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4 Essential Tips in Choosing Bridal Jewelry


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Aside from the wedding dress and shoes, the jewelry is also an important element that will add beauty to the bride, so be careful in choosing the right set of accessories.

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4 Essential Tips in Choosing Bridal Jewelry

  1. 1. © 2013 4 Essential Tips in Choosing Bridal Jewelry
  2. 2. © 2013 If you enter a woman’s world, you’ll probably see a ton of dresses and accessories. These items are very significant in different events of a girl’s life but most importantly, they should not be missed during her biggest day--her wedding day. Now if you’re the bride, sister of the bride, wedding planner or just a friend, this guide will surely assist you in choosing the perfect bridal accessories. Keep in mind that great jewelry can enhance the beauty of the wife-to-be and it will show in the wedding videos and photos. There are different variations of trinkets—from earrings to necklaces—and you may feel a bit flustered when choosing the right items. Plus, you also need to consider the price, wedding theme and materials used. This decision really needs a lot of thought, but to make this task less taxing, here are some tips for you: 1. Before starting to look for accessories, it would be best to choose your wedding dress first to make sure that they’ll match the theme. Having elegant jewelry that would match your gown will surely catch everyone’s attention and you’ll feel more confident in front of your guests, as well as before the eye of the video camera of the wedding videographers and photographers. 2. Ask family and friends if they can refer some jewelry stores. By having a shortlist, you can easily visit each to see if you find a set of accessories that will fit the occasion and your personality. If you have the budget, you can even have your jewelry customized according to your wedding theme or however you want them to materialize. 3. Take note that you’ll have a lot of mementos including wedding videography, so you should look immaculate on your wedding day. Aside from matching your jewelry to your dress, you should also make sure that your accessories will go well with your hair. Do not worry since your hairstylist and bridesmaids will help you get the right hairstyle. 4. Your comfort is definitely important since you’ll be the one who’s going to wear the accessories. If you’re not used to such add-ons, then it’s up to you if you’ll wear just minimal jewelry on your big day. No matter how expensive your necklace and earrings are, if you’re uncomfortable, you will still look awkward and unhappy during the biggest day of your life and that will show in your wedding video.
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