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Seamless Omnichannel Experience: The New Normal


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Ananth Padmanabhan, Head – Asia Business, Sonata Software Limited

Published in: Retail
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Seamless Omnichannel Experience: The New Normal

  2. 2. Omni-channel retailing has become the norm where customers demand consistency and convenience no matter which channel they frequent. – Forrester Consulting paper According to a survey conducted by A.T. Kearney, 55 % shoppers said they engage via both online and physical touch points throughout their shopping lifecycle 71% of omni channel customers expect to view in-store inventory online, while 50% wish to buy online and pick up in-store – Forrester TLP 89% of shoppers want retailers to offer the convenience of shopping for products across any preferred channel – Accenture Seamless Retail Study 80% of store shoppers check prices online, and a third of them use mobile to access information from inside the physical store – MIT Technology Report Growing Importance of Omni-channel Retailing Multiple customer touch points More Evolved shopper Customer expectation for consistent buying experience Advancing technology Increased Competition Single Channel Multi-Channel Cross-Channel Omni-Channel
  3. 3. Single View of Customer across Channels Inventory Visibility across channels Seamless Order Fulfillment Omni-channel Redefined Consistent -------------------------------BUSINESS -----------------------------
  4. 4. • Today’s Consumer decides the channel he wants to use at any given point in time • Retailers must enable their businesses to serve this consumer. Adopting Omni Channel Strategy Customer Experience • Innovation in Digital Channels • Mobile First • E-Commerce • Market place integrations • Social Media Commerce Inventory Visibility • Global inventory visibility • Reducing the possibility of out-of- stock situations • Optimize inventory, cycle times & storage costs • Shorter lead times Order Fulfillment • Order visibility across retail value chain • On-time order delivery & commitment • Efficient order fulfillment systems • Easy and visible order returns and exchanges
  5. 5. Silos and legacy systems make it significantly complex to realize the Omni-channel imperatives. of retailers have only operationalized basics such as store pickup, cross-channel stock visibility and store-based fulfillment of shoppers demand visibility of in-store inventory to enable them to check products online before visiting the store Customer Silos Operational Silos Legacy System Silos Challenge 1/3rd 42%
  6. 6. Helping a world leading retailer deliver superior customer experience • An efficient cross-channel order fulfilment system for drive-through deliveries from store and warehouse • Created a single customer repository with real time integration to deliver a 360 degree view of the customer Extending leading Indian beauty retailers business to digital channels • Extend leading Indian store-led retailer to web and mobile commerce channels • Built a complete analytics solution encompassing Customer, Operational, Sales and Web Analytics to provide deeper insights into business, operations and customers Customer 360 degree | Mobile Engagement | Cross-channel Order Fulfilment Success Stories
  7. 7. Retailers need to define their omni-channel strategies based on In Conclusion An omni-channel presence is no more a good-to-have strategy, but rather an imperative to sustain growth and thrive in the tough retail landscape. Product & Segment Existing Market Position Scale
  8. 8. Sonata Software has a track record of powering brick and click led business transformation initiatives for some of the most well-known Retail enterprises across the globe. We specialize in applying technologies such as Omni-Channel Commerce, Mobility and Analytics to enhance customer engagement for Retailers. Thank you… Do visit us at our booth By: Ananth Padmanabhan Head – Asia Business Sonata Software