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Pp Layla,Marta,Mélanie 6thB


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Celebrating Andalucia Day

Published in: Education
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Pp Layla,Marta,Mélanie 6thB

  1. 1. Andaluces around the world
  2. 2. Andaluces around the world We are Marta, Layla and Melani. *We are students *We live in Sevilla but we want to travel to MORROCCO
  3. 3. MORROCCO Capital city :Rabat The Biggest city :Casablanca Population of Morrocco : 90.000 inhabitants The highest mountain : Atlas mountain. The Longest river : Umravi river The most amazing construction : Mosque
  4. 4. Morrocco. The capital city of Morocco is.....
  5. 5. RABAT
  6. 6. Morocco The biggest city is...
  8. 8. Morocco There are millions of People in Morocco....
  9. 9. PEOPLE
  10. 10. Morocco The highest mountain is...
  11. 11. UMRAVI
  12. 12. Morocco The longgest river is...
  13. 13. FTIBKAL
  14. 14. Morocco The most amazing construction is...
  16. 16. Morocco The capital city is Rabat. The biggest city is Casablanca. There are 90.000 millions of people in Morocco. The highest mountain is Ftibkal.The longgest river is Umravi m high) The most amazing construction is the Mosque( the biggest in the world, in Casablanca)