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Asep ict 2


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Group Presentation

Published in: Education, Technology
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Asep ict 2

  1. 1. LET’S STUDY ICT... FOCUS,CALM AND SERIOUS  Compiled by : Asep Saepul Bahri Ria Din NEXT
  3. 3. Hal mudah akan terasa sulit jika yg pertamadiipikirkan adalah kataSULIT. Yakinlah bahwa kita memiliki kemampuan dan kekuatan. BACK NEXT
  4. 4. E – LearningConcept, Application, and Potency •Introduction • E- Learning Concept •E- Learning Purpose •E- Learning Application •Conclusion
  5. 5. INTRODUCTION Mastery and utilization of science andtechnology is not only a potential resource but also keyfactor in manifesting success in today’s globalization“War”. Such an intense competition puts humanresource at its highest need with one reason; the mostmodern technology will be futile without theharmonious quality of human’scompetence, professionalism, and creativity. Scienceand technology are strongly correlated andcomplementary. BACK NEXT
  6. 6. Science and technology plays an important role in the depelopment of a country, Including education. Various approaches and methods keep being depeloped as the height of the growth of desire and awareness to put students at the best place of learningBACK NEXT
  7. 7. E- Learning incorporates science and technology toeducation.However several researcher express theiranxiety. Commonly, People have misunderstandingabout the concept of E- Learning. Shank (2008)states that many people do not completelyunderstand the nature of e- learning that they puttechnology beyond education (Learning). Zemskyand Massy (2004) agree that many institutionsinvest too much in hardware and software and tendto neglect the quality of material and curriculumdelivered through e-learning. BACK NEXT
  8. 8. Finding and statement above reflect the need of better e- learning concept and application understanding. Concept understanding, mechanism, and approach need to besharpened so that students will achieve their best in learning. E- learning as a potential approach must be understood at least in three main things : 1) E- Learning concept which comprises definition,area,purpose, adn benefit,2) E- Learning application which comprises e- learning as a learning medium and process, and the variables,3) E- Learning future potency in Indonesia which comprises needed aspects, supporting factors, and pitfalls. BACK
  9. 9. E- Learning Concept The technology that has so dramatically changed the world outside our schools is now changing the learning and teaching. E- Learning comes from the word root “electronic” and “Learning”. NEXT
  10. 10. Comerchero (2006:19) States that : E- Learning is a means of education that incorporates self-motivation, communication, efficiency, and technolgy. E- Learning is efficient as it eliminates distances and subsequent commutes. BACK NEXT
  11. 11. New Zealand Departement of Education (2004) defines e- Learning as:“ Learning that is enabled or supported by the use of digital tools and content.It typically involves some form of interactivity, which may include on-line interaction between thelearner and their teacher or peers.E- learning opportunities are usually accessed via the internet, though other technologies as CD- ROM are also used. BACK NEXT
  12. 12. Other term usually correlated to e- learning are distance learning, computer based training (CBT), and web based training(WBT). The correlation is illustrated as follows :BACK NEXT
  13. 13. E- LEARNING DISTANCE LEARNING ONLINE BASED LEARNING COMPUTER BASED LEARNING Internet-Based Web- Based Learning LearningBACK E- learning illustration NEXT
  14. 14. E- learning concept strongly correlated to the use of computer and internet.Henderson (2003) states that e-learning is learning at adistance that uses computer technology(Usually the internet) E- learning is solution, but not and end initself. If it is implemented right, it can be a powerful way of meeting learning needs.
  15. 15. Notice the following e-learning continuum by Morrison (2003:xii) Implemented,met all success criteria (Temporary stage) Implemented,met some success criteria Strategy,No implementation No Strategy,No implementationBACK Page 86-88 Hartoyo’s book
  16. 16. E-learning purpose Technology is merely as a medium in delivering lesson and developingscience.E- learning is a real technology application toenhance student’s learning and improve the learning process itself. BACK NEXT
  17. 17. Bates (2009) mention some purpose of e- learning application : 1) To increase students to learning opportunity and flexibility 2) To enhance general quality 3) To depelove skill and competencies (including digital literacy in various career fields) 4) To meet various learning style /needs: 5) To improve learning cost effectiveness BACK
  18. 18. Conclusion Through the ICT utilizationin learning, students are expected to be able to improve their technology literacy, and to hone their quality to stumble upon the intense globalizing competition. We all need collaborate in implementing e- learning so that best result and benefit will be achieved successfully.E- learning implementation needs qualified design and plan, readiness of hardware,software, system, and human resource.The improvement of ICT utillization in education is expected to be able to improve education in Indonesia as well as science and technology literacy BACK
  19. 19. Thank a lot for your attentionHave a great day all 