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Top Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding


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Top Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

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Top Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding

  1. 1. Top Money-Saving Tips for Your Wedding© 2013
  2. 2. Once you say “yes” to a marriage proposal, your life will definitely change, so you’d probably want to bid goodbye to singlehood in an unforgettable manner. However, you don’t have to squeeze out all your money for this occasion just to make it special. Besides, you’ll be encountering more challenges after the wedding, so you better be prepared—financially. One of the biggest mistakes soon-to-be-wed couples usually make is that they have this very long list of wants for their wedding—a very big cake, a vast reception venue, expensive Perth wedding video packages and a lot more—without considering their budget. The right way to have an extraordinary but realistic celebration is to know what you can afford and spend within your budget. So, for you to be able to celebrate your big day without going broke, here are some money-saving tips for you: Recheck your guest list If you invite a lot of guests, you will need to stretch your budget significantly because a bigger venue may be required accommodate everyone and you should allot more budget for more food, invitations, favors and other stuff. Another advantage of having a small wedding is that you can spend the biggest day of your life with your family and friends. Wouldn’t it be nice to watch your Perth wedding video and see the people closest to your heart? So, don’t feel obliged to invite everyone, even those you don’t know that well. Set your wedding date on an off-season month If you picture yourself as a June bride, then you may have to spend more money since many couples prefer this month and churches, reception venues and wedding vendors are in demand. So, if you’re running on a tight budget, choosing a wedding date on a peak month isn’t a good idea; go for months like January, February and November and be able to save. Rent your wedding gown instead of buying Bridal gowns can be very expensive so a practical alternative is to rent or buy from consignment shops. These strategies offer you budget-friendly but still elegant gowns or dresses that will make you look stunning on your big day and your wedding videos in Perth or in your area.© 2013
  3. 3. Well, there are so many components in your wedding that you can adjust to be able to keep up with your budget but there are also things that you shouldn’t go cheap on. First of all, your wedding venue, whether it’s a church, beach or garden, should be big enough and well-decorated to accommodate all your guests and get the ambiance you need. Also, you should set aside a decent amount for your wedding videographer in Perth or in your area to get high-quality mementos.© 2013