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Halloween Kit from Indezine


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The Indezine Halloween Kit can be downloaded from -- this is a self-contained set of content that provides everything you need to create picture slides for PowerPoint. This Halloween Kit comprises the Indezine Halloween Theme, a scary font, some doodles (clip art), scrapbook style embellishments, and few sample slides. Use this kit as a starting point to create your own picture slides! Then you can email your creations, or share them as a movie clip using PowerPoint 2010's Save and Send | Create a Video option. You can also upload the presentation to online sharing sites such as SlideShare, myBrainshark, authorSTREAM, SlideBoom, SlideShark -- or upload a converted video to video sharing sites such as YouTube. Enjoy, and let us hear how you used this kit!

Published in: Design, Spiritual, Art & Photos
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