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Mobile o-mena write up

  1. 1. Mobile-O-Mena: The New Mobile PhenomenaIn this article I wish to talk about the Mobile Phenomena, which I call Mobile-O-Mena.Mobile-O-Mena is about how people are quickly accepting & celebrating newer, quicker &spontaneous sharing of thoughts, feelings & experiences via Mobile.So Mobile isnt just a Mobile anymore.It is a world in itself with Games, Music Archive, Camera, Personal Diary, Social Networking, ChatMessengers, Navigation Tools, Weather Forecast, News, Radio and much more...So no matter what you do, you are almost always mobile.Isnt it?This is Mobile-O-Mena, the Mobile Phenomena (as I call it).Consumer Psycho-graphics have changed.It is more about "Experiential Involvement" than Physical Involvement, which mobile is to a greatextent able to deliver via App, WAP, Text, Voice & Social Media Integration.Isnt it about being present everywhere without being physically present?Isnt about "Virtual Presence"?So if the above is true, doesnt it make sense to establish a connect between your brand & consumeron a device which keeps him/her busy the whole day ?> Gamification of Brand;> Mobile Couponing;> Augmented Reality;> SMS Notifications;> Social Media Integration.All of the above have helped brand connect to their TA/TG with ease of reach & Response and thattoo in a real time market scenario.So, Mobile-O-Mena describes a phenomenon where communication in the form of Mobile data haschanged the rules of the game.As a Marketer, if you wish to drive consumer loyalty or promote your brand, you cant ignore Mobile.Often it is said mapping ROI with Mobile Campaigns is tough.I say if you apply the old rules of ROI measurement (as used in traditional marketing), you restrict thecampaign success in just sales number.
  2. 2. Mobile brings engagement to the platter, a real time consumer connect.Number of news subscribers, frequency of visits, level of interaction achieved, the number of peoplewith whom shared the content, number of people downloads etc., all denote success parameters of aMobile Campaign.So if you tell me Mobile has a limited appeal, I say you have not explored mobile well.Mobile-O-Mena is changing the ways generation Y is consuming content via Mobile Web (WAP), App,Voice or Text.Create a context & I am sure, you shall find relevance.They say “Slow & Steady wins the race”.My question is “Does Fast & Furious mean you lose the race?”Oh !! Now this seems a tricky question. Isn’t it?Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, EBay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snap Deals ………All the above made money.. big money…fast.. very fast. Yet with sustainable business models.Do you know why?Because they either built new technologies or adapted the existing ones to extend their offerings atthe speed of light without losing customer orientation.So what is the point of this dramatic explanation ?The point that I am trying to drive is that, in this era we are witnessing a similar development incommunication which shall lead to a paradigm shift in the way businesses shall transact tomorrow, ofwhich you are an inseparable part.Some say if we can tap the energy in lightning, we may get green electricity for hundreds of years.Wow!!I don’t know how soon that can be done but what I know for sure is that similar potential lies in MobileMedia.If you are able to amply harness it, I can say with great certainty that you shall raise the bar of yourofferings in terms of better product/service development, delivery & support processes.Thanks.