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all about windows 8:)

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Windows 8

  1. 1. WINDOWS 8 Presented by, Pooja Sree K II ME SE Reg. No. 112342012 1
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction History of development Requirements Features Security Online services and functionality Removed features Microsoft Surface Conclusion References 2
  3. 3. Introduction Produced by Microsoft Released on October 26th 2012 Introduces significant changes to the platform Focused on emerging technologies, security features User interface is based on ‘Metro Design Language’ Kernel type is based on Hybrid kernel 3
  4. 4. History of Development Windows 8 was started before Windows 7 was shipped in 2009 Windows 8 supports ARM microprocessors in addition from Intel, AMD and VIA Technologies August 1st 2012 the OS was released to manufacturing 4
  5. 5. Requirements The hardware requirements for PC’s  Minimum requirements are higher than Windows 7  Uses IA-32 bit or x86-64 bit architecture  With Memory RAM of about 1GB to 2GB  Storage capacity 16GB to 20 GB The hardware requirements for Tablet’s  Uses Graphics Card-DirectX 10 Graphics Device  Provides storage up to 10GB free space 5
  6. 6. Features The featured added and changed  Faster startup through UEFI integration  Hybrid Boot mode  Lock screen with time and notifications  Windows Explorer as File Explorer  Redesigning the Task Manager  Updating the Blue Screen of Death 6
  7. 7. Security Security features include two authentication methods  Windows Defender and Smart Screen filtering  Support for ‘Secure Boot’ functionality Integrated Family Safety software Integrated System Recovery 7
  8. 8. Online services and functionality Heavier integration with online services Enhancing Windows Live ID for synchronizing Updating the Sky Drive cloud storage service Uses Internet Explorer 10 in windows 8  Included in both desktop program and touch-optimized app  Includes version of Adobe Flash Player Improved support for mobile broadband Supports UEFI specification, uses public-key infrastructure 8
  9. 9. Removed Features Startmenu Support for DVD’s in Windows Media Player Ability to customize the font color Maximize/minimize buttons in title bar Backup, restore and previous versions interface  Uses USN Journal 9
  10. 10. Microsoft Surface Tabletsdesigned and marketed by Microsoft Two versions  Windows RT  Windows 8 Pro Uses kickstand for support Provides two camera’s Screen size of 10.6 inches with 16:9 aspect ratio HD Screen 10
  11. 11. Microsoft Surface Cont. Keyboards have gyroscope and accelerometer sensors Memory of 4GB dual-channel RAM Offers two keyboard covers  Touch cover  Type cover 11
  12. 12. Conclusion Microsoft is making a leadership statement Stabilizing their work in both hardware and software A challenge taken over by removing its familiarity Enhanced version with users interaction 12
  13. 13. References 13
  14. 14. THANK YOU!! 14