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WordPress Plugin Installation - Step by Step Guidelines


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WordPress is very easy to install, utilize and changeable content management system. So you can easily install and customize without any difficulty. There are three methods to install plugins in WordPress. I try to make it easy to learn WordPress plugin installation for those who are beginner. For More Information:

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WordPress Plugin Installation - Step by Step Guidelines

  1. 1. Created by Inception System
  2. 2.  Step 1: Login to your website’s Admin pane  Step 2: hover over the Plugins on the left side area  Step 3: click on Add New (Look at the screenshot on next slide) Method One – One of the best ways to install plugin through backend
  3. 3. Click on Add new Add new” Click on “Add new”
  4. 4.  Step 4: Search the name of Plugin that you wish to install Search plugin
  5. 5.  Step 5: Click on “install now” Click on “ install now “
  6. 6.  Step 6: Once the Installation is finished, click on “Activate Plugin”. click on “Activate Plugin”
  7. 7. Method Two – Simple method to upload the plugin directly on Backend  Step 2: Click on Add New  Step 1: Click on Plugins `  Step 3: Click on Upload and upload your Plugin zip file here  Step 4: Once uploading is finished go to plugin list
  8. 8.  Step 5: Activate the Plugin. Install plugins
  9. 9. Method Three – Upload plugins Using FTP  Step 2: Upload it to this directory wp-content > plugins  Step 3: To Activate the Plugin do same as explained above.  Step 1: Extract your Plugin zip file
  10. 10. Upload plugin file
  11. 11. If you have any Query Regarding WordPress development, Feel Free to Contact Us . Website: Email: Follow Us Thanks for Watching!