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Popular Types of Wedding and Wedding Video


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In every wedding videography, there is a production that puts on video all intimate and significant moments in a wedding ceremony. If you are not so familiar with the different types of wedding and their corresponding video packages, learn here.

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Popular Types of Wedding and Wedding Video

  1. 1. © 2013Popular Types of Weddingand Wedding Video
  2. 2. © 2013For most wedding videographers, the true summit of their career as professionals is toshoot a momentous wedding event with two people being united in the name of love.Regardless of the wedding type being covered, it is true that the most intimate part ofthe occasion is when the couple exchange their wedding vows. Often, the stylishgarments worn by the entourage, family members, relatives and friends highlight theceremony.To know more about the subject matter, read on below. This discussion will give you abetter understanding on how to shoot a particular type of wedding in a particularsetting.1. WHITE WEDDING. This refers to the most traditional form of weddingceremony in western countries. The popularity of this type of wedding startedafter Queen Victoria wore an elegant white wedding gown when Prince Albertmarried her. It is called "white wedding" simply because of the white color ofthe wedding garment worn by the bride. The white color often signifies sexualpurity, extravagance, and royalty. Thus, if you are covering a ceremony suchas this, be prepared to produce an extensive wedding video.2. MILITARY WEDDING. Oftentimes, military wedding are held either inprivate garden or in a military chapel. The individuals to be wed wear militaryuniform instead of the usual civilian wedding attire. During the ceremony,there are designated guards who give military honors to the couple. If thebride happens to be a high ranking officer, the groom has to render first asnappy salute asking permission before kissing the lady.3. MASS WEDDING. This takes place when a number of couples are solemnizedinto marriage in a single occasion. In democratic and republican countries,mass weddings are conducted for individuals who have been living together ashusband and wife, but have no means to legalize their union before God andbefore the civil law. In case you are asked to cover the event, make sure toproduce a large number of wedding video packages to be distributed to thenewly wed couples.4. ELOPEMENT WEDDING. This is a very peculiar type of wedding since theceremony is almost unexpected. Often, no wedding videos are taken sinceneither notice nor preparation is done. While come couples marry less theconsent of their guardians, others are able to notify and invite just a fewfriends.
  3. 3. © 20135. SAME-SEX WEDDING. This type of wedding, uniting individuals of the samesex, is practiced only in a few countries. In places where same-sex marriage isprohibited, the ceremony may take place only as an acknowledgement of theunion of the couple without any legal effects whatsoever.In the end, the final production of the wedding videographer is referred to as eitherwedding video, wedding film, or wedding movie. Often, great video packages are used assamples in wedding video sites online. Videos uploaded in the internet may be viewedeither for free or for a fee. There are websites, however, that allow their customers towatch a number of wedding ceremony videos free of charge.