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Class 21 for Catholic Social Thought

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. What we’ll do today:  Church teaching and Sacred Heart Parish Immigration Center (35 minutes)  Undocumented students at Saint Mary’s College (35 minutes) In-class Learning Outcomes  Apply Church teaching on economic justice to the topic of immigration  Apply Church teaching on immigration to Saint Mary’s policies on undocumented students  Self-Assessment (5 minutes)  What did you contribute to class discussion today?  What struck me most about our discussion of immigration is ______________, because ______________.
  2. 2. Immigration: Agree or Disagree 1) Anyone who enters the country illegally is a criminal. 2) Undocumented immigrants take good jobs from Americans. 3) I benefit from the work of undocumented immigrants 4) Undocumented immigrants don’t increase the crime rate. 5) Undocumented immigrants pay taxes.
  3. 3. “Rape Trees” A regular feature of the landscape in the areas of the US bordering Mexico is the “rape tree,” where the undergarments of women who have been raped are hung on trees as a trophy. The various coyotes compete with each other to accumulate as many trophies as possible.