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As Media Studies Contents Page Analysis


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As Media Studies Contents Page Analysis

  3. 4. The main feature of this contents page is its large amount of photographs. These are used to draw the readers attention visually. In this example of a contents page the pictures are numbered and also have a brief description of of what they are representing in terms of contents. The pictures themselves would be recognised by fans of the band featured and would grab their attention. After their attention has been grabbed they can easily find the page number and turn to the articles location. The contents list itself is structured in a way that makes the information very accessible. The list is set out in different sections which are separated by titles which are written in a different style to the list following it. The titles are written in yellow and placed on a black background which makes them much more noticeable to the reader and help the reader to find the content they are after easier. Another feature on the page is a quote at the top under the contents title. This quote is taken from the main article of the magazine and ties in with the main cover line and image shown on the front cover. This quote gives the reader a juicy part of the article and would draw people to read it. There is also a picture of the main cover at the top of the page with a brief message from the editor of the magazine next to it. This message briefly describes what is in the magazine and what is expected to appear in the next few issues. The editor also tells readers to check out certain parts of the magazine which he thinks would be of interest. This feature gives the reader a brief description and highlights to them what is included in the magazine. At the bottom right hand part of the magazine there is an advert for subscribing to the magazine. This is cleverly put on the contents pages as this page will be seen by most readers. If someone is reading the contents list they are likely to look at this advert as well. Overall this contents page example is clearly set out and makes accessing the contents simple. The layout of the list provides a reader with the ability to see the main features of the magazine with ease.
  4. 6. This contents page has large pictures in the middle of the page which are clearly labelled with the band name and page number. A reader would recognise either the photo or the band name and would easily be able to find the relevant section in the magazine. The contents list is clearly separated from the rest of the page as it is surrounded by a coloured box. The list itself has a title for each feature which is a phrase designed to grab attention. Underneath this is the bands name in bold font to make it obvious to the reader what band the content is covering. Under the band name is a brief description of what the article is about which again shows the reader what content will be included in the article. All of these aspects make finding a section of interest easy for the reader. At the bottom left of the page is an advert for subscription to the magazine. This is strategically placed as this page is known to be read by most of the readers. This placement of the advert is much more likely to generate future sales as more people will see it. On the left hand side of the page is a section written by the editor. This section has been cut off from the rest of the page and has been coloured in red to separate it. In the text the editor describes some of the contents of the magazine and refers to page numbers which may be of interest to the reader. The editor writes specifically for the target audience and uses slang and rude language which is in a similar style to that of the people who are fans of the music featured in the magazine. This would seem much more attractive for a reader as the text is put in a way they would understand and is put in a language they would use. Overall this page follows the theme shown by the front cover of this magazine and appeals to the target audience. The language and style of text used is in a rebellious teenage style which is an appeal to the teen 'metallers' who read this magazine.
  5. 8. The design of this magazine is very simple and is not cluttered up with lots of features. The page only features one photo which is representing the main article of the magazine. As the page is uncluttered the contents list is very clear to see and study. The contents list is split into sections and has a title for each section. The titles are coloured red which makes them stand out more to the reader. Each feature has a brief description below it to let the reader now more about the article. As the contents is split into sections this is makes it easier for the reader to find exactly what they are looking for. The main cover feature is shown by the photo which dominates the page. The photo is in a 'alternative'/'skater' style and would fit with the style of some of the readers. At the bottom of the of the photo is the page number for the article. This is clearly labelled with a page number and also has an arrow beside it which could entice a potential reader to look further into the magazine. The arrow used is the same as you would find as a skip forward button on a music device and therefore links with the music theme of the magazine. The whole of this page keeps the same style shown on the front cover and is put together simply but effectively.