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inca trail


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YOUR TRAVEL AGENCY AUTHORIZED. - Welcome to the official website. We are a professional team, which includes a travel agency and tourism American Fox Adventure. Founded in 2007, as We are registered and authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of Peru. a tour operator Adventure.

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inca trail

  1. 1. AMERICAN FOX ADVENTURE Inca Trail PeruYOUR TRAVEL AGENCY AUTHORIZED. - Welcome to the official website. We area professional team, which includes a travel agency and tourism American FoxAdventure. Founded in 2007, as a tour operator Adventure.We are registered and authorized by the Ministry of Tourism of Peru. We havethe main objective to offer quality service and efficiency; we have a greatexperience for all types of customers.Our staff is always ready and willing to support, to all your questions as well as 24hours a day at your disposal to plan your trip in Cuzco, Peru. We arerecommended by South American Explorer-Travelers - Lametayel - -Lonely Planet-HandbookAmerican Fox Operator: * 4D-3N Inca Trail. - * 5D-4N Salkantay Trail - * 4D-3NInca Jungle. * 5D-4N Ausangate. * 4D-3N Lares Trek. * 4D-3N Anti suyo Trek.We have the best deals this week, come if you book with us .... ROYAL INCA TRAIL 4 DAYS / 3 NIGHTSDetail of Tour:DEPARTURES: To Consult Spaces.DURATION: 4 Days / 3 Nights.FREQUENCY: The Whole Year.TYPE: Cultural, Ecological and adventure.The Inca Empire, called Tawantinsuyu, went from the present Ecuador as far asthe present Chile. Its capital was Cuzco, which means Center of the World (theInca World). According to the Spanish in the 16th century, the Incas were themost organized society in the world. This empire had an enormous infrastructurebut very well organized. Communications were organized as well, thanks totransport ways but also to messengers (chasquis) who covered the territory.They transmitted information or commands and transported merchandise. Asan anecdote, we can mention for example that the Inca, in Cuzco (in themiddle of the Andes) could eat fresh fish 3 hours after fishing it at the sea, whilethe Spanish needed 2 weeks by horse to go from the coast to the capital of theEmpire, Cuzco. The "Descendant of the Sun" deserved it!The existence of Machu Picchu is still subject to controversies. Was it aresidence of the Inca or a shelter? Was it a fortress or even the famous "ElDorado"? The fact remains that the access from the Capital was also wellorganized; it is the famous Inca Trail.
  2. 2. Detailed ItineraryDAY 01: CUSCO - Km. - 82 WayllabambaPick you up from your Hotel at 6:30 oclock to 7:00 am in our bus to go towardPiskacucho (2700m.s.n.m) well-known community as the Km. 82 place wherethe rail road of train passes from Cusco to Machu Picchu. Ours walk from thispoint begin crossing the bridge and we will walk throughout the left bank of theone Urubamba river that flows to the Northeast of the Sacred Valley. Aftergoing by some flat terraces, we will arrive to Miskay (2800 m.s.n.m.) then toascend and finally to see the Inca City of Patallacta (2750 m.s.n.m.) continuingour walk throughout the valley created by the Kusichaca river, ascendinggradually until reaching our first camp of Guayllabamba (3000 m.s.n.m.) wherewe will have the most spectacular views of the Vilcanota river, in the opposedside of the Urubamba river you can see the impressive mountain Verónica(5832 m.s.n.m.)DAY 02: WAYLLABAMBA - WARMIWAÑUSCA – PACAYMAYOThis day we will get up approximately at 6:00 oclock, after enjoying thebreakfast we will begin our most difficult walk, the walk consists on a precipitateascent and narrow (9 Km). Throughout this ascent the landscape changed fomSierra to Puna (a dry and high area with little vegetation) In the moment thatwe arrive at first passing by the well-known mountain Warmiwañusca (the deadwomans step) we will be able to observe flames and German nickels that aretamed to pasture in Ichu, one of the few plants that grow in that altitude. Wewill also cross for an area of the forest where they inhabit diverse class ofanimals as the sparrows and the Andean Bear or Bear of glasses. Werecommend to take candies, chocolates and coca to stay in your high level ofSugar to counteract the altitude. Immediately after the step we will descendtoward the Valley of Pacasmayo (3600 m.s.n.m.) where we will camp after 6hours of Walk.DAY 03: PACAYMAYO - WIÑAY WAYNA
  3. 3. This is the most interesting and impressive day in our walk, due to the number ofarchaeological places that we will visit and also because the importantinformation of our guide. In Pacaymayu we will go up to the second step toRunkuraqay (3970 m.s.n.m.). At mid-morning we will visit the archaeologicalpark of the same name, this place is located at (3800 m.s.n.m.), it consists on anoval small structure which could be a watchtower. After passing the step wewill descend toward Yanacocha (black lagoon) and we will enter finally in acloudy forest to arrive to Sayacmarca (3624 m.s.n.m.). Throughout our walk wewill be able to appreciate the magnitude of the old art of the Inca and to seethe rocks that fill the ravines in perfect order. We will continue our walk going byan Inca tunnel. This is one of the most complete and better conservedarchaeological parks that are in the highest of the mountains.Phuyupatamarca that means (the cloud on the city) where we will be able toobserve a sophisticated park, made up of the water fountains with the solidfoundations and with impressive view of the one Urubamba river throughoutwhich we will continue ascending toward Wiñayhuayna (2700 m.s.n.m.). In thisplace we will find a country house with a restaurant, a bar and rooms withbathroom and hot showers. To 5 minutes of the camp this the archaeologicalpark of Wiñayhuayna made up of an agricultural center with numerousterraces center religious and urban.DAY 04: WIÑAY WAYNA – MACHU PICCHU - CUSCO.This day we get up at 4:00 in the morning to leave Wiñayhuayna at the suitablehour we will ascend toward Intipunku or the Door of the Sun. The trip will take usapproximately one hour, we stop then to walk on the flat stones that are on theedge of the cliffs of the mountain of where we will be able to observe theSunrise on the Inca City of Machu Picchu. From Inti Punku we will descendtoward the Inca City of Machu Picchu arriving in 40 minutes and then to go tothe point of the control, place in which we will be able to keep our belongings,immediately goes toward the Inca City where we will have a guided ofapproximately 2 hours. Then you will have a free time to walk around thecitadel or to ascend to Montaña of Wuayna Picchu place where you will beable to experience spectacular views of valleys and mountains that surround tothe citadel of Machu Picchu or to visit the Temple of the Moon and thefabulous Inca Bridge. In the afternoon we will go down to the town of AguasCalientes where you will be able to visit the thermal bathrooms or to relax afterthe walk of 4 days. Here we will give you the return ticket, arrivingapproximately at 21:30 oclock.
  4. 4. <a href=""> Inca Trail Peru </a>[url=] Inca Trail [/url]