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Merve Tarhan - Turkey - Wednesday 30 - Oral Presentations Misc. A


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Merve Tarhan - Turkey - Wednesday 30 - Oral Presentations Misc. A

  1. 1. THE VIEW OF RELIGIOUS OFFICIALS ON ORGAN DONATION AND TRANSPLANTATION INISTANBUL, DISTRICT ZEYTINBURNU Merve Tarhan, Levent Dalar, Hüseyin Yıldırımoğlu, Adnan Sayar, Sedat Altın Yedikule Chest Disease and Thoracic Surgery Training and Research Hospital
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION & OBJECTIVE Organ donation, because it is asocial issue, requires the attentionof those working in the fields ofsocial, legal and press/publicationand especially the religious officials.One of the obstacles before organdonation and transplantation in ourcountry is religious beliefs and atthis point the key role rests withreligious officials. Positive ornegative opinion of religious officialson organ donation andtransplantation are effective inguiding the community. This studywas made to be descriptive for thepurpose of appraising theviewpoints on this subject ofreligious officials, who can take onan important role in this subject
  3. 3. MATERIAL & METHODS The data from the survey werecollected via a survey form from 40religious officials working forZeytinburnu District Muftus Office andwho have participated the monthlyordinary meeting in April and filled outthe form. The survey form consisted of27 open and closed ended questions 5 ofwhich were on socio-demographiccharacteristics, 13 on viewpoints onorgan donation and transplantation and 9on the Islamic viewpoint on organdonation and transplantation. After theverbal approval of the religious officialswas obtained and explanations on thesurvey were made the survey forms weredistributed. The statistical analyses ofthe data obtained were evaluated withthe student-t test and Oneway Anova testusing the “SPSS 16.0 for Windows”package program.
  4. 4. RESULTS Their State of Knowledge on Organ Donation and Sources From Where Information is Obtained Seminars/Conference Television/RadioDirectorate of Religious Affairs Publications Newpaper/Magazine Religious Publications Internet Verse/Hadith Lessons I dont receive Poster/Brochure Friends Hospital 0 10 20 30 40 50 60
  5. 5. RESULTS Places to Apply for Organ Donation All 7,5 Health Care Organizations 45Organ Transplantation Coordination 45 Medical Board 27,5 Security Directorate 12,5 I dont know 40
  6. 6. • Their knowledge on Organ Opinion on Making Organ Donation and Transplantation Donation Adequate %22,5 Partially adequate %52,5 5% Inadequate %25 Yes, I donated 15%• Knowledge opened religious officials in our country regarding I am considering but I did organ donation and transplantation not donate No, I am not considering Adequate %10 80% Partially adequate %35 Inadequate %55
  7. 7. Reasons for Religious Officials for Not Donating Organs %There is no specific reason 35I never thought on this subject. 27,5I believe organs donated will be used in on unsuitable way 25I am afraid , I don’t feel ready. 22,5My health conditions are not suitable 22,5I don’t have enough information on organ donation. 22,5I don’t trust doctors 17,5Even if there is brain death I don’t want my organs to be taken 7,5when my heart is workingMy religious beliefs prevent mentioned from donating my organs 7,5I don’t know where to apply to 5I am affected by the press 5I heard that there were those who returned to life after brain 2,5deathTrust for health care people is little, it can be used for other 2,5purposesI don’t want my body integrity destroyed 2,5I am against organ donation 0
  8. 8. RESULTS • İntegrity which is important in survival afterView of Islam Religion on death Body İntegrity %0 Organ Donation and Spiritual İntegrity %77,5 Transplantation Body and Spiritual İntegrity %22,5 • Suitability to our religion of have organ transplanted from a non-muslim person0% Yes %70 8% Positive No %2,5 I don’t know %27,5 Negative • Case of a difference between points of view in our country and in other muslim countries Yes %55 I dont No %10 92% know I don’t know %35 • Case of receiving questions from the public regarding organ donation and transplantation Yes %70 No %30
  9. 9. Proposals of Religious Officials to Increase Interest in Organ %DonationReligious officials should lead 85Education should be given in schools 70Media should show interest 70Health care personnel should lead 67,5The society should be educated 65All 40Trust should be provided 5Psychologists, religious officials and doctors should cooperate 2,5
  10. 10. RESULTSDuties Falling on Religious Officials to Increase Interest in Organ Donation %Religious officials making speeches on organ donation in conservations, 65meetings and sermonsCooperative of professionals groups such as health care, religion and law in 57,5order to inform the publicEducation related to organ donation should be given in schools which 52,5provide religious educationSupporting the subject religiously with verses and hadiths 47,5Donating organs to set an example 37,5Others 5
  11. 11. CONCLUSİON In conclusion, when the medical, legal andreligious aspect of organ donation and transplantationin Turkey is considered a great task falls on the healthcare personnel, lawyers and religious officials and atthe same time these three professionals groups shouldwork in an integrated manner. The religious concernsof the public on organ donation and transplantation canonly be accommodated by the religious organizationsand religious officials to take part in these campaigns.In order for them to set an example for the public theyneed firstly to make a donation and in order to provideeducation for the public they need to be knowledgeableand educated in this subject through in-house training.In order for all these to be performed in a more regularmanner, health care personnel need to go to themosques and muftus offices more frequently. The onlyway in achieving the desired goal in transplantation isto increase the number of donations.
  12. 12. Muchas Gracias!!!