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Pp Solar System Blanca y Marta 6th B


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6th grader students explain us our Solar System in English

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Pp Solar System Blanca y Marta 6th B

  1. 1. Our solar system
  2. 2. There are eight planets in our solar system:
  3. 3. Mercury
  4. 4. Venus
  5. 5. The Earth
  6. 6. Mars
  7. 7. Jupiter
  8. 8. saturm
  9. 9. Uranus
  10. 10. Neptune
  11. 11. We live on the Earth
  12. 12. The sun isn't a planet . It´s an enormous star!
  13. 13. The planets go around the sun
  14. 14. The Earth takes 365 days to go around the sun
  15. 15. The Earth is the only planets in our solar sistem with life , because there is oxygen.
  16. 16. Planet facts
  17. 17. Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun. It is also the smallest planet.
  18. 18. Mars is the nearest planet to the Earth. There are deserts and canyons on Mars. Mars is called the red planet.
  19. 19. Venus is the hottest planet. There are thick clouds around Venus .
  20. 20. Neptune is the coldest planet, because it is very far from the sun.
  21. 21. Jupiter is the biggest planet. It's eleven times bigger than the Earth!
  22. 22. By: Marta and Blanca