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Class 11 from Catholic Social Thought

Published in: Education
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  1. 1. What we’ll do today:  Reproductive Technology activity (25 minutes)  Sharing conclusions with the other ½ of the class (20 minutes)  Using this activity and email from Saint Mary’s alum to help evaluate the Church’s teaching on assisted reproduction (25 minutes) In-class Learning Outcomes  Form your views on assisted reproduction by shopping online at a sperm bank or filling out a cryopreservation permit for embryos  Compare and contrast the Church’s teaching on homologous vs. heterologous reproduction  Self-Assessment (5 minutes)  What did you contribute to your group or to class discussion today?  Should the Church come to a different conclusion about homologous artificial fertilization than it comes to about heterologous? Why or why not?the conjoined twins affect how you view official Church teaching about life-saving abortions? Why or why not?