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Inclick - Social Media Intelligence Platform


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Inclick is a 360° Social Media Intelligence platform built for modern brands & agencies. Inclick helps you create reports for your owned brands, competitors and industry leaders. It also has a Social Media Monitoring feature that allows you to monitor hashtags across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Inclick also offer Influencer Discovery.

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Inclick - Social Media Intelligence Platform

  1. 1. 360° Social Media Analytics & Reporting For modern digital marketing teams
  2. 2. TheonlySocial MediaAnalysis toolyourteam willeverneed. Social Media Analytics Get multi-angular insights about your owned brands and competitors - in a downloadable format. Social Media Monitoring Track and engage with mentions about your brand across Social Media. Influencer Discovery Find trending influencers based on content type, location, and categories. Uncover insights to spot the fake ones.
  3. 3. Comprehensive Analytics Get over 80+ KPIs for your owned brands and competitors. You can select any brand from our database of hundreds of brands or add your own brand instantly. View data on your dashboard or download in a format of your choice. Customised Reporting We understand how tricky Social Media Reporting can get sometimes. With Inclick's customised reporting, you can save hours and stay meeting ready always. Our default PPT Report includes 30+ Slides and already covers everything in detail. Social Media Analytics & Reporting
  4. 4. Listen to every conversation about your brand, product, keyword, or competitors across Social Media and stay on top of your digital game. Get instant access to consumer conversations so you can engage with them and grow customer satisfaction. Filter Sentiments, Location, Language, and Engagement to get a bird's eye view and response in realtime. Social Media Monitoring
  5. 5. Influencer Discovery SEARCH Search for Influencers that matter in your category, location, or industry. Inclick has an ever-growing list of influencers updated almost everyday. SELECT Select and shortlist the influencers you want to work with. UNCOVER Unlock reports for selected influencers to get engagement and growth data. Understand patterns and spot fake influencers easily. Work with the cream to get unbeatable results.
  6. 6. No Strings Attached we don't bind our customers in long term contracts. Feel free to use Inclick as you want. HOW MUCH DOES INCLICK COST? NOT A LOT! Create your own package based on your usage volume and budget, you can create a package that suits you the most. Cancel anytime without questions once you start using inclick, you aren't going to look back but just in case you want to, our cancellation is pretty straightforward. Emergency Credits to keep you going campaign started trending? urgent pitch? don't worry about usage charges. we won't let you down at important moments like these.
  7. 7. CALCULATING USAGE VOLUME NUMBER OF BRANDS YOU WANT TO TRACK A brand is a combination of Social Media Profiles across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. It could be a brand you own, manage, or a competitor. NUMBER OF MENTIONS A mention is a distinct post from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that contains the keyword you are tracking or listening. INFLUENCER REPORT An influencer report is a downloadable report that gives you access to an Influencer's data including their growth, engagement, previous endorsements etc. INR 5,000 / 10 Brands Unlimited Reports, Unlimited History, and 1 Brand Swap per month INR 20,000 / 50k Mentions Unlimited Reports, Unlimited History, Upto 5 Campaigns INR 3,000 / 10 Reports Unlimited Searching, Reports downloadable in PPT. (All mentioned prices are per month and exclusive of Taxes)
  8. 8. Inclick - Micro Social Media Analysis & Reporting for 10 Brands Social Media Monitoring for 2 Campaigns (10 Keywords) upto 5,000 Mentions 5 Influencer Reports 2 Dashboards INTRODUCTORY PACKAGES ₹18,000 per month ₹30,000 ₹45,000 Inclick - Grow Social Media Analysis & Reporting for 20 Brands Social Media Monitoring for 5 Campaigns (50 Keywords) upto 15,000 Mentions 10 Influencer Reports 5 Dashboards Inclick - Pro Social Media Analysis & Reporting for 30 Brands Social Media Monitoring for 8 Campaigns (80 Keywords) upto 50,000 Mentions 20 Influencer Reports 10 Dashboards per month per month Prices valid until 31st March 2020 All mentioned prices are per month and exclusive of Taxes
  9. 9. 85% Save upto 85% of your team's time by automating the most tedious tasks. A+ Inclick does the hard work and gets your accurate data about your brands, competitors, and consumers so you can focus on the creativity part.
  10. 10. Request your free 20-Minutes Demo Today! Website Phone Number +91 90246 76443 Email Address WE'D LOVE TO TALK TO YOU! inclick - love data