Care pair 2.4.14


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Care pair 2.4.14

  1. 1. Finding the right personal assistant Russ Smith, CarePair 3rd April 2014
  2. 2. How to participate today
  3. 3. Russ Smith Russell Smith is the creator and director of CarePair. He was born with Muscular Dystrophy and has required carers all of his life. He has lived independently, working in jobs as diverse as college lecturer, software technical support and UK Sales Manager for a communication aid company for the last decade with the support of the Direct Payments Scheme. It was this scheme that sparked an ambition to make a change to the way that care provisions were delivered throughout the UK initially, but now also in the USA and Australia! Initially CarePair came from a very personal need, Russell‟s main carer had finished their shift, and the next carer had called in sick with two hours until their shift started. Russell did what is standard in his home town of Coventry and rang every agency in the city. Unfortunately they had no staff available at short notice and his only option, advised by the duty social worker, was to get admitted to hospital for the night. Luckily he had family nearby he could stay with, but he realised that not everybody in the same position as him had that support network. It was from this situation, and looking at the problem with a joined up thinking approach that led to the creation of CarePair.
  4. 4. CarePair Putting People Together Health Apps Library Approved ICO Registered - Z3544395
  5. 5. Setting the scene As of March 2012, 53% of ongoing users of community services in England were on and using personal budgets (Direct Payments) - some 432,000 people.
  6. 6. Setting the scene • In its 2010 adult social care strategy, the UK government set an ambitious target of having all council-funded service users and carers on personal budgets, preferably as a direct payment by April 2013. • The target has proved controversial with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services... Although the care and support White Paper published in July 2012, confirmed the target - and the fact that it applied to community based support, it was dropped by the government in October 2012, when care services minister Norman Lamb reduced the target to 70% by April 2013.
  7. 7. Setting the scene Assuming the April 2013 target is met, Direct Payments will be supporting 570,566 people.
  8. 8. Setting the scene If each of these 570,566 people have a minimum of two different carers, CarePair has the potential to support 1.7 million people in the social care industry.
  9. 9. Why create CarePair? • To help employers find high quality carers on demand • To help carers find jobs, to suit their hours and skills • To reduce advertising costs • To save unnecessary, extra, agency costs
  10. 10. Higher quality carers? “Hi I am interested in this job as it fits around my schedule. I have no incuded my CV as id like you to contact me before so we can ask each other any unclear questions. I am available for the post immediately and do hold a driving license so we can “cruise” lol. I will look forward to hearing from you.” Ardia (direct copy) Reply from a Gumtree Advert
  11. 11. Higher quality carers? “...There‟s my church of course. Oh, and I make clothes. I mae all my own and just today I finished a little PVC dress for my significant complication. The thing you‟ll not see in my CV is my love of fet. It‟s either your thing or it‟s not, but if you wanted to go to any fet clubs this Christian will don his man-skirt and I‟ll either be your guide or your moderator...” Ambion (direct copy) Reply from a Gumtree Advert
  12. 12. Higher quality carers? “Currently training to be a nurse, so my availability varies due to placements and study time. I work on the bank in a local nursing home some weekends too.” Laura (direct copy) Self description on CarePair
  13. 13. Higher quality carers? “Daytime hours preferred but negotiation possible between 8am and 8pm as responsibilities as a lone parent to a 10 year old.” Susan (direct copy) Self description on CarePair
  14. 14. To reduce advertising costs CarePair is free for all users Gumtree From £4.99 per advert Personal ads can be free but can also be removed if deemed as business Employer PaPool £4 for 3 days £8 for 7 days Subscription fee to get work Carer
  15. 15. To save agency costs Provider Avg. Hourly Rate Avg. Night Rate Hourly Rate Difference Night Rate Difference Coventry C.C £7.18 £32.50 £0 £0 Nationwid e £12.80 £62.73 £5.62 £30.23 Radis £14.82 £95.45 £7.64 £62.95 Allied £13.91 £68.25 £6.73 £35.75
  16. 16. To save agency costs Provider Avg. Day (14 hours) 1 Night Total Cost Difference £ Difference £ Coventry C.C £100.52 £32.50 £133.02 £0 0% Nationwide £179.20 £62.73 £241.93 £108.91 81.87% Radis £207.48 £95.45 £302.93 £169.91 127.73% Allied £194.74 £68.25 £262.99 £129.97 97.7%
  17. 17. To save agency costs If I was to use a week of agency support, I would need to make up the deficit in funding. This in turn would result in me having to cut back between 80% and 127% of a week’s support in the future. With CarePair I can set my hourly rate and find short term staff to match, leaving no deficit.
  18. 18. What is CarePair? • CarePair is a matching service • CarePair‟s model is similar to that of a dating site • CarePair provides introductions not recommendations • Available through the website and as an iOS App CarePair Android Coming Soon!
  19. 19. The CarePair website Secure login for users
  20. 20. CarePair registration Only 4 Steps to Register Step 1 • Name • Contact details • Privacy option • Mailing list option
  21. 21. CarePair registration Profile images help people know who they will be working with Step 2 Upload a profile image
  22. 22. CarePair registration Step 3 • Broad requirements • Requirement details • Hourly rate • Distance from job
  23. 23. CarePair registration Step 4 • Preferences; • Music • Film • Social event • Food • Lifestyle • Job Preferences
  24. 24. CarePair registration Complete Registrations • Held for approval • Approved by hand • Rejected if fake • Contacted about issues • Bi-monthly relevance checks
  25. 25. CarePair registration Once Approved • Matches displayed • Match ranked • Search by region • For exact matches • Or any available carers • View matches • Contact Members
  26. 26. The CarePair app • Free on iTunes • Entry portal to the CarePair system • Easy for employers to post jobs • Easy for carers to fill vacancies • Contact via CarePair Messaging • SMS Text • Call CarePair Android is in development!
  27. 27. The CarePair app • The first step is to accept the terms Posting a vacancy
  28. 28. The CarePair app • Employers then log in Posting a vacancy
  29. 29. The CarePair app • The home screen is then shown • Add a job • My messages • My preferences • Log out? Posting a vacancy
  30. 30. The CarePair app Posting a vacancy Choose a start time Choose an end time
  31. 31. The CarePair app Posting a vacancy Broad details Fine details Hourly rate Location
  32. 32. The CarePair app Posting a vacancy Job is then saved to CarePair Return to home screen
  33. 33. The CarePair app Posting a vacancy My jobs shows all posted jobs Touch a job to see available carers Touch a red pin to see a carer‟s name and the blue ball to load their profile
  34. 34. The CarePair app Posting a vacancy View a carer‟s profile Contact them via Message Call Text
  35. 35. The CarePair app Filling a vacancy - First three login steps are the same as an employer
  36. 36. The CarePair app Filling a vacancy See employers listed in the Jobs Available section Click on a job to see the job details
  37. 37. The CarePair app Filling a vacancy View an employer‟s profile by pressing their name Press their address to see their location relative to you
  38. 38. The CarePair app Filling a vacancy • Contact the employer via; • CarePair messages • Call • Text Message
  39. 39. As of today,in CarePair… Filling a vacancy There are nationally; 175 Employers (60.3448%) 115 Carers (39.6552%) In the „Midlands‟; 42 Employers (45.1612%) 51 Carers (54.8387%) The „Midlands‟ comprises of; Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Birmingham, Coventry, Dudley, Sandwell, Solihull, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Stoke-on-trent, Telford & Wrekin, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire and Rutland.
  40. 40. Any questions?
  41. 41. Further information and contact details