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Raw material Handling


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This contains latest equipment & machinery ,technology to handle various sort of raw material

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Raw material Handling

  1. 1. FEBRUARY 2010 ADVAN C ES I N SYS T E M S , EQ UIPMEN T AN D PRO D U C T S www. mhpn . c o m Editor’s Choice 3 Spotlight on Totes and Lift Truck News 8 containers 4 Products of the Month 13
  2. 2. SpeedyPacker Insight ® With the touch of a button, the SpeedyPacker Insight® foam-in-bag packaging system delivers a new world of versatility! Versatile and efficient, you can dedicate the SpeedyPacker Insight® system to one packaging line or serve multiple lines with one system. With a simple touch of a button, the SpeedyPacker Insight® system produces up to 21 Instapak® foam-filled cushions per minute. Using the Continuous Foam Tube (CFT) mode produces a series of foam-filled tubes for use as base cushions or full wraparound protection. Continuous Foam Tubes (CFTs) can be batched ahead of time for later use or delivery to multiple workstations. Whatever Instapak® packaging solution you select, your customer will receive a damage-free product in a neat, professional package. One Touch Operation The user-friendly control panel allows you to create and store up to 156 packaging solutions. Online or off, the SpeedyPacker Insight® system can meet your most demanding packaging applications. Foam-in-Bag Molded Void Engineered Wraparound Base Pad Cushioning Cushions Fill CFTs CFTs CFTs Protective Packaging Learn more about the versatility and 10 Old Sherman Turnpike flexibility of an Instapak® solution. Danbury, CT 06810 Find out more today! 203-791-3500 Fax: 203-791-3618 Visit Or call 1-800-568-6636 Our Products Protect Your Products® For a FREE Package Evaluation. SC10200216 © Sealed Air Corporation (US) 2010. All rights reserved. The "9 Dot Logo" and "Sealed Air" are registered trademarks of Sealed Air Corporation (US). Visit or call 1-800-568-6636 » For free info input 401 at
  3. 3. Mike Levans, Editorial Director EDITOR’S CHOICE Vertical conveyor lifts 3,000 pounds 14 feet high he V-Lift hydraulic, cantilevered vertical reciprocating conveyor lifts up to 3,000 pounds of mate- T rial 14 feet high. It can be installed in a shaft or be free-standing with optional structural framing. Features include 6-inch wide, flange structural steel guide columns and a hydraulic ram with 2.5-inch diameter dual pistons for smooth operation. A single-cylinder hydraulic system prevents twisting during operation and eliminates all moving hoses, cables and chains for easier installation, reduced maintenance and longer service life. Safety interlocks prevent movement until the gates are fully closed. Wildeck, 800-325-6939, Enhance your lift truck fleet management InfoLink 2.5 fleet management system transforms lift truck operating data into meaningful information. New features reduce false impact alarms, deliver real-time performance indicators based on user-defined goals, and display critical measurements in graphic form. Color-coded opportunity indicators provide an easy-to-monitor view of conditions in each area. These indicators show if you are meeting established goals (green), require attention (yellow), or need immediate action (red). To eliminate nuisance alarms from neg- ligible impacts, the system uses an intelligent sensing system that combines data from the impact sensor and the truck to generate alerts about only those impacts that meet pre-defined criteria. Crown Equipment, 419-629-2311, Handle non-unitized, non-skidded payloads Offered in four basic models with capacities from 750 to 2,000 pounds, the mobile manipulator handler series integrates materials handling, robotic manipulation, and transport capabilities into a single machine. The handler eliminates manual lifting and transfer of payloads between cranes, forks, stack- ers, carts and other carriers. Ideal for facility areas not supported by fixed or overhead cranes, the system handles panels and awkward, non-unitized, non- skidded payloads using interchangeable vacuum cups, mechanical grippers, Precise, intelligent overhead handling and magnetic load plates. Its boom end effector system picks in 16 different For enhanced precision and operator safety vertical, horizontal or angular positions. It is powered by a 36-volt DC battery throughout a full range of speeds, the G-Jib drive. Arlington Equipment, 518-798-5867, incorporates the supplier’s G-Force intel- ligent lifting device and an enclosed-track workstation jib crane. The combination Vertical storage system for tool and die use gives the operator the control to finesse A line of vertical storage and retrieval systems is now expensive or fragile parts. Features include offered as an alternative to conventional drawer, shelv- an industrial processor-controlled servo ing and rack storage for tool and die applications. drive system with a fixed actuator near Consisting of a vertical carousel of shelves moving on the vertical truss of the crane. This design a track and a vertical lift module of trays mounted on eliminates the deadweight of moving a both sides of an inserter/extractor, the system automat- hoist along the rail for easy movement and ically delivers items to the operator. Items are presented maximum productivity with reduced risk of at an ergonomically positioned work counter, which operator injury. The system offers capacities eliminates walking, searching, bending and stooping. of 330 and 660 pounds, spans of 6 to 15 Capacities reach up to 2,000 pounds per tray with a feet, and may be mounted free-standing or total unit capacity of 264,550 pounds per machine. on a wall/column. Gorbel, 800-821-0086, KardexRemstar, 800-639-5805, » For free info on these products, visit 02.10 MHPN 3
  4. 4. SPOTLIGHT ON Totes and containers 100% recycled shelf bins reduce waste, increase productivity he EarthSaver series of eco-friendly plastic storage and organi- T zation shelf bins for small parts organization boosts workplace productivity. Made of 100% recycled material, the bins come in three color options: hunter green, sandstone and terra cotta. Easy to label for quick inventory identification, the bins are ideal for use in manufacturing, healthcare, retail and distribution applications. The bins may be used alone or combined with the supplier’s steel shelving, wire shelving and pick racks to create a complete storage system. Akro-Mils, 800-253-2467, Wire mesh container holds 2,200 pounds Capable of nesting with containers from other suppliers, this wire mesh container measures 48 x 40 x 38 inches and holds 2,200 pounds. It is offered with or without 5 x 2 inch polyure- thane casters, two rigid and two swivel. For easy access to con- tents, a half-drop front gate is positioned on the 48-inch side. When empty, the containers collapse to a height of 12.5 inches. They can be stacked four high with product and up to 30 high when collapsed. Optional accessories include a security top, spring loaded shelf, vertical divider, horizontal shelf and caster brakes. Carico Cowin, 800-466-6738, Plastic totes for automated mini-load systems All-plastic ML6040 reusable totes are ideal for picking and order fulfillment in auto- Carrier divides, separates Fiberglass reinforced containers mated mini-load systems. The totes’ precise delicate components for heavy, dense parts dimensional consistency ensures seamless extraction, conveying and insertion. With Ideal for use in aerospace, manu- a 23.6 x 15.75 inch footprint, the totes are facturing and distribution, the Set offered in two heights: 7.8 and 11.8 inches. Top box carrier protects delicate Straight walls provide high cubic capacity, equipment—including converter while the units’ reinforced bottom prevents boxes and cell phones—during deflection. Both internal and external sur- storage, transit and installation. faces are smooth for easy cleaning, and the The reusable carriers include totes resist moisture, pests, mold and fun- dividers to separate and protect gus. They are recyclable at the end of their each item to reduce damage while service life. ORBIS, 888-307-2185, eliminating corrugated waste and associated dust. Offered in four standard sizes, the boxes range from 14 x 15 x 10 to 27 x For work-in-process, assembly and storage applications, fiberglass reinforced containers 15 x 18 inches. Optional acces- are offered in five footprints from 6.3 x 4.9 to 20 x 13.9 inches, with heights up to 8.1 sories include handles and hand inches. To handle heavy, dense parts and materials, the stack-only and nest-only con- holes, covers, foam cushioning, tainers are compression-molded using high strength fiberglass reinforced polyester resin. label holders and placards, or Features include use in temperatures from –60º to 250º F, and five standard colors (light electrostatic dissipative materi- blue, green, gray, red and light yellow) for part identification and inventory control. als. The boxes may be specified The containers may be autoclaved or x-rayed for healthcare and security use. Optional in blue, black or white. Flexcon dual-purpose covers protect parts, enable container stacking, and can be used as trays. Container, 973-467-3323, LEWISBins+, 877-975-3947, 4 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  5. 5. ✔ ❑ Better ✔ ❑ Safer ✔ ❑ More Productive Pick any three. WHATEVER THE CHALLENGE, GORBEL CRANES ARE UP TO THE TASK. • Wide range of ergonomic • Free standing lifting solutions or ceiling mounted • Available in a variety of • Easy to install spans and capacities • Quick delivery WORK STATION • Modular design for easy CRANES expansion and relocation WORK STATION JIB CRANES I-BEAM JIB CRANES GANTRY CRANES CLEVELAND TRAMRAIL 800.821.0086 • » For free info input 402 at
  6. 6. SPOTLIGHT ON Totes and containers Bulk container holds 1,200 pounds Measuring 40 x 48 x 45 inches, the nestable general purpose bin weighs 107 pounds with 1,200 pounds capacity. Its lighter weight permits the loading of up to 60 bins per 53-foot truckload to reduce outbound transportation costs. The unit’s walls fold down for empty shipping and storage. When upright, the sides are held secure with an integrated one-piece latch, molded into the wall. Formed through high-pressure injection molding, the containers are made of a less-brittle co-polymer polypropylene for enhanced stiffness and impact resis- tance. Rehrig Pacific, 800-421-6244, Containers nest and stack Nest and stack con- tainers save space by Attached lid container for garment, parts distribution stacking when full Ideal for use in garment, sporting and nesting when goods or automotive parts dis- empty. Offered in tribution, the nestable DC2820- a variety of materi- 15 container is manufactured als to accommodate through a high-speed injection a range of needs, molding process for dimen- the formulations sional consistency. It includes an include resistance attached, ratcheted interlocking to chemicals, elec- flap lid to secure and protect trostatic discharge contents during storage and and degreasers, autoclavability, flame retardance, and food handling. To transport. Interchangeable with facilitate movement, matched dollies with 3-inch diameter swivel cast- containers from other suppliers, the box’s footprint measures ers may be specified. Dimensions range from 25.25 x 18 x 6 inches to 28 x 20 inches. When empty, the containers may be nested for 42.5 x 20 x 14.25 inches and include optional lids to protect contents maximum return shipment efficiency. Monoflo International, from dirt and damage. Molded Fiber Glass Tray Co., 800-446-6693, 800-458-6050, Clear bins stack, hang and organize High capacity storage containers Constructed to maximize columnar strength, Hi-Load high capacity storage containers are capable of supporting up to 2,000 pounds when stacked. Features include a fork lift acces- sible outer shape and a large interior that can be fitted with custom plastic inserts and foam to protect, transport and store high value components. The polyethylene container, lid and insert are manufactured with a proprietary vibrational molding process, with the molds custom fabricated to specification. FDA compliant non-toxic resins and color pigments are included standard, while an electrostatic dissipative additive is optional. Unifuse, 845-889-4000, Autoclavable up to 250ºF and resistant to extreme cold, Clear View Ultra stack and hang bins are manufactured from heavy- Intermediate bulk containers duty, high-density tri-clear polypropylene. Manufactured in three capacities—from 270 to Molded with front, back and side grips for 315 gallons—Caliber collapsible intermediate bulk easy handling, the bins organize inventory containers ship and store large volumes of dry with multiple large label slots. A built-in or wet products. The units are molded of FDA- rear hanger allows the bins to be hung approved, food-grade plastic and have completely from louvered panels or rails. For increased smooth surfaces for hygiene. To prevent cross- bin capacity and a quick view of contents, contamination, the containers use a disposable optional clear window inserts can be bag liner. Collapsible and stackable, the containers’ added. Twenty different sizes are offered dimensions optimize cubing of rail cars and truck from 5 x 4.125 x 3 to 18 x 16.5 x 11 inches. trailers. The unit can be top-filled and emptied with Quantum Storage Systems, 800-685- an optional bottom discharge. Buckhorn, 4665, 800-543-4454, 6 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  7. 7. KEEP ASSEMBLY LINES ASSEMBLING. Because downtime is never an option, the most trusted multi-purpose industrial lubricant on the market continues to be an essential tool for your business. Visit for more information about a variety of WD-40 products to meet every workplace need, like the larger 16 oz. can for even more uses. ® © 2009 WD-40 Company » For free info input 403 at
  8. 8. LIFT TRUCK NEWS Advanced systems cut downtime by 30% o decrease downtime by 30%, the S80-120FT line of sit-down, counterbalanced lift T trucks features a durable power train, industrial-strength electronics, and advanced cooling and hydraulic systems. Offered in three preconfigured power train bundles, the trucks’ onboard computers, transmission system and auto deceleration function work together to optimize performance and reliability. Ergonomic features include a fatigue- reducing compartment that isolates vibrations and easily adjustable operator settings. To minimize maintenance time, the vehicles’ CANbus communication system provides real- time, onboard diagnostics. Hyster, 800-497-8371, Stand-up truck lifts up to 4,000 pounds Offered in three lifting capacities from 3,000 to 4,000 Environmentally friendly pounds, the Platinum SCX series of stand-up counterbal- trucks produce low emissions anced trucks are completely AC powered. Features include The environmentally friendly two independently controlled AC drive motors and drive internal combustion 8-Series units optimized with a continuous feedback system to yield lift trucks handle up to 6,500 enhanced acceleration and fast travel speeds, both loaded pounds and come in cushion and empty. To save energy, the trucks include standard auto- and pneumatic tire models. The power off and regenerative braking. An automatic self-check counterbalanced ensures all systems are running correctly and displays the LPG, gasoline, truck’s status to the operator or service technician. Nissan and compressed Forklift, 815-568-0061, natural gas-pow- ered lift trucks produce 70% less Side-stance, 3-wheel truck offers smooth ride smog-forming Featuring a suspended floorboard to eliminate shock and vibration, the emissions than RC 5500 three-wheel, stand-up counterbalanced truck gives operators federal standards. a smooth ride. Offered in 3,000; 3,500 and 4,000 pound capacities, the Features include vehicle includes a 36-volt electrical system with intrinsic communication CANbus commu- control, intelligent AC drive motor to optimize traction and braking, nication; steel side and load-sense hydrostatic on-demand steering. For enhanced visibility panels; moisture in either direction of travel, the truck offers a side-stance position, clear resistant electric view mast, and low-profile sculpted chassis. The frictionless braking connectors; large system uses the motor’s torque to eliminate adjustments and wear. capacity engine Crown Equipment, 419-629-2311, cooling fan; fully sealed air-intake system; and self- New line of counterbalanced trucks debuts adjusting brakes. A full line of electric counterbalanced lift trucks One-way auto- offering capacities from 2,500 to 10,000 pounds matic fork level- has debuted. Offered in three- and four-wheel ver- ing, integrated monitoring sions, the smaller vehicles include full AC power with system; adjustable headlights extended battery life, fingertip controls for precise with guards; and electric shift load handling, and an easy-to-read, cowl-mounted dis- control enhance productivity. play panel. A five-level preprogrammed performance For operator comfort, the trucks mode selector permits the operator to adapt to chang- offer a low profile front cowl, ing applications. Also AC-powered, the larger trucks non-cinching seat belt; four-way include a full-suspension seat and floating cab to adjustable full-suspension seat, reduce shock and vibration. Anti-rollback features and tilt steer column. Toyota for loaded and unloaded conditions help the oper- Material Handling USA, ator retain full speed control on ramps. 800-226-0009, CAT Lift Trucks, 713-365- 1000, 8 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  9. 9. 3-wheel, sit-down Compact, multi-directional truck 3- and 4-wheel electrics truck handles The compact Combi-CB counterbalanced The AM50 and AE50 series of compact three- tight spaces lift truck is offered in three versions: LP gas, and four-wheel electric counterbalanced lift Engineered for diesel or electric. Capable of moving 6,000 trucks includes cushion and pneumatic tire smooth transport of pounds, the multi-directional vehicle has models with capacities up to 4,000 pounds. products and stack- rubber tires. A fully enclosed cabin may be Features include a total AC drive, hydraulic and ing of pallets, the specified. A 55-inch wide fork carriage with power steering system, high-visibility masts, Model 4450 three- optional integrated fork positioner sup- and automatic lock out of lift and travel when wheel, ports long products. Because the truck has the seat is unoccupied. The vehicles offer a full sit-down no platform, goods can be stacked directly suspension seat and spacious compartment with counterbal- from the floor up for full use of lower stor- proportional hydraulic control valve levers and anced truck features a short head length age areas. Combilift USA, 877-266-2456, thumb-actuated buttons. Komatsu Forklift that reduces turn radius, making it ideal for USA, 770-788-3440, tight spaces. Capable of handling capacities up to 4,000 pounds, the vehicle features Narrow-aisle, LP-powered trucks selectable travel for easy reduction of speed Ideal for narrow aisle storage operations that require precise control in while unloading a trailer with a quick tight aisles at high elevations, the LP-gas powered Bendi Tier III coun- switch to higher speeds for long distance terbalanced lift truck includes a 2.4-liter GM engine. Integrated hydro- transport. Oil-cooled disc brakes generate static drive, lift and steering systems give the vehicle’s driver the feel of longer brake life, while a common battery an electric truck to enhance operator confidence and performance. For compartment allows for integration into increased fuel efficiency, the vehicle includes on-demand fuel injection mixed fleets. For clear visibility in travel, and a via-sonic fuel level sensor accurate to 99.5%. Features include handling and stacking, the four-cylin- CANbus electronics and wiring, simplified maintenance and diagnos- der mast lacks a center lift cylinder. The tics through an on-dash display and integrated controls. Landoll, Raymond Corp., 800-235-7200, www. 800-428-5655, » For free info input 404 at
  10. 10. SPECIAL FOCUS Overhead handling Versatile, flexible overhead crane kits dvantage overhead crane kits for heavy-duty applications offer turn-key A crane building capabilities for Class C and D duty cycles. The kits include hoists, end trucks and plug-and-play festoon systems. They offer variable- frequency drive controls, a pendant with eight push buttons and upper and lower limit switches. For safety, a redundant mechanical load brake and DC motor brake are incorporated. Other features include universal trolley wheels for use on S-beam or wide flanges, true vertical lift that eliminates compensation for hook drift, forged steel hook with safety latch that swivels 360 degrees, and a continuous duty motor with cooling fins enclosed by an aluminum alloy housing. Ace World Companies, 800-431-4223, www. Hoist 1 to 80 tons Low-horsepower With lifting capacities rang- crane control ing from 1 to 80 tons, the CXT The low-horsepower hoist can be customized to meet Impulse-G+ mini load handling and size require- adjustable frequency ments. The hoists are offered in crane control is eas- single and double girder con- ily programmed. For struction in profile or box type basic applications, models. Top, side and under- user-friendly stan- hung main girder connections dard programming is save space and permit the floor included. High-per- area under the crane to be formance environ- used more efficiently. Ideal for ments with specific medium-heavy operations with needs can further a machinery duty rating of ISO customize the control M5, standard hoisting motors with advanced programming functions. Its compact provide dual-speed hoisting at footprint permits the use of smaller control enclosures a 6:1 ratio and are 60% duty while expanding application opportunities with small- rated. Inverter controls on er cranes, hoists, trolleys and monorail carriers. A two- the bridge and trolley ensure year warranty is included. Magnetek, 800-288-8178, smooth starts and stops while reducing wear and mechanical stress. To guard against phase mismatch, the units have four Wireless, ergonomic controller adjustable switching points For improved safety and reliabil- with phase sequence control. ity, the LRC-M1 wireless control Konecranes Americas, system for electric overhead trav- 800-934-6976, www. eling cranes directs up to four motions with two ergonomic, multi-axis joystick controllers. The trolley/hoist selector, two Electric rope hoists lift 10 tons auxilliary push buttons and tog- DR-Pro wire rope hoists include overload protection, load display, gles are mounted on an impact- a geared limit switch and an onboard monitoring program for ease resistant Lexan EXL housing. of maintenance. The 10-ton capacity hoists may be installed in Cranes currently equipped with remote controls can pairs with simultaneous and independent variable speed control to be easily retrofitted with this system. An external RFID safely handle loads at the most efficient lifting and travel speeds. feature minimizes spares and transfer of keys to other When equipped with a radio remote control, the system enables controllers to increase safety and flexibility, and stream- the operator to remain at a safe distance. Demag Cranes & line workflow. Cattron Group, 724-962-3571, www. Components, 440-248-2400, 10 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  11. 11. YOUR BUSINESS AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS 40,000+ BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL 5223200— 24-Compt. Drawers for Cabinet PRODUCTS! $ 2320 (Sold separately) 52944—17x11x11" 5223100— 44075—Polypropylene Industrial Parts 44126—111⁄8x235⁄8 x4" $ 50 Large 4-Drawer 51⁄2 x107⁄8 x5" Akrobins® $ Shelf Bins 9 Cabinets $ 91 70 52530—All Steel $ 48-Drawer Cabinet 53200 Cabinet $ 84 80 48-Compt shown here. Others available. 440 (Pallets sold separately) 4197629— $ 23400 36x18x42" Storage 5756602— Cabinets 72"H Heavy-Duty 78230— The NEW 852-Page Catalog Welded 12x18x36" 4676709—30-Gal. Bulk Racks 2-Tier Lockers with 7811200—$ 7808500— $ 2–Door Safety Cabinets Polyethylene 321 00 2–Drum Modular 13500 $ 36200 Recessed Handle $ $ 644 00 Containment Pallets Spill Pallets 41600 FREE Catalog! Call 1-866-460-7851 Baler—Call for Pricing. 5122500— 71613— 36x18x87"Clipper® • Storage Products 27x48" Hi-Performance® Pallet Truck 7461002— Commercial-Grade $ • Material Handling 58000 Drum Dumper Shelving $ $ 450500 18500 7807328— 1-Tier Locker • Facility & Shipping $ 42400 Pallet Storage Racks— Call for Pricing. • Office Products • Environmental & Safety Products (Tops sold separately) 32166—Complete Call toll-free 5172100— Pedestal Workbenches 4107400—Mobile 48x24x72" 4116600—12–Compt. with Maple Top 1-866-460-7851 3260600—15–Gallon $ 21500 Vertical Filing Systems Fiberboard Vertical Roll Reinforced Shelving $ 4165026— $ 41600 Trifecta™ Waste Receptacles $ 427 00 Files $ $ 379 00 62100 48x24x78" Jumbo 60 10 Storage Cabinets Fax toll-free 1-800-336-1331 7132400— 17x60" Four-Wheel Appliance Trucks Go online at $ 42500 7000200— 5686300—6'x30" 19x42" Folding Professional-Grade Hydraulic Hand Trucks $ 7208101—450–3000-Lb. Foot-Operated Lift Tables $ 14000 Cap. EZ Loader® Pallet 7128100— 7175200—330-Lb. Cap. MobiLift™ Manual Scissors 2220 00 Positioners $ 2455 00 Lift 2K™ 28x48" Lift Tables Lift Tables $ Prices good through April 30, 2010. $ 158000 646 00 Call toll-free 1-866-460-7851 Fax toll-free 1-800-336-1331 Go online at MHPN 0210 V1 » For free info input 405 at
  12. 12. SPECIAL FOCUS overhead handling Handle four drums at one time To handle up to four con- ventional drums—includ- ing rimmed steel, plastic and fiber—the L4CB Parrot-Beak crane-hoist mounted system features automatic, mechani- cal clamping action. Capable of lifting up to 2,000 pounds per drum (8,000 pounds total), the system provides safe handling without drum damage. A mixed group of drums can be handled by the unit simultaneously when all heights are within 1 inch of each other. Fork and carriage-mount models are also offered. Liftomatic Material Handling, 800-837-6540, Ultra-low headroom trolley hoists The industrial grade SHB ultra-low trolley Sheet lifter handles multiple stacks hoist features a chain hoist and geared trol- A 10-ton capacity sheet lifter picks up multiple stacks of steel in ley configuration that minimizes beam-to- widths from 24 to 76 inches. The system cradles the cut-to-length hook distance. Ideal for applications where sheets in 108-inch-long carrying arms. Before lifting, a second set longer hook travel is required, the unit of motorized arms secures the ends of the stacks. The lifter is pow- is offered in capacities from 1 to 10 tons. ered by a 90-volt DC supply. Bushman AvonTec, 800-338-7810, Equipped with a standard 20 feet of lift, the hoist includes an efficient drive train that minimizes operation effort. Maintenance- free and lubed-for-life sealed ball bearings Cranes boost manufacturing efficiency yield smooth movement, while the low fric- Portable davit cranes handle loads weighing tion, grade 100 heat-treated manganese alloy load chain resists up to 2,000 pounds. Featuring lightweight, abrasion and wear. For durability, the hoist and steel side plates are solid steel construction, 360-degree rotation constructed entirely of steel. Harrington Hoists, 800-233-3010, and an adjustable boom, the cranes offer easy operation, long life and portability for use at multiple stations. They are ideal for lifting and positioning manufacturing dies, raw materials and equipment. The cranes may be specified with either manual or electric winch units and with pedestal, flush or wall mounted bases. Finish options include powder coat, galvanized and stain- less steel for added corrosion protection. Thern, 800-843-7648, Lift 110 tons with wire rope hoist P&H Hevi-Lift G-series wire rope hoists lift up to 110 tons. Featuring high-quality gears, direct current brakes, and an enclosed, cast-iron rope guide for reliability, the hoist’s mechanisms are lubricated with synthetic oil. To expel contaminants and facilitate consistent stops, a protective enclosure surrounds the unit’s brake. For extended rope life, the guide sports a 360-degree rope tensioning spring to keep the drum seated in drum grooves. A 60% duty cycle motor withstands up to 360 motor starts per hour. All models incorporate electronic monitoring, thermal protection and adjustable jogging protec- tion. Morris Material Handling, 800-933-3001, 12 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  13. 13. PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH Stacker crane for a 5,000-pound capacity, the scale high strength steel and can be floor- AGV operates in high-speed travel increases productivity and saves mounted, dedicated to a particular narrow aisles space by eliminating a floor scale. door, or fitted with an optional tra- The device is NTEP-certified by the versing base, allowing the conveyor National Conference on Weights to serve multiple doors. Caljan and Measures. Features include a Rite-Hite, 303-321-3600, www. rechargeable lithium-ion smart bat- tery, an on-board weigh indicator with 1 MB memory, and wireless real-time communications. Capable of storing up to 10,000 records, data Device helps move large, transmission includes accurate ship- heavy material rolls For efficient automated materials ment identifiers and weight-related transport through tight, narrow data such as PRO number, employee aisles, the Tite-Space BST AGV tug- ID, last transaction data, and esti- ger features a minimum turning mated- and actual weight and skids. radius of 17.5 inches. The vehicle is The battery operates 24-hours con- ideal for delivering loads to line-side tinuously and recharges fully in assembly points. The low-profile eight hours. Alliance Scale, 800- tugger includes a drive motor, 24- 343-6802, www.alliancescale. volt DC power supply, and guidance com. The battery-powered RollMover sensors. It travels in a single direc- material handler for heavy loads tion along a magnetic tape guide- The Mustang Evo single-mast auto- mated storage and retrieval system Telescopic belt conveyors increases productivity while ensur- ing worker safety. Ideal for moving path at speeds of 13 to 164 feet per minute, and engages stationary handles a maximum payload of The CB2 (two-section) and CB3 large master rolls of paper or fabric pushcarts by extending a catch pin 220 pounds to heights up to 39 (three-section) telescopic belt con- and rolls of tissue paper, nonwovens, into the cart’s connector interface. feet at maximum speeds of 19.7 veyors target route delivery doors or fiberglass mat, the handler trans- For larger operations, a series of BST feet per second. The stacker crane and store level cargo doors to opti- ports loads up to 20,000 pounds. drive units can power an entire fleet features specially rolled profiles, mize loading and unloading zones. Featuring a compact, durable steel of carts. To ensure safety, the AGV consistent material thickness and For safety and efficiency, the con- frame, the lightweight unit is simple includes electromagnetic breaking, high-strength bolted connections veyors feature joystick controls in to use while preventing on-site inju- audible warning and flashing light, make the mast three times stiffer the optimal working position and ries caused by pushing heavy loads. obstacle sensor, bumper switch and yet lighter than the supplier’s pre- shielding to protect the operator Appleton Mfg., 920-751-1555, e-stop. Creform, 800-839-8823, vious model. The chassis, chassis from moving parts. Both are made of frame and lifting unit have been reinforced, re-engineered and weight-optimized. Additionally, the crane’s center of gravity offers better distribution of loads to the running wheels and eliminates drive motors at the top of the machine, reducing maintenance and operational costs. TGW-Ermanco, 231-798-4547, Forklift scale collects, transmits weight data Installed on a lift truck, the CLS-420 scale combines lifting, weighing, transfer and data collection. With » For free info input 406 at » For free info on these products, visit 02.10 MHPN 13
  14. 14. PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH Four-aisle AS/RS handles stacker, and beam for offshore use or zinc plated 3,000 orders per day two electric with stainless steel screw assembly. pallet trucks Elephant Lifting Products, The four-aisle viaspeed automated for medium 888-844-6113, www.elephant- storage and retrieval system uses duty use. plastic totes to transport and store With a products. With capacity of approxi- nationwide mately 44,000 totes of product weighing up to 66 pounds each, the distribution program, System automates system also includes a tote-handling factory stock forklift-based picking conveyor with vertical sequence buf- of the fork- The Pick-n-Go order picking system fers feeding workstations for picking lifts will be is comprised of a lift truck vehicle and packing. The AS/RS may be fur- maintained automation kit that connects with ther customized with an automatic at several regional locations across an existing warehouse management robotic combination tote pallet- the country for fast delivery. system (WMS) and a pick-by-voice izer/depalletizer. The system handles Big Lift, 630-916-2600, solution for a 60% improvement in 1,200 totes in and out per hour and order picking productivity. As the more than 3,000 order lines per day. WMS sends line orders to picker and viastore systems, 616-977-3950, truck simultaneously, the vehicle Full line of lifting travels to the correct position and raises the forks to the appropriate devices debuts height for ergonomic placement of Value-priced lift trucks A line of manual and electric chain hoists, beam clamps and lever hoists. All manual hoists come equipped with a standard corrosion- the item on the pallet. New orders send the truck to the next posi- stocked nationwide lever hoists has debuted. Offerings resistant +V grade galvanized load tion where the process is repeated. The Big Joe basic series of value-ori- include the KIIOP chain hoist with chain rated for a Grade 105 load. When the pallet nears capacity, the ented electric lift trucks contains five overload protection, the C21 chain To complement the hoist lines, the system automatically sends a new models. Offerings include a walk- hoist with a high weight to lifting supplier also offers Grippa spark- lift truck with an empty pallet to behind straddle truck, a walk-behind capacity ratio, the Y-III series with resistant trolleys and beam clamps the picker, while the forklift with counterbalanced truck, a manual overload protection, and YA series in two versions: 100% stainless steel the full pallet travels to the dispatch Take the fright out of freight Rely on our high-efficiency bulk containers and carts to move more goods faster and easier at lighter tare weights than metal and wood. That means bigger payloads, fewer trips and less fuel - • Cube out trailers • Unitize loads without pallets • Secure sensitive materials • Reuse and save on every trip Call now before your freight costs get more frightening. USDA/FDA-approved Enclosed fork pockets Stack and nest Secure and efficient 800.829.4535 Meese Orbitron Dunne Co. GSA » For free info input 407 at » For free info input 408 at 14 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit
  15. 15. Got Pallets? Handle pallet loads faster, safer, and easier... area, permitting the picker to work Let Southworth show you how. on the next order without interrup- tion. Kollmorgen, 540-467-3086, ® Loading and Offloading – PalletPal Levelers keep loads at a constant working height to eliminate bending, reaching, and stretching. Tightly spaced bar grating Transporting and Lifting – PalletPal Lift Trucks, Mobile Levelers, and Stackers are versatile devices used for transporting and lifting loads. Steel PressLock bar grating for use in mezzanine walkway and flooring, Rotating or Inverting – PalletPal Rotators turn pallet loads a full pallet rack decking and shelving, 180° in seconds for changing from inbound to outbound pallets, or and pick module decking applica- tions is offered as a cost-effective replacing damaged pallets/goods at the bottom of a load. alternative to weld forge grating. Offered in carbon steel, the grating Visit our website or call today for details. provides a smooth rolling surface for push carts and pallet jack traffic. Open mesh construction permits light, air and sprinkler penetration, with bars spaced in increments of 7/16-inch in either direction. Panel widths may be specified up to 72 • 800-743-1000 inches. Ohio Gratings, 877-321- 9800, Dual-carriage stretch wrapper Capable of wrapping up to 150 loads per hour, the Octopus 808 twin automatic rotary ring stretch wrap- per includes dual film carriages for extremely high throughput with fewer film changes. The carriages operate simultaneously to double the wrapping speed or operate indepen- dently to provide optimal load con- tainment. Multiple production lines can be combined and directed into the single unit, saving space. To mini- mize downtime if a film break occurs, the system can be programmed to continue wrapping by using a single carriage. An optional film roll chang- er may be specified to automati- cally replace depleted or broken film rolls. ITW Muller, 800-628-6787, » For free info input 409 at » For free info on these products, visit 02.10 MHPN 15
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  17. 17. PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH Robotic automation of down-aisle positioning and create a Voice directed terminal, voice communications. The headset battery charging, changing protective barrier for operator safe- headset combo is configured for full-shift comfort ty. Integrated software maintains and hygiene—it can be easily wiped records of service and life cycles, To improve productivity by elimi- down, while the microphone wind- maintenance intervals and vehicle nating paper-based picking pro- screen and ear pads can be changed. usage. Materials Transportation cesses, a combination terminal and Motorola, 866-416-8545, www. Co., 800-433-3110, www.mtc- headset for voice directed picking are offered. The WT4090 voice only wearable terminal is a hands-free, voice-directed, task specific mobile Automated pallet Drawers provide secure, computer that combines wireless network dispenser saves space dust-free organization connectiv- A new automated pallet dispenser Offered in 12- and 18-inch lengths, ity with provides an easy-to-maintain and AkroDrawers keep supplies and high-power reliable pallet dispensing solution Microprocessor-controlled, the parts secure, dust-free and orga- processing. that can accommodate less-than- Intell-A-Changer system automati- nized. The product line includes five The termi- perfect pallets. The plug-and-play cally charges, changes and main- sizes and five colors: red, yellow, nal pairs unit offers a space saving area for tains industrial batteries, reducing gray, blue and clear, which keeps with the stacked pallets to be staged in front manpower, space and maintenance contents highly visible. Easy to RCH50 rug- of downstream processes. It can also costs related to handling batteries label for quick inventory identifica- ged cabled be used in reverse to stack empty for power lift trucks and AGVs. The tion, each drawer contains multiple headset pallets. Features include an integrat- system increases vehicle productiv- grooves for optional width dividers. that fea- ed scissor lift and feed conveyor to ity by 30%. Features include charg- Features include a wide front handle tures a dispense or stack pallets at a rate of ing, watering and cleaning stations. for easy gripping when full or filled noise- up to six pallets per minute. The unit All-electric and customized to with heavy contents. The units may canceling, features a wide chain to protect pal- unique specifications, the technol- be bundled with other products waterproof lets, a Rockwell Micrologix PLC and ogy is equipped with PLC control from the supplier including cabinets micro- a Panelview Plus 600 HMI interface. of robotic movements that load and carts. Akro-Mils, 800-253- phone for QComp Technologies, 920-757- and unload batteries. Lasers guide 2467, real-time 0775, Because transporting and stacking loads is never this easy... Smart Solutions… Presto Stackers For rugged, reliable, easy-to-use stackers, nobody beats ASI Storage Presto. From manual to full power (lift and drive) units, Presto has a stacker for every application. Solutions’ Plastic Lockers When you’re working on an application where high humidity is a factor, plastic lockers provide the perfect solution. If you want to avoid constant maintenance and inevitable replacement, check out the practical benefits you’ll receive from our plastic lockers. Non-corrosive, non-absorbent Constructed of highly-durable solid polymer Backed by a standard 15-year warranty Offered in eight colors that will never fade or require repainting Power Stak™ Presto Manual Available in single, double, three-tiered or six-tiered Power Stak™ Extended Lift Drive Stackers Fully powered stackers in fork- Featuring two stage masts for Push stackers are available in The Right Product, Price, Delivery! over or straddle design. Narrow servicing racks. Fully powered straddle or counterweight styles. mast and offset handle provide with lift heights up to 150" and Choose from electric lift or unmatched visibility. 1,500 lb. 2,200 lb. capacity. manual pump actuation. or 2,200 lb. capacity. ASI STORAGE SOLUTIONS, INC. For details, visit Single Source Solution » For free info input 410 at » For free info input 411 at » For free info on these products, visit 02.10 MHPN 17
  18. 18. PRODUCTS OF THE MONTH Add-on monitors Line of eight specialty that conform to GS1 global stan- hoist performance maintenance products dards. The software also includes the capability to embed ActiveX The Blue Works line of industrial- controls into any environment that strength specialty maintenance supports them, permitting middle- products is ideal for use in challeng- ware programs to print labels, view ing conditions found in manufactur- job status, preview the label prior ing, industrial or assembly facilities. to printing, and other functions The line includes eight products: without opening the program. The contact cleaner; degreaser; dry lube system includes a collection of tools PTFE formula; high-performance for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance PTFE lubricant; multi-purpose lubri- including additional password and cant; penetrant; silicone; and white user options, logging options and The HoistMonitor Select option lithium grease. All the products are format options. Tharo Systems, allows for more efficient planning certified by the National Sanitation 800-878-6833, and scheduling of predictive mainte- Foundation as meeting the 50-state ished stainless steel plates that rotate nance, inspections and repairs of the volatile organic compound stan- slightly. Optional adapters permit the supplier’s RX and QX quick delivery hoists. The system supervises and dards. WD-40, 888-324-7596, Fully automated handling of small size rolls. Other fea- tures include an anti-tipping grabber records key data that can be accessed roll handling device for load balancing. Westfalia from the hoist electrical panel. An Ideal for the printing and publishing Technologies, 800-673-2522, enhanced version, HoistMonitor Plus, permits data access from a key Bar code creation industries, the roll handling shuttle car smoothly transfers unwrapped pad display in the pendant station. software includes wizard paper rolls automatically to a line of Generated reports enable planned, predictive maintenance during non- Two new GS1 bar code wizards— Datamatrix and Databar—are presses, avoiding friction and product damage. The system has a maximum Tilter for easy loading, working hours to decrease downtime included in the latest version of capacity of 4,122 pounds and moves unloading of totes and increase performance. R&M Easylabel 5 Platinum bar code at speeds up to 262 feet per minute. The Tilt Station receives large totes Materials Handling, 800-955- creation software. The function Rolls of varying widths are transferred weighing up to 2,000 pounds from 9967, generates bar codes and symbols with a telescopic fork to highly pol- an overhead conveyor system, Material Handling Systems Open Area Corrugated Rack Deck Fire Protection Large openings (50% open area for common rack sizes) allow sprinkler water through to lower levels Uniform Strength High capacity with low Container Discharging Drum Discharging Bag Filling deflection No Waterfall Edge Flush design for easy labeling on beam face Hi-Tech Look Bright, galvanized finish Product/Back Friendly Smooth surface reduces product damage and possible hangups that can cause injuries Lift & Dump Lift & Dump Bag Discharging Container Discharging Drum Discharging Call us: 800.836.7068 D C A S inc. toll-free: 866-400-8107 » For free info input 412 at » For free info input 413 at 18 MHPN 02.10 » For free info on these products, visit