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iBOS Solution - Incessant Business Operations Suite


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iBOS Solution: iBOS is a business operations suite that automates & optimizes internal operations by connecting people, departments, resources and support divisions, to serve the enterprise core business in a timely & competitive manner. Presented as part of Guest speaker slot in Application Innovation Track- Industry Solutions Showcase at Appian World 2015 from Apr 27-29 at WA, DC.

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iBOS Solution - Incessant Business Operations Suite

  1. 1. iBOS Incessant Business Operations Suite Yusufzai S. Khan Head – Appian Practice incessant
  2. 2. Incessant & Appian – A unique BPM Advantage Strategic Partner Customer Services Provider Our Appian Relationship  Niche End-to-End BPM Services  200+ Successful BPM Implementations since 2007  100% Appian Certified Consultants  Top 10 Most Promising IT Services Companies
  3. 3. Business Problem Expansion Real Time Visibility Silo based Point Solutions Configurable & Dynamic Cost Effective iBOS Vision
  4. 4. iBOS Resource Utilization Onboarding Travel Readiness Expense Claims & Cost Analysis Time Tracking Revenue Forecasting Skill & Training Mgmt. Support Helpdesk Hiring Proactive SLA Management Auto Routing & Prioritization Process Automation with Configurable Workflows Trend, Analytical & Real-time Reporting Out of box Integration Support Multi-channel & Cloud Enabled Support  Single Unified Platform  Cross-domain Compatible  Implementation time for a new feature ~ 5 days  Inter-module Communication  28% increase in User base in 5 months iBOS - Landscape
  5. 5. Challenges with Silo Applications HR Application Time-off Application Travel & Logistics Expense Claims EMPLOYEE HR TEAM FINANCE TEAM IT & ADMIN TEAM  One application for each set of requirement  Significant amount of redundancy  Complex infrastructure and convoluted enterprise architecture  Expensive to achieve integration.
  6. 6. iBOS Architecture  Build once, deploy anywhere  Reduce Silos with effective Record Management  Work-Social capability with effective collaboration  Smarter, faster decisions  Enterprise operations traceability & visibility
  7. 7. Leveraging Appian Easily Readable & Configurable Workflows Enforce Organization Policies to Drive Business Operations Collaborate & Share Knowledge Rich & Responsive Screens Multi Channel Support Transparency & Control Connect with External Systems Cost Effective  Process Management  Business Rules  Social Collaboration  User Interface (SAIL)  Mobility  Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)  Integration  Flexible Deployment Options Features of iBOSAppian Capabilities
  8. 8. iBOS - Demonstration
  9. 9. New Employee JAMES WATSON TED WILSON CAROL FOX DAVID BROWN IT Manager Admin HR Manager Brief Introduction ROBIN SMITH Resource Manager
  10. 10. iBOS – Business Benefits
  11. 11. Configurable Workflows  Adapting to various inevitable changes due to growth or complexity – It is utterly simple with configurable workflows which can be understood and changed by business users without relying on IT.
  12. 12. Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)  Dynamic SLA configurations to ensure most urgent tasks are processed in time.  Alerts and action configurations to escalate cases approaching due date.
  13. 13. Out of the box Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) Reports  Process Model Reports  Process Optimization Reports  Process Reports  Summary Reports  Task Reports
  14. 14. iBOS – Business Benefits (Contd..)  Streamlines and automates the enterprise business processes through collaboration with multiple participants from different divisions  Holistic view of your organization workforce and utilization metrics by various categories to grasp the overall state of your business .  Continuous feedback to identify the bottlenecks and optimize operations  Ability to connect and interact with existing enterprise systems through most standard integration protocols  Multi-channel support & Cloud enabled solution
  15. 15. Thank You… For more information please contact us at Visit us at Booth #7 to discover other innovative BPM solutions  Clinical Pathways (ICP)  Asset Management Solution (AMS) … and a chance to win an “iPad”