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Top 7 Guidelines in Shooting Great Wedding Videos


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Are you a neophyte wedding videographer? Do you know anything about wedding videos? This article will give the top 7 guidelines in shooting great wedding video.

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Top 7 Guidelines in Shooting Great Wedding Videos

  1. 1. © 2013Top 7 Guidelines in ShootingGreat Wedding Videos
  2. 2. © 2013Essentially, taking wedding videos require great timing and precision. Why? Becauseonce the moment is gone, it is lost forever. A wedding occasion is an important eventwhere important moments are captured, sealed, and preserved for a lifetime. More thanthe knowledge that all wedding videographers must have, experience plays an importantrole in taking grand wedding videos.Below are the top guidelines about wedding videos.1. CHOOSE A GOOD VIDEO CAMERA. Some say that taking great weddingvideos is all about skills and the brand of the video camera. In the latter case,it is true. Some experts say that not all digital video cameras are createdequal; thus, make sure that you select a brand that can offer excellent videoand audio resolutions. Verify and compare the different features that each andevery video camera brand can offer.2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT VIDEO EQUIPMENT. As long as your camera has thecomplete accessories, such as remote microphone system, fluid head tripod,audio mixer, and a digital camcorder, you will be just fine. Most weddingvideographers always have these set of devices ready. In particular, always tryto have “B-roll” coverage; this means use the tripod in taking exterior shots ofthe church, the reception place, the flower and food arrangements, and otherunique things you notice.3. OPT FOR LOW LUX RATING FEATURE. Wedding ceremonies andcelebrations often take place in low light situations, such as inside the churchand reception halls. To enhance the wedding videography, using a videocamera that has a low LUX rating is recommended. The LUX rating refers tothe sensitivity of the camera to light; thus, a low LUX rating camera is moresensitive to light.4. AUDIO BACK-UP. There are important segments in a wedding celebrationthat must be perfectly captured, e.g. the exchange of vows and first kiss. Toensure perfect audio reception, a back-up audio recorder is indispensable.Such recorder must have a lavaliere microphone.5. BE PRESENT DURING REHEARSALS. During rehearsals you can have aninitial feel on how the whole video coverage plays out. You can anticipate theflow of the whole video story. More importantly, you will know where toproperly position the camera, the audio equipment, and the microphones.During rehearsals you may also discuss with the bride and groom any changesthat would contribute to the success of the whole video coverage.
  3. 3. © 20136. FOCUS ON CLOSE-UP MOMENTS. Most wedding video packages guarantythat close-up moments are perfectly covered. Often, close-up shots can clearlycapture different emotions of people during the occasion, especially thegroom, the bride, and their respective family members. Thus, make moreclose-up shots on the stars of the celebration - the newlywed couple.7. FOCUS ON THE REAL EVENT. The whole video coverage would bemeaningful when all important segments are presented in their real state.Segments between the couple, like the exchange of vows, official kiss, and theoffer of rings must be presented without effects such as layering graphics,slow motion or background editing.Taking great wedding videos is possible even if you dont have enough experience. Aslong as you are willing to learn and smart enough to include in your system theguidelines above, you are good to go.