. In addition, we offer the following services: - Floor plans - Site plans - Elevations - Cross sections - Isometric projections - Axonometric projections - Detail drawings - Architectural perspectives - Sketches and diagrams - Presentation drawings - Survey drawings - Record drawings - Working drawings Structural Design Drawings Structural design drawings are more than simple schematics. They predict environmental factors such as how a building will withstand an earthquake or hurricane and take into account other technical factors. The team at IndiaCADworks possesses the skill and experience to produce your precise design planning drawings. We specialize in: - Building Structures Specializations - High-rise structure design - Industrial structure design - Retrofitting & rehabilitation - Custom home designs - Earthquake engineering - Façade engineering - Fire engineering - Roof engineering - Tower engineering - Wind engineering - Structural elements - Columns - Beams - Plates - Arches - Shells - Catenaries Engineering (MEP) Drawings From plumbing to electrical, HVAC drawings to firefighting designs, the technicians at IndiaCADworks are certified to provide precise MEP engineering drafting. We can take your CAD architectural plans and incorporate additional components such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing, and rain gutter systems to produce precise MEP engineering drawings. Millwork Drawings Millwork drawings are designed for a specific area or areas of a building. At IndiaCADworks, our computer- aided design programs incorporate such things as doors, windows, cabinets, paneling and staircases. Our high- quality millwork drawings will provide you with exactly what you request. Structural Steel Detailing Structural steel detailing is complex and vital to producing the detailed drawings your construction company needs. At IndiaCADworks, our team of professional steel detailers produces highly detailed drawings of steel fabricators and steel erectors and we also specialize in drawing columns, braces, trusses, beams, handrails and more. Manufacturing Drawings IndiaCADworks offers precise manufacturing drawings of metal construction with the appropriate details of dimensions, shapes and materials for your mechanical parts. Some of the basic services we offer are: - General Arrangement Drawings - Arrangement Drawings - Assembly Drawings - Detail Drawings Assembly Drawings How hard would it be to put together a bicycle without the assembly drawings? IndiaCADworks employs a team of experienced and skilled experts able to produce accurate and precise assembly drawing tasks for any type
  5. 5. Nothing sells a project like a three-dimensional model of the final design. The team of drafters, architects and engineers at IndiaCADworks rely on years of experience to turn your residential, commercial or industrial building projects into a marketable 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) model for display and presentation purposes. You name it we can make the 3D model. From shopping malls to wind turbine towers, you will receive a quality project model easily transitioned into production with unmatched attention to detail. Architectural 3D Modeling Obtaining permits and developing a marketing effort to sell real estate is largely dependent on the visual presentation. At IndiaCADworks, our team is capable of providing architectural 3D modeling designs of your project. Your ideas will be transformed from a drawing to either a print version containing 3D visuals or a high- quality computer display. Some of the projects we will transform to 3D modeling include: - Interior 3D modeling - Exterior 3D modeling - Residential building 3D Modeling Services of project. We use Computer-Aided Design and drafting technology for standard assembly, outline assembly, assembly working, diagram, tabular and detailed drawings. Machine Drawings IndiaCADworks experts have the skills to execute your machine drawings with exacting precision by making layouts that are measurable, and working sketches with extreme accuracy. If you need technical, production or engineering drawings, we will make the machine drawing to your specification. Fabrication Drawings IndiaCADworks offers fabrication drawing for commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Starting with the base plate details, we add riveted, welded or bolted connections. If you have sketches or tender drawings, or anything else, we will produce CAD fabrication drawings to meet your specifications. Piping Design Employing only experts in the field of piping design, IndiaCADworks provides a long list of piping engineering services to meet your needs. We provide support services for steel, compressed air, intercooler, turbo, aluminum, flexible gas and expansion joints piping and piping drawings. Our services include: - Piping Design - Piping Stress Analysis - Piping isometrics - Isometrics Drawing & Bill of Materials - Piping Material Takeoffs - Piping Instrumentation - Pipe Rack Design & Piping Supports (Structural Detailing) - 2D Piping Layouts - 3D Piping Layouts - Plot Plan Development - Piping Design Criteria Development - Pipe Sizing & Calculation - Conceptual Pipe Routing - Paper or Blue Print to CAD - Heat Exchangers - Pressure Vessel Design - Shopping mall - Institutional building - Industrial building - Recreational building - Urban planning - Landscape design modeling Custom Furniture 3D Modeling It is difficult to get a real idea of what a piece of furniture will look like in a room from a flat photograph in a catalog. At IndiaCADworks, our professional drafters will take your ideas and drawings and convert them to 3D furniture models. The final 3D model will be scaled to your specifications and we take into account the material and style. Assembly Modeling and Interference Check IndiaCADworks specializes in assembly modeling and interference check. Armed with your assembly drawings, we analyze them to view three orthographic
  6. 6. Everything becomes more realistic when displayed three dimensionally. From architectural designs to floor plans, furniture and product renderings, IndiaCADworks’ 3D rendering services will turn your idea into a realistic 3D Computer-Aided drawing suitable for displaying to potential clients or for use in producing the final project itself. For example, a 3D floor plan puts your customer in the building, virtually. They can actually see where doors, stairs, windows, anything, will be when the building is built, allowing for rearrangements before costly work begins. Exterior and interior perspectives allow builders to visualize lighting effects, landscapes and even furniture while still in the design phase, allowing for easy changes and additions to the model for final decisions. 3D Animation Services No longer just used for cartoons, animation services provide a way for you to turn your project into a high-tech format to impress prospective clients, stakeholders or investors. IndiaCADworks’ 3D Animation Studio experts will take your idea and make it into a 3D animation, a 3D fly-through animation or a 3D architectural animation. 3D animations allow you and your investors to visualize a work in progress. The live animation file can be created, shared and modified until everyone is satisfied with the design. Using a computer, the renderings can be changed to see different options and ideas prior to finalizing the project rendering. 3D walk-through Animation 3D walkthroughs of architectural projects provide the customer and designer with a realistic view of the exterior building perspectives, the landscape and environment, the interiors, lighting, fixtures and furniture in vivid colors 3D Rendering Services views of the system: overall dimensions, weight and mass, identification of all the components, quantities of material, supply details, as well as a list of reference drawings and notes. Our 3D modeling services team renders every single part and then performs interference checks on the design. Machine Parts 3D Modeling The part or component to be machined must first be envisioned in a 3D format to allow engineers and tool setters to create the machine with the exact preferences and realistic rendering. From planned building designs to a building under construction, IndiaCADworks can produce the animation magic you need to complete your project. Product and Industry Machinery Animation Many more people are involved with product and engineering projects than just the designers. Maintenance, service and support people also need to visualize in three dimensions how a design will look. IndiaCADworks can produce animated product animations or mechanical engineering animations from your submitted plans. Sketchup Services SketchUp service from IndiaCADworks is one of the preeminent CAD services that allow the client to visualize real-life scenarios on a computer first. SketchUp services are one of the preeminent 3D modeling software tools that allows the client to visualize real-life scenarios on a computer first. Buyers can try out different options such as shapes, sizes, color, and more, before finalizing the project specifications. From 3D renderings to architectural drawings, landscape projects to walkthroughs, everyone from architects to contractors can take advantage of the computer-animated displays created by the experts at IndiaCADworks to bring your project to life. to produce the part. It is vital to have 100 percent accuracy in dimensions and part details. IndiaCADworks produces machine parts 3D models with special attention to complex details such as welding points, material standards, codes and tolerances. In addition to owning the latest software and computers to produce your product, our process methodologies inculcate international and client-specific standards.
  7. 7. Offering exclusive CAD services for architecture, mechanical, structural and civil engineering projects, IndiaCADworks knows you need innovative and profitable solutions. We work closely with our clients to produce the design and the end product you need. Our resources and capabilities provide you with accurate, affordable and agile solutions for your engineering projects. Exclusive CAD Services Architectural CAD Services Outsourcing architectural CAD services to IndiaCADworks will aide your architects, interior designers, contractors, project managers, surveyors and anyone involved in designing the project. We offer rapid turnaround, detailed, accurate and modifiable drawings all at reasonable prices. Our services include: - Architectural design - Architectural planning - CAD drawings - CAD conversion - Architectural rendering - Architectural modeling - Animations and presentations - Interior design drawings - Working drawings - Floor and space planning - Raster to vector conversion Mechanical CAD Services Businesses are learning to optimize their product engineering services by outsourcing elements like mechanical CAD services. Businesses can shorten product development time and reduce product development and design costs. IndiaCADworks helps you with complex mechanical designs such as conceptual design, industrial engineering, CAD modeling and detailing, analysis and prototyping and manufacturing. Structural design and analysis is vital to the development of any engineering project. IndiaCADworks has years of experience and hires only the best to help you develop the best and most detailed structural plan for a variety of projects. Our structural engineering services include: - Industrial structures design & analysis - High rise structures design & analysis - Retrofitting & rehabilitation of structures Structural CAD Services - Custom homes design & analysis - Finite element modeling & analysis (FEM/FEA) - Peer review services
  8. 8. Contact Official Website: Contact form: eMail us at: Follow-us at: