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As Media Studies Cover Page Analysis


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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As Media Studies Cover Page Analysis

  3. 4. First of all the image featured in this example of a magazine cover is of a Viking warrior. This is the bands image and selling point and attracts fans of ‘Battle Metal’. The theme they portray is also shown in the masthead and the main cover line. On the masthead there is a blood splatter which ties in with the violence associated with Vikings. The outline of the masthead is also the same style as the main cover line which is a common feature of Metal Hammer’s front cover designs. This makes every issue specifically designed for the main image and feature of the magazine. The shape of the masthead is also similar to an axe or a sword as it has sharp edges which also fits in with the Viking theme. The main cover line is the bands official logo and is written in the style of Norse runes. This font dictates the theme of the magazine and follows how the band tries to represent themselves. As mentioned before the colour of the cover line fits in with the colour of the masthead. As the main cover line uses the logo of the band it will attract fans to buy the magazine. The cover lines on the left third of the magazine are also put together using well known band logos. Just as the main cover line, this is recognised and would draw people to buy the magazine. Overall the combination of the image and the text makes the theme of this magazine obvious and would attract fans of the ‘Metal’ genre.
  4. 6. The image used on this magazine cover is very simple but shows the style of the band represented. The image is taken outside a church and in black and white which puts a gothic theme across. The gothic theme is also shown in the bands logo which is placed over the image. The colours of the masthead contrasts with the black and white of the main image. The colour does enforce the theme of ‘gothic metal’ and so does the black outline. I would assume that the masthead is standard and does not alter from issue to issue. The serif font used for the masthead is not usually associated with this style of magazine but more with broadsheets. The designer of this magazine has gone against normal practice and has ignored the rule of the left third. This puts more emphasis on the image and main article rather than anything else. Overall I think this magazine is designed for a small market and is not a mainstream magazine. The theme of the magazine is well represented by the image used and also the text used throughout the cover. The people who buy this magazine would recognize the band logo and associate that with the theme of the magazine.
  5. 8. The overall style of this magazine cover is very simple in terms of content and presentation. The main emphasis is put on the image which dominates the majority of the space. The image itself is quite 'alternative' and reflects the style of music represented within the magazine. This is also a representation of the band shown on the cover as well. The image is linked to the selling line as well as the main cover line. As the mouth of the individual is the main focus point this is included in the main cover line, “Grohl mouths off”. This is also reflected in the selling line, “Life is Loud”. The masthead for this magazine is layed out in such a style that it looks as if it is a ticket stub. This enforces the fact that this magazine is a music magazine. The style of the masthead is also the same as the CD's released by Kerrang which again gives a direct link to music. The other cover lines are kept to a bare minimum and do not really describe much about the content of the magazine. As this is done the left third is also not used and there is also no cover lines anywhere at the bottom either. This in my opinion is to centre on the striking image in the centre of the page as this is the main selling point of the magazine. Fans of alternative music would recognize the individual pictured and would also be aware of the theme of contents included. Overall I think the cover is very eyecatching and would be attractive to its target audience. As not much information is given regarding the contents it would encourage someone to pick it up and flick through the pages which could then result in a sale.